1. David says

    The fact that a gay man shows up for a Pride parade wearing only a sock demonstrates how much growing up some people have yet to do, and how little they think about how their actions impact on others. Those actions really make no one look good.

  2. Eric says


    “‘Can’t we get our people to at least DRESS respectfully for one lousy day? Is that too much to ask of our people?’

    Yes, yes it is.

    Because you are kidding yourself if you think Pride parades, in any form, will EVER change the minds of homophobes. The straight people who show up to see Pride parades are already largely convinced. We’re parading to the choir, Jesse. Those straight people love our freaks, bless them.”

  3. Scar2 says

    He was likely visiting Zachary Quinto, who’s gay & his co-star in Star Trek. The two are close & I’ve had fantasies of them together. Too bad he’s straight.

  4. ThomT says

    Pride parades are as much about individual pride as community pride. If someone choses to show up in nothing more than a sock then they are NOT representing “our people”, only themselves. And, as ridiculous and distasteful as that limited attire may seem to some people, it is their right. Anyone who allows themself to be defined and/or represented by another indivdual or group is making a huge mistake.

    @Eric – 2 thumbs up!

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