Democratic Congressman Mike Honda Starting Anti-Bullying Caucus

Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus – Mission Statement:

The Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus (CABC) is a bipartisan caucus comprised of Members of Congress committed to the belief that all communities deserve a safe environment to thrive, and that  our nation is in urgent need of solutions that stop bullying – both offline and online – now and forever.
The caucus represents the interests of the American people in creating safe spaces for our children, our elderly, and our peers.

Founder and Chair Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17) welcomes your interest and support for the caucus.

The CABC is committed to the following principles:

    •    Uncovering all forms of bullying, from school bullying to elder abuse to LGBT discrimination, and making it possible for victims of bullying to come forward.

    •    Protecting all individuals that are victims of any and all forms of bullying.

    •    Preventing bullying behavior by recognizing its manifestation as symptomatic of other, larger issues. Bullying affects both the bully and the victim—by targeting these issues, rather than just the bullies themselves, we can stop bullying in America.