1. says

    Obama’s gaffes are forgivable and some of you think he’s the cutest little thing when he makes a gaffe. You get a good giggle from it. When Bush made a gaffe, he was ridiculed, burned in effigy, and called a buffoon.

    Can we just put Obama in time-out, place him in the corner to play with his toys so he’ll be a long ways away from the economy? Every time he goes near it, things get worse.

  2. 99% says

    The difference, Alan, is that Bush WAS an idiot and a buffoon, and our economy is far, far worse for it.

    You need to stop watching Fox.

  3. OP says

    Alan, you are clear that not only are we living through the Bush Recession, we are still experiencing a Republican Recovery, which was been made much worse by their refusal to pass any of Obama’s jobs packages, as well as anything else that might improve the economy before November 2012, right? If Obama had his way, there would be far more people employed in this country. Republican obstructionism has prevented that. One need only look at their stated goal, i.e., to make Obama a one-term president, for evidence of this.

  4. andrew says

    Obama or Romney in November. Not a tough choice. Presidential actions effect the economy on the margins. Presidential actions effect the social and political agendas at there very core. In order to please the right wing, Romney will appoint ultra conservative judges to the U S Supreme Court, the U S Courts of Appeals, the U S District Courts and hundreds to head the various departments and agencies of the federal government.The progressive agenda will be thwarted for at least a generation.