Gay JCPenney Dads Will March In NYC’s Gay Pride


Like so many corporations across the country, retailer JCPenney is sending contingents of LGBT employees and allies to march in their local pride events, including the one going down in New York City.

But it won't only be the retailer's staffers parading down the Big Apple: JCPenney has invited Cooper Smith and Todd Koch — the gay dads famously featured in the company's catalogue and later protested by conservative groups — to walk alongside them.

“When we were asked by JCPenney's LGBT employee group to be part of their float at NYC Pride, Todd and I immediately said yes," Smith told GLAAD. "Just as they as a company have honored families like ours, we consider this our way of honoring them and the hundreds of employees who are planning to take part. We're so proud of JCPenney for including families like ours in their celebration of parents and showcasing the diversity of the American experience.”

Considering JCPenney's pro-gay politics and their refusal to negotiate with anti-gay activists, there's little doubt the national company will be nominated for one of GLAAD's upcoming Amplifier Awards, which honor inclusive advertising.


  1. Jack M says

    This would be the perfect opportunity for those One Million Moms to show up and ovewhelm everyone with their numbers.

    Oh, wait, there aren’t really one million of them? How many? 54? Oh, too bad.

  2. SC says

    CJ, not all Christians are “filthy” or have “filthy heads.” I am the proud mom of a gay son, who supports him and his partner of five years. My greatest hope is for them to become dads because I know they will be the best parents in the world. I salute JC Penney for honoring gay families. I hope you will find it in your heart to refrain from judging Christians as a whole and consider the content of their character as individuals.

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