Gay Marriage Coming To France Next Year?

HollandeWith a new socialist government in place, rumor has it that France will soon see marriage equality become a reality.

President Francois Hollande (pictured), who took office last month, had pledged to legalise gay marriage and adoption during his election campaign but had given no timeframe.

Since Hollande’s Socialists won an absolute majority in parliamentary elections two weeks ago, the conservative UMP party, which had opposed the measure under former president Nicolas Sarkozy, can do little to stop it.

"Within a year, people of the same sex will be able to marry and adopt children together," Dominique Bertinotti, junior minister for families, told the daily Le Parisien. "They will have the same rights and duties as any married couple."

Anyone down for a Parisian knot tying?


  1. Keppler says

    It’s good to see a world leader who, recognizing that he has an absolute majority in the legislature, elects to spend some of his political capital on civil rights rather than waiting until his majority evaporates. Would that all countries were so lucky.

  2. nhuixnhuix says

    Rumor? It is not a rumor. He has been campaigning on it openly, recently reconfirmed the schedule for Spring 2013 and they have more than an overwhelming majority in Parliament to pass it.
    France will have gay marriage next year. Not a rumor. A fact.

  3. Patric says

    Keppler, you might have a point if a majority were all it took to get civil rights or any legislation passed through the U.S. Senate. Those who like to spend some of their time understanding how the U.S. government operates instead of just whining understand that 60 – not 50 – votes have been required to move any legislation through the Senate over the past three+ years and that at no point during that period have there been anywhere near 60 votes to pass ENDA or repeal of DOMA. By far the greatest impact any President will have on our community is through the Supreme Court and other federal judges that s/he appoints and, on that score, President Obama has done a great job and Mitt Romney, who has pledged to appoint justices in the mold of Scalia, would be a nightmare.

  4. Mary says

    Great news for the pro-equality cause, especially in the U.S. Countries as different as Argentina, Denmark, Canada, and Mexico now allow same-sex marriage. It looks like soon the U.S. will be one of the few Western nations without it. Hard to make a case that we see the dangers here but no one else does. It seems that the only people resisting legalization are American evangelical Protestants.

    The good news here for opponents of SSM? They will soon be forced to make a “pro-marriage” case that focuses on the group in whose hands the fate of marriage has always rested – straight Americans, especially straight Americans with some kind of Christian background. No more blaming family decline on hippies, college professors, the faculties of Harvard and Yale, “elites” in general,…….or, gays. As a social conservative there’s a part of me that will actually be relieved to see this happen.

  5. Dolan's Dildo says

    @Mary: “It seems that the only people resisting legalization are American evangelical Protestants.”

    Yeah, I guess you saw Cardinal Dolan at the Gay Pride Parade in his rainbow cassock too, huh.

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