GetEQUAL Texas Planning Candlelight Vigil For Lesbian Couple’s Shooting

ChapaOlginTexas' GetEQUAL is planning a Friday night candlelight vigil 19-year old Mollie Judith Olgin and 18-year old Mary Christine Chapa, the lesbian couple shot last Friday at a Portland, Texas, park.

Olgin was pronounced dead on the scene; Chapa survived a gunshot wound to the head and is recovering in a nearby hospital.

The women had been together for only five months.

Though it is unclear whether this shooting was a hate crime, Michael Diviesti, co-state lead organizer for the group, described the crime one "against humanity." "For that reason alone," he said, "we must stand up as humans [and] support all who are in mourning. When something like this happens to one of us, it happens to all of us."

Diviesti's co-leader, Jay Morris, remarked, "It's during these trying times that the LGBTQ populace must set aside our differences and unite as a community in order to heal the wounds inflicted on us by the intolerant."

There will also be candlelight vigils in San Francisco — organized by Cleve Jones and to be held in Harvey Milk Plaza at 7pm this evening — and Washington DC, where supporters will gather in DuPont Circle at 6pm on Friday night.

Police have yet to question Chapa and no arrests have been made.


  1. Francis says

    People, don’t even bother to respond to the subhuman above me. All it wants is attention and we can not give him what he seeks.

    I truly hope, somehow, that the attackers are caught and some information is brought to the surface. That may not be possible until/unless Mary is able to speak on her own and is somewhat recovered from her gunshot wound, and hasn’t suffered massive memory loss. It’s all very, very sad. Even if it isn’t homophobia-related, it’s still a tragedy.

  2. Mary says

    I wouldn’t rush to judgment. This could be a “failed” murder-suicide event. You just can’t know without an investigation and further factual development.

  3. MarkUs says

    Yeah, if it was murder suicide with two gunshot wounds to the head, there’d be a gun and police said there was not. I’d have to guess that a anti gay murderer would have somehow publicized their killing to let people know why. But I’m getting a little to Sigorney Weaver in “Copycat” here.

  4. says

    Just a point of clarification. GetEQUAL TX is NOT planning the vigil in Portland, TX. Friends of the family are. GetEQUAL TX is lending support, and informational resources to those who would like to hold a vigil in their own cities since we’ve navigated events in many of the towns throughout Texas. These vigils are not GetEQUAL TX events even though some of them are being organized by members of GetEQUAL TX. We just felt that we would be remiss if we didn’t use our experiences to help in every way that we can.

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