1. TampaZeke says

    This is practically a verbatim storyline from an Argentinian soap opera a couple of years ago. That one had great promise but was then turned into a story of shame, desperation and unhappiness that finally ended with the characters disappearing from the show without explanation.

  2. KT says

    I wouldn’t get too excited by it. According to, the show is low rated and the episode order might have been cut short. In addition, any romance or kissing between the two gay characters takes place entirely off screen.

  3. M42 says

    The original Spanish TV show “Fisica o Quimica” was much better than this version, look it up on YouTube, still I think they deserve props considering the American/Latin audience they’re aiming for, plus some of the actors are really hot, though their acting skill are not that good.

  4. Rick says

    If only illegal aliens all looked like that hottie with the pretty lips and Adonis-like curls in the top photo, I would be totally in favor of open borders…..LOL

  5. Wolfi says

    The show is in its final stretches. I guess since it became known that it was based on FISICA O QUIMICA, people expected more. The Diego / Alejandro things has been going on since early on, they are now at episode 102 or so.
    But early on, other characters were very supportive of Alejandro’s coming out, IT GETS BETTER got a mention and the portrayal of Alejandro was generally well received.
    On the TELEMUNDO website, since the show is close to being over, viewer’s can vote for their “dream finale storylines” and Alejandro and Diego starting a serious relationship is one of them. According to the comments, people would like to see this as one of the wrap-ups of the show’s many storylines.

  6. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    I still like Verboten Liebe (Germany) and their Christian and Oliver story.


  7. Sylvatica says

    I was enjoying the Russian version of FOQ, but that has been cancelled after one season. Not surprising considering the rampant homophobia there at the moment.

  8. bandanajack says

    as has been mentioned it had been a loooong time in the making, even by american soap standards. diego is kind of hot, but holy cow, that hair covers a pair of ears that rivals obamas. i mean bow legs and jug ears have a certain appeal, i rather like the twinkish alejandro. he lacks the statuesque looks, but he has a tight little body. he is an acquired taste i suppose.

  9. Markt says

    Rick – I’m sure you’ve opened your borders for entry for hours at-a- time already. You should apply for Sheriff Babeu’s job, since he’ll be leaving it.

  10. FunMe says

    Whether it gets higher ratings or not, it is a step in the right direction especially for the spanish speaking community. I mean, here in America we are more “liberal”, yet we see very few gay story lines in soap operas. When we get the few gay soap characters, we get all excited, when really for 2012, we should be seeing a lot more.

    Meanwhile, those 2 guys are super cute with sexy voices.

  11. Bob says

    Mexico City has marriage equality, most USA cities dont.
    Is anyone else a little bothered that all these shows use European blooded actors, while the viewers are of all or part native blood?

  12. MonkeyPuzzle says

    This storyline is a step in the right direction. Racism in the LGBT community (see this comment thread) and the continuation of the “sistema de castas” in Latin media are not.

  13. says

    @ Anastasia Beaverhausen :

    Thanks…..but that link “don’t do it “….something wrong.

    Did Lenny get out of jail ? Did he and Carsten live happily ever after ? lenny was the cutest guy ever !!!

  14. Rick says

    “Is anyone else a little bothered that all these shows use European blooded actors, while the viewers are of all or part native blood?”

    Not at all. I am sure they are giving the audience exactly what they want. A refreshing change from the endless “diversity” propaganda that the US networks are always forcing down everybody’s throat.

  15. Fox says

    As someone who has watched this entire telenovela since it began in January, I seriously doubt things will be “getting steamy.” (Plus, it’s my understanding we’re in the final weeks of the whole show, so it’s almost over anyway.) On at least two occasions, they’ve panned away from the couple kissing, and at other times they talk about kisses they haven’t even shown. That’s about it. If it weren’t so pathetic it would be rather funny. In fact, the steamiest thing they’ve shown (imho) was Alejandro’s fantasy of his straight friend, Sebastian, who let him sleepover one night after they’d studied late. They were sharing a double bed, shirtless, in their underwear, and Alejandro had a fantasy of touching Seabstian, who is very hot indeed. I was actually hoping Seabastian would be Alejandro’s love interest, as Diego’s kind of a clod.

    Telemundo chickened out on a similar gay teen story on the telenovela “Ninos Ricos, Pobres Padres” a couple of years ago. After one closed-mouth kiss, the boy who was having a hard time dealing with being gay, got into a motorcycle accident in what appeared to be a suicide attempt, and for the remainder of the telenovela was in various states of paralysis. While the rest of the teens were having fairly blatant sex scenes, the gay couple sat around and held hands.

  16. Jean says

    They’ve just added MORE episodes to this show (now 108) so obviously the audience is responding well (thought the ratings had been bad for a bit and they got rid of some characters)
    While the initial inspiration for the show was FoQ from Spain, this show diverged greatly from that plot very FoQ’s storyline since about episode 3 of this series.
    I saw all 7 seasons of FoQ and this show really only has stuff from season 1 and it’s all out of order so I don’t think you need to know anything about FoQ to watch this series.
    This show is shot in MIAMI at a bilingual American school (it’s not Mexican and the students are American and from other countries DR, parts of South and Central America) but most of them speak both English and Spanish.
    Alejandro is gay and out to everyone including his parents. He made a great It Gets Better video and his coming out was actual really great. Diego is bisexual and he kissed BOTH Alejandro and Nora for the first time around the same time but started dating Nora (while continuing to hang out with Alejandro) Alejandro told Nora Diego kissed him after the first time and she didn’t believe him and Alejandro and Diego had a fist fight (Alejandro TOTALLY held his own). Anyway, Diego’s dad is a rabid homophobe and suspects his son of having something with Alejandro so he’s been pushing his son to be with Nora. When he found out Nora was brought to the US as a baby but isn’t legal, he pushed Diego to marry her (as a means to “straighten him up”). NONE of this has anything to do with FoQ from Spain. The storylines in that show were completely different with different characters, etc.
    I actually really like all the drama of the Telemundo program. But you have to really like telenovelas as a genre to enjoy it.

  17. Hertz says

    I’ve gotten hooked on it. It’s a pretty good show, but the men – oh the men. They are each and every one the handsomest bunch ever assembled on TV. I might point out one in particular: Gonzalo García Vivanco. Check him out.

  18. Rural Juror says

    This show started out steamy. That dream sequence was quite risque but Ale passing the ice to Max was as close to a kiss as this show got. Also, the sex video between Gonzalo, Rodrigo and Oswaldo was all but forgotten until a few episodes ago. Partway into the series, the producers shifted focus from the teens to the awful Miranda and Maurico storyline. This show has been one big crapfest.

  19. UFFDA says

    No BOB, no one cares who’s “European blooded”. Jesus what a question. What in the hell’s the matter with you?

  20. Fox says

    As expected, they showed the two characters in Monday night’s (6/18) episode for a total of 15 seconds. They’re back at school and nada. Diego won’t even sit next to Alejandro while all the kids in class are watching their libraian’s courtroom trial on the web (the main story). I couldn’t make out the context, but Diego said something to Alejandro about something ”being sick” as he scurried over to Nora’s side.