1. Chris says

    The clip transcribed, mostly, into English (and yes, the narration is that shallow):

    Cologne in Queer as Folk fever. The stars of the American tv series travelled to the “Rise and Shine”-convention in June 2012. The hype surrounding the actor is still strong even seven years after the series ended.

    Hal Sparks: “I think the success of the series came from how it dealt with more taboo-topics than all others that came before. Life and daily routine of gays, lesbians and bisexuals are frankly depicted.”

    Scott Lowell: “It was the first series that didn’t, in the words of our director, treat gays as ‘clowns and misfits’, but as normal people with good and bad features. I think it was the first show that also showed gay life realistically, without holding back. However, the main reason were probably the diverse and interesting characters – normal people, like those you know personally. This may also have contributed to lessening fear of contact towards the gay community.”

    There was no fear of contact in café “Morgenstern”. Fans and invited guest had the chance to be close to their heroes and learn first-hand what they always wondered. In addition, one or the other policitian was at hand to receive the prominent visitors. But was the convention the only reason for the stars to come to Germany, or was something there something else? “I need a beer.” (Scott Lowell)

    Randy Harrison: “The Ludwig museum. I love it, I love contemporary art. They have a great collection there, and I strolled along the Rhine a bit already. And I like German Mettwurst, beer, wine, and good bread.”

    But to the celebrities the good German water seemed tasty as well. And moderator and café owner Ralf Morgenstern insisted on serving his guests one or the other Cologne speciality. A successful and interesting evening. The celebration lasted deep into the night.

    The rest of the clip describes what you can see and mentions that 1,000 fans attended the gathering. The woman cast member says she would do a sequel series and the narrator speculates about a movie.

  2. Jack M says

    I miss QAF too. Randy Harrison looks great; too bad Gale Harold is absent. Hal Sparks is an eternal hottie too.

  3. FunMe says

    Without the strong character of Brian, it’s just not the same.

    Still, great to see them together again.

  4. JimmyD says

    OH! oh… I got all excited to see the cast from the original show, not the US version.

  5. gregory brown says

    I’m with you on that JimmyD. The original is so much more interesting, so far as I’m concerned.

  6. Henry Holland says

    “Yes, yes, American bad everyhing else good”

    Yes, yes, when it comes to the US re-making British shows, it IS a trail of fail. The UK version of QAF had the benefit of only having 10 episodes (including the horrible ending of 2.2), whereas the US version dragged out to 83 episodes. There was a LOT of padding in the US version.

    Mmmmm….Scott Lowell…..mmmmmmm.

  7. Randy says

    I know a lot of fans probably would want QAF to return, but how often does something like that actually work?

    But we do need something like it, perhaps with an all-new cast and city.

    While we’re on the subject of sequel series, after seven years with nothing new, it’s time for a new Star Trek series, with someone boldly gay in the captain’s chair.

  8. Brandon H says

    Randy Harrison looks like he TOTALLY wants to be somewhere else. I always got the impression QAF was more or less just a job for him and his heart belongs to the theater.

  9. BrokebackBob says

    I have the complete British and American
    versions and THERE IS NO COMPARISON: the
    American version (5 season arc) is VASTLY
    better than the British kick-start effort,
    even Russell Davies says so. Next!

  10. Chris says

    @abbafemme. Yes they were paid, as most convention guest stars are. Why do you care how much?

  11. Mikey M says

    Just finished watching this show for the first time a few months ago. Loved it. Glad to see them all together again.

  12. Marky says

    WOW I forgot so many things about the show and I never thought I would, sorry but I just really felt the British one is better

  13. cryonix says

    To answer the mystery question of the reunion… Who is the blonde guy behind Hal Sparks… That would be Harris Allen all growed up… He played “Hunter” the male hooker turned adopted son of characters Ben and Michael. He was the kid that Aids and turned tricks rather than live at home with his dysfunctional family or it may have abuse I can’t remember for sure on that last point, it’s been so long.