Rob Gronkowski Muscles Out in Vegas


Many of you professed your lust for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski when I posted his appearance at the University of Rhode Island where he declared his intention to "eff Tebow to take his virginity."

So, here's a gift from TMZ – a pool party hosted by Gronkowski in Vegas.

Tebow, meanwhile, was speaking in front of a crowd of 26,000 Christians in San Diego.


  1. Commenter says

    That body isn’t at all reminiscent of the abnormally huge hulk that was Erik Rhodes.

  2. Terry says

    You can take roids in moderation. Rhodes was abusing them; it was ridiculous.

    Plus Gronkowski is a huge man already.

  3. Mike C. says

    The dude’s in the NFL, he wouldn’t last a season if there were any roids in his system. He’s the real deal

  4. andrew says

    didnt he have sex with an underage girl in the bahamas? funny how that’s being swept under the rug.

  5. ATLJason says

    Erik Rhodes looked all veiny and mis-shapen. Gronkowski has a body I could get on board with. In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting on board.

  6. endo says

    It’s always the fatties that yell “ohmygaw, you guyz… roids!” at the slightest hint of muscle.

  7. John says

    And thank you for the gift! I clicked over to TMZ for more pictures. It’s almost all guys in the pool. What in hell kind of party did he host, and why wasn’t I there?!

  8. Robert says

    Let’s make the Gronk/Tebow deflowering happen. We can put out white sheets and flowers, make the set real classy lookin.

  9. redball says

    ENDO nailed it–i’m such a fatty with my BMI of 23.6.

    *eye roll*

    anyway, my point was that his muscle mass is really huge and he’s really lean. maybe he achieved that ‘roid-free…i have no idea. but if so, he’s one of the few w/ those sort of genetics

  10. R says

    Redball… he’s the best tight end in the nfl and had the single greatest tight end season in nfl history. of course he’s “one of the few” with that kind of genetics. the guy is a beast and he knows it… he just happens to be freaking hot, too. (I’d say he has the whole package, but I think it’s safe to say there’s one thing his co-tight end in NE has an advantage on. Hint: I just made an allusion to it in the previous sentence :p)

  11. anon says

    Can we get him to sign a pledge that he’ll do whatever it takes with TT? It might not take that much, really.

  12. Donny says

    His face isn’t that great but the body is beautiful. Flawless skin!

    He should definitely do Tim.