1. CAMSF says

    Some are attractive, but they are all as stiff, boring and totally unsexy as their dad. Ben looks just like Trump’s ugly son. Did Ann and the Donald hang out together back in the day???

  2. say what says

    and not a single 1 of them has served their country in the armed services

    not a 1 yet their father is already ratteling the saber about war/ committing US soldiers to shed blood in 2 new places

  3. NM says

    I hung out with Matt a few times in college (circa 1994). He did not drink alcohol or coffee, he refused to swear (despite me trying to get him to), he certainly did not have sex. Essentially, he was just a lot of FUN!

  4. Continuum says

    And, as Republican hypocrites, none of them has ever served in the military.

    In 2008, when Romney was questioned why none of his sons had enlisted, Romney said that they had more important things to do . . . At that time they were working on Romney’s failed presidential campaign.

    How’s come no one ever asks Romney or any of his so-called patriotic sons that question again. Last time I checked, you could still join up if you were under 45.

    Hypocritical cowards.

  5. says

    so, where are the gays? that many sons, with families of their own, and no gays yet?

    wrong. way to go, Romneys. you’ve successfully created a home where people are scared to be themselves.


  6. say what says

    @ Joe

    when is just 1 of them going to enlist in the US millitary?

    Their father is ratteling the saber to comit US blood to be shed in 2 new places already/ so far

  7. MarkUs says

    I’d be perfectly happy to never hear from a political kid ever again. Who the hell cares. Now Big Stupid Biden in trotting out Little Stupid Biden.

  8. jamal49 says

    What is it? A requirement that Mormons have to be as dull, boring, rote and as stiff as if they had a broom handle crammed in their bums? Parlor game time. Which one is the closet homo?

  9. Bart says

    Their lives were pretty good before their father ran for office? Ya think, Romney boys?!?

    By most people in this country’s standards, their lives are exceptional. Which is the problem with the Romneys. They don’t seem to get that most people don’t have what they have. I’ll stick with a President who does understand.

  10. says

    Don’t mean to offend anyone here, but they seem pretty ordinary to me – as most Mormons that I’ve met seem to be at first meeting.

    I’m not going to make any judgements – none of them asked to be born into that family. And Matt is very, very good looking.

    I’m guessing at least one of them is bi/gay, and we’ll have the coming out after Romney is less of a media figure.

  11. Patrick says

    NOTICE. When in the first video Conan asks ‘was one of you a girl raised as a guy’ ALL the brothers look at ‘Craig’ the one in the RED shirt….

  12. ThomT says

    It isn’t their fault that their father is running for President, nor it it their fault that he’s filthy rich. However, they all fit the stereotype of privileged rich kids who know absolutely nothing about the real life experiences that most American’s face daily. They all seem to suffer to some extent from the same inability to relate to common people as their father.

  13. Gabe R L says

    Indeed, it is not their fault that their father is a jerk and a flim-flammer, or that he’s wealthy and an ex-governor and running for president. All five seem to be at least decent men and attractive ones at that (for me especially Matthew and Joshua)
    and they have all done well with the opportunities they’ve had in life. They are sons to be proud of. The problem with them is that they are a bit isolated from reality, but their lives have been sheltered.

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