Dan Savage Compares GOProud Gays to Meth Addicts for ‘Damaged, Self-Loathing’ Romney Endorsement

Dan Savage, who got some attention last week for tweeting "The GOP's house faggots grab their ankles, right on cue. Pathetic." after conservative gay group GOProud endorsed Mitt Romney for president, hasn't finished that thought.

SavageHe's been thinking about why conservatives would choose to endorse someone who hates them, comparing the self-destructive behavior to substance abuse:

I've been out for a while and I've seen my share of damaged gay dudes destroy themselves. Watching a friend drink himself to death or drug himself to death or f**k himself to death—or all three-at-once himself to death—isn't pretty. And here's something I've noticed about the self-hating, self-destructing gay guys I've known: it wasn't good enough for them to destroy only themselves. They had to destroy other gay men too. Using meth wasn't enough—they wanted their friends to use meth too. Abusing alcohol wasn't enough—they insisted that their friends match them drink-for-drink. And spinning out of control sexually wasn't enough—they wanted their friends to join them down at the bathhouse. (And for the record: having been damaged by hate and homophobia as a child explains but it doesn't excuse self-destructive behaviors in adulthood. You're responsible for the choices you make.)

LasalviaSavage continues:

Anyway, mixing it up with GOProud last week got me thinking about why a gay man would endorse—much less "commit significant resources" to help elect—a man who has pledged, if elected, to do as much harm as he possibly can to gay people. I mean, what kind of faggot supports a politician who would do him harm?

Oh, right: the same kind of faggot who would harm himself with drugs or alcohol or sex. The kind of gay men who don't like themselves or other gay people much. But while most self-loathing, self-destructive gay men are content to abuse booze, drugs, or dick, the self-hating GOProud boys abuse themselves with politics. And just like gay meth addicts who aren't satisfied harming only themselves, the boys at GOProud aren't satisfied harming only themselves. They want to harm other gay people—they want to harm all gay people—by getting Mitt Romney elected. And just like your meth-addicted friend who pushed the drug on you, or your drunk friend who mocked you for stopping at four, or your sexually out-of-control friend who insisted that you were a prude if you didn't play the come dump with him down at the bathhouse, the GOProud boys want you to abuse yourself the same way that they're abusing themselves. They want you to vote for Mitt Romney for the same reason your meth-addicted pal wanted you to use that stupid drug.

Because they're damaged.

Read Savage's full post, and Twitter responses from GOProud's Chris Barron, HERE.

MustoThe Village Voice's Michael Musto has also been mixing it up with GOProud over the issue. Musto called the group "a bunch of Jewish Nazis. Black Klan members! Women who campaign for Rush Limbaugh! Mexican Republicans! Roaches who moonlight as exterminators!"

I always thought that any gay who backs a candidate that doesn't support equal rights must have some very scary death wish. It's self-defeating and downright creepy!

GOProud's silly retort to Musto?

It caused a firestorm of response, both pro and con, and led to this official response from the group's executive director, Jimmy LaSalvia:

"Have you seen Michael Musto lately? We aren't going to take serious political advice from a human Muppet. Musto should stick to writing gossip pieces about Lindsay Lohan and leave politics to the professionals."


  1. Ted says

    I agree with Dan’s analysis, as always. I would have preferred he not use the F word but I get what he is saying. Perhaps he’s going change the meaning of the F word to be “self loathing gay man who abuses himself physically or politically”. I get it. Perhaps the issue would not be getting so much attention if he had’t used the F word.

  2. paul says

    I actually think Dan is right but Cenk Uygur put in much more simple terms….i think the reason they want to vote for Romney is that they are simply greedy. They care more about money than anything, or anyone else. In some stupid way do you think that they think that voting right wing makes you seem straight acting as well ? That could have something to do with it….they would rather vote for a party who hate women, want to start more wars, and want to keep the rich rich, and make everyone else suffer ?

  3. Wavin' Dave says

    A thoroughly cogent analysis. Gay Republicans are moronic and oxymoronic, self-hating, greedy scumbags one and all.

  4. Joseph says

    Yes, they’re 100% correct, but I think Dan screwed up his argument. He should’ve defended his use of the word “faggot” by saying that if you are so self-hating that you vote for somebody (or a party) that hates you, you deserve to be called a “faggot,” an epithet derived from sanctioned murder. Instead, he just flings the word out there for shock value without any context.

  5. LJC says

    He’s entitled to his opinion but that rant could have been shortened to a couple sentences.

  6. Jose S says

    “They want you to vote for Mitt Romney for the same reason your meth-addicted pal wanted you to use that stupid drug.”

    Seems to me that they don’t want you to vote for Mittens, but they will to show you that they are somehow “going against the grain.” Which is not, being that half the country votes GOP on any given day. GOProud is just being pretentious and merely posturing and projecting.

    But analyzing this objectively I think Savage is not being that smart (especially using homophobic slurs) since his analogy can be used against liberals who support Obama as well, but instead of meth it would more like pot abuse, just another addiction with a different drug.

    I just want gays to think for themselves and not pander to the usual left/right WWE drama. I think most of us are smarter than that.

  7. Savage Lover says

    I like Dan’s style, dirty words and all.

    Another reason they (the faggots) do this is because you have to if you want to stay in the right country clubs. When Mumsie and Daddy worked so hard to get that membership it would be downright ungrateful to put it at risk. Better to indulge is some self loathing and swallow your eggs benedict with fresh squeezed humiliation. Yes, those are on the menus at the “right” clubs.

  8. endo says

    If you pay close attention to the context, he only uses gay slurs to describe people engaging in extremely destructive behaviors. I think he’s making a point in doing so.

  9. says

    I actually think Dan is right but Cenk Uygur put in much more simple terms….i think the reason they want to vote for Romney is that they are simply greedy.


    Paul, I think you and Cenk are essentially correct. The GOProuders are greedy, and quite a few of them are racist. I’ve seen that personally from a few of their “leaders” here – along with their LCR cohorts.

    Calling them Jewish Nazis is a bit much, but I would put them on the same moral ground as the Vichy French.


  10. Joe Lacey says

    Along with self loathing, the gay Republicans that I’ve known have also carried a noticeable disdain for the type of people that make up the Democratic coalition, especially minorities.

  11. Rick says

    Dan Savage is a walking, talking symbol of why gay people are so disliked by the general society. Crude, foul-mouthed, bitchy, hateful, resentful, vindictive…..and living in an imaginary world of his own making.

    What do you expect of someone who became known for writing a sex-advice column that consisted of nothing but…..well, crude, foul-mouthed imagery? A perfect advertisement for the prevailing image of gay men as promiscuous, disease-ridden sleazebags.

    Earth to Dan: The gay youth who are committing suicide are the ones you have “touched” with your “It Gets Better” BS–quite a few of them have even made their own “It Gets Better” videos before taking their own lives……no doubt because they look at people like you and think you are what gay looks like and therefore lose any will to leave, realizing that if they follow your path, they will never be part of mainstream society.

    You need a bath.

  12. rayrayj says

    @ Rick

    Dan Savage’s sex advice column is actually well researched well written to the population he is addressing and frequently cites evidence based research.

    As for the suicides, if you read Malcolm Gladwells Tipping Point there is a very well written explanation of suicide epidemics.

  13. DRG says

    @JOSEPH, exactly! I typically agree with Dan Savage…but when rhetoric is simply used for shock value without being supported or significant, it negatively impacts the issue. Don’t resort to being just like Breitbart/Rush/Beck/Hannity and all the other shock jock flackies!

    Gay conservatives are stupid to vote Republican. There is another option…though there is no chance of it winning. Liberaltarians fight for what most gay conservatives stand for. Support them and show the GOP religious right that they don’t own conservative principles and values. Then you wouldn’t be selling out your whole community for the sake of $$$,$$$.

    I’ll stick with the liberals and middle-of-the-road Obama, like all the rest of the smart population. ;^)

  14. Johnny says

    Well, I don’t like it one bit! Obama is a certified idiot. His string of initiatives qualify him on a list of lunatics in Washington who are destroying this country which are far to many to mention. That goes for both sides of the aisle. Anyone who can’t listen to this lunatic and reach this conclusion by use of deductive reasoning is beyond hope. Fortunately Obama is is on self-destructive path which will most certainly lead to his defeat, and none too soon.

  15. Rick says

    “I always thought that any gay who backs a candidate that doesn’t support equal rights must have some very scary death wish. It’s self-defeating and downright creepy!”

    Not that it does any good at all to reason with extremists, but the Clintons and Barack Obama and the majority of Democrats opposed gay rights on some level until very, very recently. And that only changed because people engaged them.

    If nobody engages the Republicans and more conservative-minded people, we will never get past the 50% threshold of support and we will never eradicate homophobia.

    Polarization does not do us any good–trying to build a consensus does and you cannot build such a consenseus if you absolutely refuse to engage those whose minds still have to be changed, but only seek to antagonize them.

    Anyone with a functioning brain should be able to understand this……but I guess if you are a lisping queen like Michael Musto or a T-shirt wearing sleaze like Dan Savage, you know you will never be respected in the social mainstream and therefore don’t care about achieving progress–only about showing your a$$ in public and being bitchy…..like the clowns at Pride.

    What did mainstream gays (the majority) ever do to deserve such people?

  16. MarkUs says

    I’m not Rick, self loathing, hated by my parents, or a Nazi Jew but I am an employer of 8 employees running a medical practice and I’m voting Romney. Period. Things economically are horrendous and socialism does not work.

  17. Dave says

    GOP Faggots are really anti-gay Christians who pretend to be gay to get the GOP gay vote. Or these GOP faggots were given ex gay therapy, electric shock treatment while the priest prayed positive statements to them to implant them with the idea they should go GOP, much like they did in the Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra (the old movie) to make an assassin for the Communist. In this case GOP faggots make trouble for real LGBT people. That is what the anti-gay Christian Right Wing supremacist (Nazis) are doing today.

  18. anon says

    Many people join these political groups just to find sex partners. You think ACT UP was only about activism? You think str8 men go to feminist rallies because they like wearing pink? One of the strongest draws for these political groups is the socializing.

  19. ratbastard says

    Mr. Savage is unnecessarily nasty. I know this garners attention, it it gets the faithful riled up, but it’s unnecessary. He and others like him should be able to make their points without resorting to some of things they do. And if they can’t, than something is wrong with their ability to effectively communicate and/or their points of view.

    NOBODY is a saint or a perfect human being. Not Mr. Savage, not even Mr. David Ehrenstein. And with all due respect, Mr. Savage looks like he’s no stranger to mind altering and other narcotic substances.

    People should be quite rightly leery of anybody who comes across as too good to be true or a perniciously intolerant, controlling self described ‘radical’ of any kind, the left, the right, religious, atheist, environmentalist, anti-racist, etc.

    SEE David Brinkin. A fine and common example of the many frauds who walk among us.

  20. Caliban says

    Johnny, it would take too long to list ALL the ways the GOP’s policies have betrayed this county’s middle class (and lower), and destroyed what it supposedly stands for, all to benefit corporations, religion, and the very highest wage earners. So to you I would just say, take the blinders off and see what those greedy pigs (the animal that should replace the elephant as their symbol) have REALLY done instead of listening to what Fox News SAYS they’re doing.

    Both Savage and Cenk Uygur are right. The GOProuders toady up to the Right to seek approval from authority, to prove they’re not like those icky, ‘uppity’ gays who do things like demand equal treatment and equal rights. They want to be seen as the good little faggots so maybe they’ll be overlooked, forgiven for their sexuality, and that’s self-loathing in its purest form. Yesterday in the article about Gad Beck, the gay Jew who worked in the resistance during WWII, one sentence really stood out, left me baffled and angry. “Shortly before the end of the war in 1945, a Jewish spy working for the Gestapo betrayed Beck and some of his fellow resistance fighters.”

    Sound familiar? That, in a nutshell, is GOProud’s REAL contribution to the fight for gay equality, traitorous collaboration with the enemy due to their self-loathing.

  21. Tanoka says

    It astonishes me that some people think that there are only two options: Republican 1% policy, or socialism.


    But hey, at least Dan isn’t effeminate, so you can’t hate him completely!

  22. ratbastard says


    Why are you and others obsessed with calling people who might legitimately disagree with many aspects of ‘progressive’ [read: far left liberal ideology] as self-loathing closet cases? You know this how? I’ve no doubt there are some such people among this GOPROUD group, but there are also many hateful, racist, bigoted, even sadistic people who like to publicize themselves as ‘progressive’ and enlightened.

    The U.S and other nations currently is under the yoke of a cabal of big business fascist and big government ‘progressives’ [read: bureaucratic, totalitarian, fascist/communist] who are in an evil and duplicitous embrace. Unfortunately, the joke if you want to call it that is on the vast majority of the average person. And they share some of the blame for this situation through primarily their apathy. I don’t agree with GOPROUD anymore than I agree with pretty much anyone who extols or is incestuously involved with our main political parties, who in reality are completely controlled by the totalitarian big business/big government fascist/progressive cabal I described above. The people who control our political environment [AGAIN, those on the right and left] long ago stopped having the best interests of the average person at heart. Anybody who doesn’t see this is a blind fool.

  23. candide001 says

    You know the GOProud trolls are here when Obama is repeatedly accused of being a socialist. Not only are they self-loathing, they are stupid.

  24. EYEROLL says

    @Markus – socialism? Sir, you don’t even know what true socialism is like. Socialism? Hardly.

  25. ratbastard says

    No candide001, Obama is a made member of the big business/big government, fascist/progressive cabal I described an my above post. Obama is a highly intelligent man, but IMO completely self-serving and owned by this big business/big government fascist/progressive cabal, and was fronted as a presidential candidate because it was the right time and place for someone of his background and race.

  26. ratbastard says


    Who would use as the perfect example of socialism? The usual suspect, Sweden? Sweden in reality is a very well run, orderly, totalitarian, bureaucratic socialist/progressive/big business fascist social experiment and state. Swedes on average like this because of cultural reasons almost unique to them in the western world. They are very similar to many Asian societies like Singapore, where people worship collective orderliness and following rules, and de-emphasize individuality. This type of culture and environment born out of insularity and extreme homogeneity would never work in a society and country like the U.S. or most other places in the world.

  27. Inside says

    Diversity is a tremendous value to hold.*

    *As long as you are a gay Democrat. Diversity of thought will not be tolerated, you meth addict faggot.

  28. Chitown Kev says

    Goodness gracious, does everything have to be about Obama?

    The issue being discussed has nothing to do with Obama, really.

  29. Caliban says

    Ratbastard, if the shoe fits, wear it!

    This red-baiting, Commie/Pinko/Socialist BS doesn’t make it true. What IS true is that even their great hero Ronald Reagan isn’t hard-Right enough for today’s Tea Party GOP and the times of prosperity the Right idealizes were the result of a combination of the post-WWII boom and social programs that had been in place since the 1930s, which the GOP has systematically opposed and/or dismantled. The GOP as it stands has sold the US middle class down the river in order to benefit only the very wealthiest and to realize higher profits on their stocks, even if it means sending every manufacturing job possible overseas where a 13 year old will do it for a dollar a day while standing in puddle of lead and arsenic!

    “F**k you, Jack, I got mine!” isn’t a political philosophy, it’s sociopathy wrapped in the flag, carrying a Bible.

  30. says

    Isn’t it interesting how the head of the anti-bullying no-suicide campaign is so verbally abusive and bullying of people he does not like?

    He has no special ability to see into people’s brains and see how they think, no license to pass judgement.

    He acts like royalty that, given the commission and a good sword, would be beheading his sworn enemies post haste.

    He is a sniveling publicity seeker, a disingenuous hack that endangered an entire office of people he did not like by trying to infect them with flu virus – which can be fatal. Serious? Yes, he was arrested and went to court over it.

    But while entreating his enemies to spare him and not do to him what they by law had the right to do for his assault, he lays out his venom and hatred as a “fun” thing, a badge of edginess, and a cudgel used for making money.


  31. TrueWords says

    DAN SAVAGE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THE ENTIRE GAY COMMUNITY…he speaks for those who can’t foster their own thoughts…so he is their slanted muse!

    Well, I would be curious to see HOW MUCH MONEY Dan is making these days…much like Michael Moore ranting about this and that (dressing and sounding like the common people) all the making the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR and spending it the way Terry and he prefers!!

    No one knows how Dan votes or if he even votes for that matter.

    The “Its Gets Better” Campaign is weak and misdirected whereas if you don’t make one you are EVIL and don’t support gays

    Dan has gone on TV and stated that all Republicans should die how is this different when someone says that of gays.


    Dan blamed black people for Prop8 when it was clearly the Hispanic population that destroyed the vote..but the brown men are the stuff of fantasies for the white gay community and no one wants to mess with that.

  32. Rick says

    @Ted Baldwin Great insight.

    The Extreme Left and the Extreme Right are identical in

    a) their utter intolerance for other points-of-view,

    b) their propensity for vicious personal attacks on people whose view differ from theirs,

    c) their belief in their own moral and ethical superiority when, in reality, their own behavior reflects just the opposite, and

    d) their refusal to acknowledge the empirical truth when it conflicts with their emotion-driven ideology.

    Neither can be reasoned with and neither has any real value to society.

  33. antb says

    Here’s some empirical truth – and it’s pretty simple really: if elected, the Republican nominee Romney will eliminate our hard-won civil rights gains, like same-sex marriage laws. If you are gay and you support him you are supporting discrimination against yourself, your partner/family, and your friends. If you’re gay and you support Romney you cannot believe that you deserve to be treated as an equal citizen of this country.

    Does that make you self-hating and self-destructive? I think the answer has to be yes if you’re honest about it.

  34. TrueWords says

    Dan Savage is nothing more than a BULLY…either you get onboard with him or he pushes you overboard…

  35. TrueWords says

    Thank you Steve I agree completely…

    because it just gives “them” more…it just gives “them” more!!

  36. Pdxblueyes says

    @Rick. Why are you here? Are you one of those “moles” or are you just one of those ashamed self hating Gays Savagecso eloquently refers to? At any rate, you’re tired. Go away.

  37. lol says



  38. says

    Note to Dan Savage: Physician, heal thyself! Start by washing the hate speech out of your motor mouth! Anybody like you who carries his self-loathing on his tongue is nothing but a singed pot calling the kettle black.

  39. Polyboy says

    Wow, I wonder lots of conservative
    astroturfers, you can always tell because they mention Obama even when he isn’t the subject of the story.

  40. EYEROLL says

    @RATBASTARD – I never said we should try socialism in the U.S. Don’t imply that I did. My point is the people that cry that use the socialist/communism card are kidding themselves. If you really think the U.S. is a socialist country, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  41. epic says

    ok can we just move on a forget goproud even exists…its the same as inviting bigots on tv to spread their hate as “counter point”…Goproudis self serving and a detriment to our society and the entire equal rights movement…how about we all stop paying attention to their idiocy and regurgitating their tripe then move on…those hating on dan or mr musto have no idea the abuse targeted at them so we all can live better lives…you ungrateful children, how dare you? is this how we are suppose to support our community? how dare you! you think you were put at the back of the bus during the bush years, just wait and see what mittens and the tea bagger congress have waiting for you…so sad, you should all be ashamed of your hubris and ignorance.

  42. Hollywood, CA says

    Dan and Michael are 100% Correct! Hell, there were slaves who wanted the South to win… gross.

  43. Timmy says

    Who’s going to give Dan Savage meth when The Supreme Court upholds DOMA? There would be only reason to vote for Romney.
    To stop gay marriage. That’s the mystery. Then Dan could hold his ankles. His secret fantasy.

  44. Gary says

    Vote for Romney and you eliminate the only reason gay people are voting for Obama — gay marriage. If DOMA is upheld we can buy Dan Savage a new T-shirt in the color of his choice.

  45. EYEROLL says

    Yes, Gary gay marriage is the ONLY reason gay people are going to vote for Obama. Geeze.

  46. says

    well, it’s the truth. and like with meth users, GOProud boys have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find pathetic lowlifes with no self-esteem to have sex with.

    you show me a goproud member with balls and i’ll show you a unicorn.

  47. Rick says

    Also, I have a horrible problem with awful-smelling flatulence. I fart a lot and thus cannot get a date, so you can see why I’m so angry. I hate those stereotypical femme queens because they don’t smell like me.

  48. Beau du Jour says

    Wow. Funny how Dan’s common sense always seems to bring out utter lunacy in these GOP apologists. Not surprised either that Rick and Ratbastard have their panties in a twist. The truth is a scary thing eh? Don’t feed the trolls guys.

  49. Patrick says

    So if I voted for Obama in ’08 when he was against gay marriage, was I silly faggot? Or when I voted for Clinton? or the countless other Dems who still to this day don’t believe in gay marriage or other equal rights positions? Look at the Congressional and Gubernatorial candidates in Indiana and countless other states where there isn’t a choice between pro-gay and anti-gay politicians…their just anti-gay. I think we can rise above and have a more thoughtful conversation on the political choices people make.

    I get Dan’s point but I don’t see why he has to shame people with addiction problems while he’s making it. Stick to the sex column Dan…

  50. The Polar Beast says

    Gays voting Republican are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.*

    *the founder of KFC

  51. MIKEY says

    I think of the “GOProud” peeps as those nerds in grade/high school that so desperately want to be part of the “in” popular crowd (but that crowd really doesn’t give a crap about them) that they would sell out and backstab anyone else so that they could be part of the “clique”, even for 5 minutes. Then, when the popular crowd uses them or tosses them aside, they come back to the “unpopular” kids and tries to be their friend like “I was one of you all along”!

  52. Alexx says

    As every minority knows each every one of us is supposed to be a example that we are not what the status quo says we are. We are not rude, crude, amoral, diseased, and hellbound.

    This is how it was in a world were the American Dream was only for people of white color and middle-class or higher income and presige, but in todays world where information flows as fast as a single tweet or email; the American Dream is being put to the test.

    I like Dan Savage because hes right. If we truly live in a United States where all American citizens have the the equal rights then all should have equal opportunities and protections. Savage speaks as a person calling the establishment on its cognitive dissonance. When a system begins to show signs of blatant fascism must be fought directly.

    I want an America where we don;t have to walk around on tiptoes. We can be just as angry as the bigots that seek to condemn us. Its not what I want all LGBT people to be, but we should have the opportunity to be as stupid, emotional, and angry as the next person.

  53. ian says

    dans analogy is apt i think, but another factor is racism. is there a single person of color among goprouds members? one perhaps. it’s an unfortunate fact that, yes racism is found in the gay community. i’ve met plenty of seemingly great guys who then, when they felt comfortable enough around me, exposed themselves as horribly racist. and lets face it, the gop today is little more than a hate group masquerading as a political party.

  54. Q says

    This is not a good analogy. Substance dependency is a medical condition with many genetic and environmental causes. Sure it’s often exacerbated by the same social stigma that drives some gay men into that weird right-wing place, but it is not in any way a “choice” in the same way that a political ideology is a choice. This actually is the same argument that the religious right makes — you are responsible for the choices you make, including whether or not to have sex with men. Bad, bad argument, Dan. Yuck.