Southern Baptists Say Gay Rights Aren’t Civil Rights: ‘They’re Equating Their Sin With My Skin’

SBCSouthern Baptists gathered in New Orleans yesterday to set out the convention's official policies, including their position on same-sex love. Shocker, they're against it.

In their resolution, the group insists that marriage is "the exclusive union of one man and one woman" and "all sexual behavior outside of marriage is sinful," according to the Washington Post.

The resolution also says that while LGBT people have "unique struggles," they are not distinguishable enough to deserve "special protections." Nor are struggles for equality akin to past civil rights struggles, they say.

The resolution reads, "It is regrettable that homosexual rights activists and those who are promoting the recognition of ‘same-sex marriage’ have misappropriated the rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement."

One pastor, Rev. Dwight McKissic, said any comparison between gay rights and civil rights is "unfair." "They're equating their sin with my skin," said McKissic, who is black.

Southern Baptists are also calling on the Justice Department to support DOMA and want Obama to let military personnel and chaplains speak out against same-sex relationships.

All of this anti-gay action comes just one day after the 167-year old Southern Baptist Convention elected Rev. Fred Luter Jr. as their first black president.


  1. Steve says

    Remember that this a sect that was founded solely to defend and continue slavery and that it took them until 1995 to decide that slavery is wrong.

  2. jexer says

    Oh…. so they weren’t ‘civil rights’ they were just ‘black rights’ ?? How quickly you forget there various religions treated those with ‘dark skin’ as sinful too.

    #($#($*@ing Christian-Supremesists.

    Absolutely typical closed-minded un-Christ-like bible-based justification for cruelty to others.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Ah, yes, those Southern Baptists (aka the Christian sect extremely late to accept that slavery is wrong [even though the sect’s Bible, that inerrant word of their God, states otherwise]). The color of the top leader may change but the bigotry remains the same. Ho, hum.

  4. pagoff says

    In the heyday of the civil rights for blacks in the 50’s and 60’s this group was four square in favor of segregation.

    Leading from behind is in their DNA. So what else is new?

  5. kit says

    Love is not sin. Hate is sin.
    Or at least, that’s what this Jesus guy said in the book about him that these people claim (against all evidence) to have read.

  6. Wavin' Dave says

    I am as white as snow. I am as gay as Tinkerbelle. I was invented by the same God who invented any of the folks who feel free to hate me, insisting that the wrongs against them are the most delicious, exclusive, grievous wrongs. They can’t read Scripture (hell, many can’t read) and find a way to justify their bias? Okay.
    Nothing matters but the truth, like it or not: gay is black. Gay is women, gay is children, gay is Other. Deal with it, America.

  7. hornlongjohn says

    I’m so sick of these religious people telling us what they believe. You have a right to believe whatever you want, don’t really give a sh*t there, but you have zero rights to put your cr*p on me. I don’t care what jewish, muslim, or christians believe, I think you are all full of it. So you stay over there and we’ll stay over here and leave us alone.

  8. kit says

    Also, Southern Baptists have the highest rate of unwed teenage pregnancies of any major denomination. When they start spending as much time cleaning up their own house as they do trying to impose their beliefs on others, then I will believe they are something other than just plain old bigots cynically using god to mask the nastiness within.

  9. Onnyjay says

    Remember, these people also claim to believe that every word of the bible was dictated by god and evolution is heresy. A pox on those intellectually stunted fools and their nonsensical fairy tales.

  10. jomicur says

    “unique” but not “distinguishable”? Will Christians EVER stop talking out of both sides of their mouths? They’ve been doing it for two thousand years, for chrissake.

    And where are all those good, supposedly enlightened Christians speaking out against this? We keep hearing they’re around (“not all Christians are like that,” goes the rote recitation), but when it comes time to stand up to bigotry, the silence is deafening.

  11. Tom says

    This is a joke. They don’t have an credibility any more. Don’t they see the hypocrisy of their past actions against what they’re now saying against ‘the gays?’ I’ll tell you that the biggest closet cases are all the married Southern Baptists who get a little down-low action on the side. Shhhh!! Anyway, there’s a very LGBT-friendly Episcopal church right next door to their Death Star HQ in Nashville. I curse it every Sunday I happen to walk by…

  12. E says

    This sickens me so much. I actually have an aunt that is on the Southern Baptist Convention’s Board of Directors. My family has always viewed their religion as the absolute truth, but yet they pick and choose. They justify shunning LGBT family members by stating a verse in the bible about an angry god and how he didn’t come here to mend families but to tear them apart and separate the wheat from the chaff. So F&*^ing lame and stupid! I honestly think that this type of world view is a psychological disorder. I can’t change being Gay, but they could easily read peer reviewed scientific research, and practice a bit of logical thinking. But I digress… as long as these illogical ideas exist, and these thinkers occupy places in political power, our country is at risk of becoming a theocracy.

  13. CPT_Doom says

    Actually, if you believe that homosexuality is just a chosen “sin,” then you are just comparing it to being a Southern Baptist – aka a “psuedo-Christian cult” member (at least according to the Roman Catholic religion teachers I had growing up). Somehow it’s ok for Roman Catholic’s to be forced to accept SBC members’ sin, but they can’t provide the same respect to others? Typical bigotry.

  14. JP says

    “And where are all those good, supposedly enlightened Christians speaking out against this?”

    Hey Bud, just the other day after I had posted one of those bigoted christian videos to my Facebook, one of my christian coworkers came up to me and apologized for the ignorance of those people, it felt great.

    So please, please, please, don’t throw EVERYONE under the bus because your feelings got hurt. There are good people, and many HAVE stood up. They are in the minority and quite often, their voices are overshadowed and swept under the rug, but they are out there. It’s wrong to lump everyone into the same boat. Stand up, make your voice heard, but the only way to win is to change hearts, not by being just as bigoted as they are, which is what we are doing when we belittle a religion that has been bastardized by the people, not the religion itself.

  15. Mykelb says

    Now is the opportune time for the Southern Poverty Law Center to finally classify the Southern Baptist Convention and all its subsidiary churches, certified hate groups.

  16. Caliban says

    Another day, another theocratic Christianist shitweasel flapping his gums. Oh, and HadenoughBS, where exactly in the Bible is slavery repudiated? Though the Moses story shows the Old Testament authors clearly didn’t think THEY should be slaves, they didn’t seem to have a problem with the practice in general. The Bible lays out rules for proper slave ownership and tells slaves to mind their masters. In fact the Bible was used as the basis for many pro-slavery arguments, sermons, and books in the 1800s. As a rare book dealer and librarian I’ve seen them. The “peculiar institution” isn’t peculiar at all in the Bible.

  17. Tanoka says

    Their sin has nothing to do with people outside of their churches. Why is that so difficult for them to grasp? Am I to accept their rules, along with muslim, hindu, jewish, whatever, rules to regulate my life?

    No thanks!

  18. Disgusted American says

    dontya’ just love it – they pick a black man – to “smooth over” past differences..and Now they CAN HATE ON Gays together…woohooo – ahhh religion>>> always finding someone to Hate.

  19. Gregv says

    “…HadenoughBS, where exactly in the Bible is slavery repudiated?”

    @Caliban: I think that commenter’s point agrees with yours that it is NOT.

    It’s so ironic that a black man is now leading a sect founded solely to re-inforce the idea that blacks are inferior and deserve to be slaves. From what I read on right-wing blogs, they seem so eager to pretend that never happened, or that everyone thought that way back then and NOBODY in society knew any better.
    Their grandkids will be saying the same thing someday when they elect a gay leader (one who would be too brainwashed to just choose a church that always did know better than to follow the prejudices of society).

    I cannot help that I am male any more than Mildred Loving could help that she was black. Her “sin,” like Rosa Parks’ “sin,” was not acknowledging her inferior place as laid out by Biblical stories that Southern Baptists told.

    This basic mind-set of holding tight to prejudices in spite of all evidence (and being taught not to think too much) is engrained in the Southern Baptist mindset and has ALWAYS held them back intellectually, even as they very slowly change.

  20. pdxblueyes says

    Well. I’m sure that stand is what helped them to elect their FIRST African American President in their history… and Secondly, with that man in place, he can lead the charge for the oppressed to now become the oppressors… Congratulations. You’ve truly demonstrated your real Christian values. When you deny me the SAME rights that everyone else has – that’s a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. Or Don’t you remember Slavery to Selma?

  21. anon says

    Blackwashing? The SBC can set rules for its members all day long, but they need to be pushed into a corner rhetorically about what they would intend for the rest of us, because that is where they would quickly lose ground.

  22. patrick says

    Hmmm? I wonder how he would have liked it if the good old Baptist crackers had told him he couldn’t lead the pack until he “prayed the black away”. Come on Rev, you can do it if only believe hard enough.

  23. Blake says

    Being black was never a sin.

    Black people were just thought of as ANIMALS of near human intelligence that could be utilized for labour that other animals were incapable of.

  24. jamal49 says

    My contempt for the Southern Baptists is as great as anyone’s here as I grew up in that cult and suffered much agony and wasted much of my life up to the age of 30 or so overcoming the psychological anguish their indoctrination caused me.

    I do take issue with those here who make the very unwise assumption that the SBC and its members are largely ignorant. Yes, there is a demographic of adherents who might be categorized as “ignorant”.

    But do not dismiss the Southern Baptists or any of the conservative Christian groups that make of the strong voting base of the Republican Party as ignorant. They are not. They are smart, manipulative, media-savvy and they have the conservative movement in a stranglehold that they will not relinquish.

    They may have their theological and ideological differences but on one important issue they are united: the public and legal acceptance of homosexuality can never be permitted. Ever.

    They will do anything–ANYTHING–to make sure that this never happens. We might think that the majority of Americans are coming around, but we are ONE election away from a Republican in the White House and a Republican-controlled Congress.

    Republicans now control a majority of the States’ governors offices and a majority of the States’ legislatures.

    Such control means that it does not matter one iota what the “majority” of Americans think. Control that powerful means that they can pass laws, send Constitutional amendments to the States and appoint judges at all levels that will ensure that there will NEVER be any acceptance of LGBT people as equals in this country.

    Go ahead. Think of them as “ignorant”. Such complacency comes with very negative consequences.

    We are in a fight for our civil and mortal lives against an enemy who wants to take us down and take us out. Such an enemy can never be considered ignorant.

  25. says

    Note to Dwight McKissic: His skin won’t save him from answering to God for the Ultimate Sin, which is his brazen disregard for The Golden Rule. I’m sick to death of these ignorant Black evangelicals, pretending they own Civil Rights activism! These gasbag bastards try to conceal their hatred for LGBT folk behind the Bible scripture, but matter how hard they try, their big hetero-bigot asses stick out!

  26. BobN says

    Am I the only person who sort of appreciates their making it clear they oppose us?

    1) Puts us in good company, as SB have opposed equality for just about everyone at one time or another

    2) We don’t have to pretend that they are not, in fact, a sworn enemy.

  27. TJ says

    “They’re equating their sin with my skin” – catchy. As good as, “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Easy to remember, no critical thinking required. Genius!


  28. says

    So what happened tto all those pretencious posts by our black posters trying to convince us that there isnt a PRoMInENT problem with black folks. If you adopt a complacent attitude that black homophobia is not deeper than other homophobias, then you will make no progress in that front.

  29. IonMusic says

    Funny, the very people who complain constantly about how discriminated they are (african americans) are THE first to consistently fight against our freedoms. And we’re told, demanded even, to not talk about their blatant bigotry. Not me. Enough with being PC. Time to get real

  30. James l says

    Yes, there is a huge problem with homophobia in the black community. Whats most disturbing about it is how often African Americans want to play the opression olympics and claim because they suffered more, we don’t deserve equality. How self revolved and ignorant can one demographic be. Not to mention hypocritical





    “JAMES L” (21 JUNE; 8:11:55 PM),



  33. Mission2Time says


    Your demographic of African Americans are responsible for most crime, out of wed lock pregnancy, drug use, drug sale, AND preaching of holier than thou statements all while voting our rights down. You all need to start improving your own lives, before you ever comment on the lives of LGBT. LGBT don’t move into neighborhoods and ruin them. Unlike you people. That’s a fact.

  34. says


    Your demographic of African Americans are responsible for most crime, out of wed lock pregnancy, drug use, drug sale, AND preaching of holier than thou statements all while voting our rights down. You all need to start improving your own lives, before you ever comment on the lives of LGBT. LGBT don’t move into neighborhoods and ruin them. Unlike you people. That’s a fact.

    Posted by: Mission2Time | Jun 22, 2012 12:10:28 AM

    It’s very obvious that your a ra..cist fa…ggot!


    “ESA” (21 JUNE; 9:41:25 AM),







  37. says


    We may commit suicide, but atleast we don’t sell crack on the streets which contributes to others death. Atleast gays make their own money instead of demanding hand outs. You want to get really real: It’s time for blacks to be held accountable for all the troubles they cause in society, all of course while holding that fairy tale called the Bible in one hand.

  38. says

    Hey USC Trojan Fan…..categorizing much?

    Besides what is the difference of selling crack on the streets when the queens sell Meth in the bars. And if you look at the welfare rolls my friend. Whites get more food stamps than anyone else. And that is an entitlement handout!

    Stick wth Christopher NOT ALL Blacks are alike. When will some of you white queens get that?

  39. ThisIn says

    @ USC Trogan Fan- Well said!!!!! Why do so many black men act like such stereotypes? Oh I forgot. Asit pertains to blacks, they celebrate how hood, uneducated and trashy they behave. Pull up your pants, get a job, and stop playing the victim card. You see in gays a group that you only WISH you could aspire to. We are oppressed but unlike black people, we’re not a mess everywhere we go.

  40. says

    Black straight people are Coming on our blogs, making homophobic messages all while demanding we pay respects to their so called injustices? How self entitled could you be? You walk in our home and disrespect us and you will hear a mouthful. That black people think they can DISH it in hateful manners and not get a sharp tongue lashing in return is more of that false sense of entitlement. You talk about our kids commiting suicide and I hope everyone dishes out the most foul and offensive anti black commentary toward you. You asked for it and don’t you ever convince yourself otherwise

  41. Dynex says

    Christopher Allen Horton-

    Shouldn’t you be raiding the streets and setting things on fire while blaming white people for all your life’s misfortunes? Isn’t that what you people do best? Blame the white man for your own lack of education, wok ethic and brains? If that fails, there’s always a government hand out or Al Sharpton speech to latch on to, right bozo?

  42. Rob says

    Yeesh- I hope Andy cleans this thread up a bit. If the Black community and the gay community got along better, we would all win. I think gays should understand race in America. In my view, being black in America is still so hard, that there’s no room to be gay. And pervasive down-low behavior has the whole community on the defensive.

    I wonder how many of the Baptist conventioneers were on Grindr that night. Religion is good theater- with music, drama, etc, and will always be as full of gay men as any other theater.

  43. says

    Yeah but Rob be realistic. There are many white gays who could honestly care less about Black people you and I know this. Don’t make this a “Blame the down low” issue. If you take away Gay you only have Black and White! period!

    They’re no better than we are and it is a shame that hatred from these folks just bleeds on this blog!

  44. jamal49 says

    I was wondering when the petty, racist trolls would show up, since the beginnings of the comments chain showed promise of focusing on the hypocrisy of the SBC and the threat to LGBT people that organization poses. It’s not a racial issue but a civil rights issue which is non-racial in its principles and logic.

    I should have known that dumb, ignorant crackers would have sprung up like weeds around an outhouse, unleashing their idiotic nonsense from their tiny little minds–the “Old Faithfuls” spewing their sh*t-geysers of racist sludge.

    One is tempted to counter every non-argument those sh*t-geysers have splattered on here but why bother?

    It would only encourage them and I have found that no matter what the race or the color of the poster, it is a given that their own words of unfettered stupidity will make the case against what they are saying all by themselves.

    As my favorite curmudgeon used to say: “Idjits!”

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