1. UFFDA says

    Of course he should have been notified ahead of time, otherwise strapped to the front on the truck, body-sprayed “boy-toy” and towed through the parade.

  2. Mark Alan says

    Having just moved from Cleveland, I am not at all surprised. It is the most aggressively unenlightened place I have ever lived. The Task Force is a great group…the exact opposite of this pathetic driver.

  3. Johnson says

    It sure sounds like Mr. Excavator sent this “man” out as a “joke” on a driver. I hope a statement from the company is forthcoming.


  4. Francis says

    Sort of fishy that this man was asked to drive the truck for the AIDS float and have this happen. Obviously, he wasn’t told beforehand what he was going to do, which does make it seem the Mr. Excavator company pulled a “prank” on this Tim idiot. Definitely seems like time to highlight what this company stands for—-hate and classlessness.

  5. Geoff says

    Describing yourself as “a beautiful, talented, community” is false advertising. And the questioning that “someone isn’t too secure in their “heterosexuality” rings rather cult like.. One thing you are is gullible – with all these Obama ads all over the site. He’s going to leave you just like that float truck driver.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    Yes, the driver should have been informed beforehand. While his actions were rude and inconsiderate (given the descriptions the people used), I’d like to point out that driving a vehicle implies some relationship with the freight. I think it’s understandable that the driver didn’t want to advance the notion that he agreed with and supported the pride parade. He has his equal right to expression.

  7. Tim says

    I’d choose to leave the scene of an anti gay parade as well. He has the right to and as everyone has said, should have been informed before. As was also mentioned, driving does imply some relation to the event and he doesn’t have to be comfortable enough for that. If he did leave screaming awful thing then, yes, he’s a bad man, too.

    I’d seen a few pride parades before being comfortable with my own sexuality and there were enough aspects of it that made me terribly uncomfortable, too. I kinda get it.

  8. Mary says

    Does anyone else get the feeling that “John Luke” is not even a real troll, but a gay person’s impersonation of a troll? His comment about liking lesbians only in porno films just sounds a little too stereotypical to make me think he’s really anti-gay. A person who came on a gay website to insult gays (whether with the intention of changing them or just explaining his/her position of opposing) would probably not want to seem pro-porn. Anti-gay people usually accuse GAYS of being porn-obsessed. Hard to pretend you’re defending “traditional values” when you’ve admitted you love porn. I mean what are we supposed to believe John Luke is doing when he watches porn – writing a sociopolitical analysis of it for the Heritage Foundation? So which Towleroad reader is posing as “John Luke?”

  9. says

    I marched in the Cleveland parade, which was well attended and had remarkably few anti-gay protestors. I’ve been in many cities where we’ve encountered more harassment. The main problem with Cleveland it that it’s part of Ohio. Once you’re outside the core urban area and the surrounding inner-ring suburbs, you’re in ignoramusville – same situation with Columbus. I see that Mr. Excavator is located in Kirtland – case in point.

  10. Ray Sager says

    Pittsburgh wrapped up its “Pride in the Name of Love” on June 10th and we were met with some opposition from a small minority hard right wing religious cult calling for the death of gay people. However hard they tried to sneak into the event, they were met with a lot of resistance and soon they were relegate to the out fringes of the event. But any hoots…

    I think this truck driver was pranked into volunteering for the event. But I think the big give away for him would have been the name of the organization…and in his homophobic mind if he would have put two and two together he would have backed out of it before he began. However, that was not the case.

    Did he have the right to be upset once he found out who he was dealing with? OF COURSE HE DID! He was either mislead or mis- informed about his role in donating the cab and trailer. He didn’t want his name to be associated with this event…and he has every right to be upset. Let’s switch roles here: What if you were told that you had to drive a float for some organization that was anti- gay but you didn’t know it was until you got to the parade grounds? Wouldn’t you feel a bit upset? I know I would!

    In my opinion, I don’t think we need to castigate him for his sudden refusal to participate in an event that he totally disagreed with. And it’s totally wrong to call him homophobic or a hater. He is entitled to his views and his opinions just as you are entitled to yours. ENOUGH SAID!

  11. SoccerEnthusiast says

    Disgusting vile pig.

    And yes, if you refuse to drive a car in a pride parade you have every right to be called a BIGOT because you are

  12. AJ says

    Isn’t it funny that the trolls come on here pretending to be gay all while always defending the anti gay individual in the story

    “He has every right to not want to be associated to gays…”

    Sure….and WE have every right to call him a bigot. See how that works? Your freedoms of speech are not limited to just you all.

  13. Robert C. says

    If you disassociate yourself from a group because they inherently are who they are (Latino, black, gay) you are an intolerant bigot. Why not just own it?
    Do you really expect gays to not call you one? Accept it.

  14. raisingrant says

    Just know the troll is a GOProud self loathing idiot who is in shame about being gay and wants us to all be equally shamed as they are (Geoff)

    Sorry boo boo. Some of us refuse to rim that hetero hole like you do.

  15. Olien says

    Only heterosexuals uncomfortable with their sexuality feel threatened to be around many gay men. It’s not a healthy mindset to be completely frightened to be around people different than you, unless said people trigger something in you that comes from insecurity.

  16. JustdaFacts says

    Pride represents equality, freedom, rights and respect of an opressed community and that community CELEBRATING life and their freedom to be themselves. If you’re against that, than enjoy being called a bigot. Freedom of speech works both ways, as does freedom of observation.

  17. IonMusic says

    This notion that people are ENTITLED to be as homophobic as they want and that they are ENTITLED to not want to be associated with us, and we are NOT entitled to call them what they are or even react is pure homophobia.

    If you want your actions and thoughts to be homophobic driven, the gay community has every right in the world to call it for what it is.

    The idea that people can be freely homophobic, and gays can’t react goes against the very principle you conservatives preach. That same right that you have to distance yourself from us gives us a right to react to your hesitation of an entire community. Freedom is a two way street.

  18. says

    Let’s make something very clear here for those of you comparing homophobia to supporting LGBT, and them having the same value. The two ideas are very different and that distinction is important to highlight and not be indifferent toward. One of them (homophobia) discredits a group of people who are opressed, and who are naturally and inherently themselves and does not believe in their rights to be who they are. That is NOT a noble trait and should (and will) be confronted. To suggest being homophobic and being pro LGBT are equal in value is exactly like saying those who are racist and those who aren’t racist are equal. And one should accept the other the same. Not so much. One is a horrible human trait while the other is an acceptable one.

    To be tolerant of intolerance has never been and will never be a value within our community. Attempting to convince gays to be complacent toward homophobia and say “well, you hate gays? Oh well. I can’t stand anti gays. Look, that’s practiculy the same! No biggie!” is the same mentality that gets us nowhere and keeps some placing their head in the sane. Challenging, educating and confronting homophobia is what creates change. Millions of us refuse to ACCEPT homophobia and when confronted with it, even on an individual basis, we will challenge those who are.

  19. Austin-ite says

    @ USC trojan fan,

    Agree with every word 100%. Very nice post. If we don’t react to those who practice anti gay thinking, we’ll never change anti gay thinking. Showing people why they are wrong in being anti-gay is what will make them think. Giving them a free pass because they are entitled to be ignorant is breeding a world that accepts it’s own homophobia.

  20. Dizzybusy says

    Who said he doesn’t have a right to not attend a gay oriented event? we ALSO have a right to ask him why he wishes not to attend, and when said person makes unfounded commentary about our community, we have a right to respond and label him just as he did us. Not all of us need to be tolerant of intolerance.

  21. John Luke says

    Who wants to drive a truck in some rainbow covered queer parade. Now if it was the LA Kings parade that would of been cool.

    God is great he will save us from the sinners.

  22. Geoff says

    CHRISTOPHERM Miss Priss has spoken. You’re wisdom is vapid. You have all the wisdom turtles and tattoos bestow. I pity your children — if it gets that far.

  23. Rob says

    I bet that if a camera was to follow him on the road, we would see a different side of this “fine American” when on the road. EIther truckmstops with nasty hookers, or rest areas with the boys in the bushes as nightly company. Hmm, maybe he was scared he would be recognised by some of them at the parade. LOL!
    I hope that they sued the guy, and the co. I would.

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