1. igpalmer says

    Wow…..that’s amazing!! He may be openly gay on this series, but he was the closeted gay son and heir to the throne in the old (and cancelled) series “Kings.” Not bad for a stright boy.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    They’re calling it a “limited series”, which has heretofore been known as a “miniseries”.

    It looks good, except for the heinously exaggerated Southern drawl of Weaver’s husband.

  3. scooterzz says

    naturally it’s the GAY son who has the drug and alcohol problem and whose life goal is to open a nightclub…the straight son, however, is the overachiever…some things never change…

  4. Hank says

    I love Sigourney as much as the next fag, maybe more, but this looks like a tabloid smear of the Clintons, that turns them into “Dallas,” with some old style Hollywood negative gay stereotyping thrown in for good measure. Ick. Disappointed in those gay producers if so.

  5. Argie says

    The gay stereotyping is indeed offensive, but it’s also trite–it’s the sort of thing we got fed in the 90’s. Most of Hollywood has grown up since then, but not the producers of this show.

    Still, I’m not worried about the negativity; the show is so poorly put together that it’s not likely to last very long. Sigourney Weaver can be a powerful figure on screen, but she’s strangled by the directing. And the ex-President character? He’s as presidential as an infomercial pitchman.

    Maybe they made it a miniseries knowing that it wouldn’t have any durability.

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