1. says

    Please help WA be the first state to affirm marriage = in a popular vote. And to be clear, the REFERENDUM calls on voters to affirm with a TES vote the law passed by our legislature and signed by our (Catholic) governor. (And yes, there is also a nascent initiative which would require a “no” vote to preserve marriage but that is unlikely to make the ballot.)

    We know we can do it, but we also need your help.


  2. theotherlee says

    What I want to know is… when Natasha stated that the “Churches are playing a big role in getting enough signatures” for this, why wasn’t the question asked about separation of church and state? Why isn’t a churches tax exempt status being revoked when churches are participating in politics?

    It’s really pissing me off that nationally, churches are very vocally, and very publicly voicing their hatred of the gay community. From cracking wrists, to fencing us in until we starve.. and up to and including cheering on a four-year-old regurgitating the hate he’s taught at church and at home. Why aren’t questions about tax exemption status on the lips of every reporter when facing these types of stories??

    The same thing back in ’08 when the Mormons funneled so much money into Cali to get Prop 8 overturned… C’mon people… don’t just write your senators and congress representatives. Write the damn media reporters.. and ask them why they aren’t bringing that up in their reports.

  3. Luke says

    Theotherlee, churches are allowed to engage in activism on issues and social matters. They are only restricted from endorsing particular candidates, but they can engage in political activity regarding issues, according to the IRS.