1. Swiminbuff says

    Can you imagine the noise that One Millions Moms (or 47000) heads exploding will sound like?

  2. Caliban says

    “Can you imagine the noise that One Millions Moms (or 47000) heads exploding will sound like?”

    No, but I bet I can dance to it!

  3. Curt says

    Wow, this is such a huge flashback for me. 20 years in 1992 I was 12 years old and just realizing I was gay. It was also the year I really got into comics so I definately remember Northstars coming out. But I remember as kid getting mixed messages because his homosexuality was never referred to after that issue until years later.

  4. endo says

    I probably have that issue of Alpha Flight in a box somewhere. If I recall, Northstar’s orientation wasn’t mentioned again during the rest of Alpha Flight’s run.

    I wonder if it’s worth anything?

  5. Brian G says

    As a long time fan of comics and Alpha Flight in general there is much more to this story that was not captured in that report. John Byrne, who created Alpha Flight along with Chris Claremont back in Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 #120, had always intended Northstar to be gay. Looking back in the first few issues that Byrne wrote and drew, there were subtle hints. When Bill Mantlo took over the book, he was going to out Northstar and kill him off with AIDS, but Marvel said no, so some lame storyline with the Norse Gods was poorly fabricated in its place.
    I also like how the news story shows the one panel of NorthStar in his underwear saying “there were hints in the story” as if “look, he’s wearing white trunks and only gay guys wear those” …sigh….

  6. Caliban says

    Alpha Flight was an X-Men spin-off set in Canada in the 80s and there were hints about Northstar from the beginning. I forget the details, but IIRC he had a twin sister who had a split-personality. In her day to day life she was a severely repressed uber-Catholic who became wild and free in her Heroine persona (whose name I’ve forgotten). I don’t know what happened to her after that.

    I have the first several issues of Alpha Flight packed away somewhere.

    I was mainly an X-Men fan but read some of the other Marvel series (DC Comics? Ptooie!). There were no out gay heroes but the subtext of X-Men that mutant=gay was there, as Bryan Singer later showed in the movies. The SpiderWoman series was set in San Francisco and there were subtle clues in the background, like a truck advertising Advocate magazine driving past, that seemed to say, “Yeah, we know you’re out there and it’s OK.” That was really important to me as a young gay kid growing up in a rural area.

  7. MIchael says

    A first? In the DC universe, there were two out gay characters in the 80’s in the Justice League International. The Tasmanian Devil (no, not the Bugs Bunny one) was a gay man and Ice came out as a lesbian (of course, right before DC decided to kill her off first). There were also lesbians in the Wonder Woman comic books on Themyscira.

  8. John says

    Is it me, or that Jeanie Most (CNN) has never had any sense of fashion not in 1990 or now……..Hey, just sayin