8 Gay Community Centers Launching 100 Day Hunger Strike To Protest ‘Extreme Anti-Equality’ In Michigan

MichiganDiscriminationSick and tired of anti-gay policies in Michigan, including prohibitions on marriage equality, same-sex couples adopting children and other forms of everyday discrimination, eight community centers are coming together to launch a 100 day hunger strike.

"All LGBT Community Centers throughout the state of Michigan join together to protest Michigan’s extreme anti-equality environment, by declaring a 100-day hunger strike, exactly 100 days before the election," reads a press release announcing the action, which begins on July 30th.

For the next 100 days, leaders from the eight centers as well as allied volunteers will alternate 24-hour shifts abstaining from food and sitting on display at Affirmations, the state's largest LGBT community center.

This action may not change individual minds, but it will put pressure on the state and its lawmakers to move toward more inclusive politics.


  1. Wolf Sawyer says

    Dunno if I’ll be opening up a can of worms, but is that really the smartest idea?? I would think that’d just let wingnuts openly pray and call for them to starve to death, and its not like the people who put those policies into action will actually care about the possible loss of us inhuman queer-folk’s lives.

    Thoooouuugh public showcases of the crazyfaces openly hoping they starve to death could help our side in showing how inhuman they are.

  2. Butch says

    I live near what appears to be a guy playing golf next to a moose, way out in the woods. The weird thing is the acceptance I experience daily, in contrast to the actions of the legislature and governor.

  3. V-8 says

    I live a few blocks from Affirmation, which does wonders for the community, specially teen African American kids… it is a safe haven….

    when I moved to this state, I came here because (back in 2005) it had more inclusive laws than where I lived before (Illinois), as a state employee… that changed a few years later, and now it is harder to get a job anywhere out of state…

    it really is a shame, as Michigan is a beautiful state filled with nice people (not all, but enough to make it a community)…

    at times what happens in Michigan becomes a good gage to what is happening or will happen in the rest of the country…

  4. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Michigan has become worse in the past 10 years; it used to be neither pro-gay nor anti-gay, except for pro-gay pockets like Ann Arbor & other similar areas. But the state has adopted several anti-gay laws and policies.
    Unfortunately, this “alternatiing” hunger strike is a joke that is likely to bring more sneers and chuckles than serious attention. One of the prior commenters said in a posting above that “an alternating” 24-hour hunger strike is nothing more than a “diet”. I wouldn’t even call it a “diet” — so somebody has eaten for 24 hours, so what? Can’t these people think of a better way to make their point?

  5. alexander says

    i agree. i think hunger strikes are just dumb. why not march gay pride through conservative neighborhoods instead for 100 days until we get our rights. they’d probably hand it over for fear that their children will turn gay if they don’t let us marry.lol starving yourself is akin to holding your breath…good luck with that ya’ll. hope none of us die.

  6. 2Fathers says

    A MARCH would be more effective, I agree. A hunger strike only effects you! people don’t even HEAR about it. Get out on the streets, protest, petition, EMAIL legislators, and talk to family/friends/coworkers. BE ACTIVE. Not a HUNGER strike!

  7. Tom says

    I remember in 1968, Michigan went to segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace in the Democratic Presidential Primary. In 1967, there were the bus bombings in Pontiac against school integration. Of course the Detroit riots of 1967, and fact that the Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan lived outside the capital city make the current situation nothing new. I was born and raised there but am proud to say that this year I will have lived in Los Angeles longer than that redneck backwater with the lovely lakes and trees.

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