Anderson Cooper Comes Out: ‘The Fact Is, I’m Gay’


Finally putting to rest all that speculation, journalist Anderson Cooper has officially and publicly come out as a proud gay man.

"The fact is, I'm gay," Cooper wrote in an email to friend Andrew Sullivan after being asked about an Entertainment Weekly article on public figures who remain in the glass closet:

…I have given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something – something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid. This is distressing because it is simply not true.

…There continue to be far too many incidences of bullying of young people, as well as discrimination and violence against people of all ages, based on their sexual orientation, and I believe there is value in making clear where I stand.

The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.

I have always been very open and honest about this part of my life with my friends, my family, and my colleagues. In a perfect world, I don't think it's anyone else's business, but I do think there is value in standing up and being counted. I’m not an activist, but I am a human being and I don't give that up by being a journalist.

As for why he resisted coming out, Cooper said his privacy and travels to dangerous nations both played a part in his staying in the aforementioned glass closet.

Congratulations to you, Anderson. Maybe now the paparazzi can now get a proper shot of you and your boyfriend together?


  1. Lucas says

    oh my god I would have never guessed! lol. Congrats on finally coming out Anderson.

  2. Jack M says

    I think there are about five people in the US who don’t know.

    Congratulations, Anderson!

  3. Rick says

    OK, you all got your wish. You harrassed the guy to death until he finally did what you wanted.

    I hope it does not effect his credibility, but my guess is that it will. He will no longer be able to appear objective when it comes to gay issues of any kind. Even if he tries to, nobody will believe that he is. And that will cost us. Tom Roberts has lost all credibility for precisely that reason. Don Lemon is on the way to losing credibility for the same reason. The same thing happened to Andrew Sullivan when he came out, with many others in the profession attributing all his opinions to his “gayness” after he came out, when they had never done so before. And Rachel Maddow is also seen as a mere cheerleader for gay causes.

    It is very hard to get the networks to highlight gay issues or pay a lot of attention to them and Anderson was able to do that because of his stature….AND because, without being officially out, he was not seen by the general public as a “cheerleader” and could appear to be objective int the way the issues were approached, which none of the aforementioned individuals could. Now he won’t be able to do that.

    If he had just wanted to come out, that would be one thing. But his explanation for his decision makes it pretty clear that he was “shamed” into it by overly-zealous activists who are less interested in his welfare and his viability as a news anchor than they are in their own agenda.

    We will see how it works out; like Anderson said, it is a tradeoff. I suspect that on balance, however, this will hurt us more than it will help us.

  4. Francis says


    I know some will say he should have come out sooner, but it’s all a process, and he has completed his. Also, the fear about traveling to anti-gay countries is very understandable. But ultimately I’m proud of him for taking this step and finally coming out. Congrats Anderson!

  5. David in NYC says

    YAYAY! Now he doesn’t have to like totally slump and hide in his seat anymore when out seeing movies with his boyfriend…

    (He went to see THE WEEKEND, he was sooo awk in that theater)


    “Cooper said he privacy and his travels to dangerous nations both played a part in staying in the aforementioned glass closet.” LOL. What a tool.

  7. OMNOMNOM says

    This was totally unnecessary, but I guess the gay bullies finally got their way and forced him out. How tolerant of them.

  8. Dana says

    Congratulations, Anderson! I hope your decision to speak out brings you much happiness!

  9. endo says

    How not shocking who the first commenter is to rain on Andy’s coming out parade.

    Don’t feed the troll, people.

  10. John Freeman says

    I join with you all in congratulating Anderson Cooper in finally coming out. However, my sympathy with his long silence (not denial) is strengthened by his comments about reporting from dangerous places.

    Would we really have wanted him to put his life at extra risk just to make himself a better role model in the US?

    Its easy for us, who are not in the public eye and not a potential victim of extremists, to judge.


    Oh and I suppose all straight people think their sexual orientation is a “private matter”. This letter is a pathetic attempt to justify the damage he caused by being a public figure in the closet and sending the message that being gay is something to be hidden. Anderson Cooper is a shell of a man.

  12. Jim says

    Congratulations Anderson! You are a beautiful, intelligent man and I wish you all the best!

  13. Dan says

    The real test is whether or not he discusses his sexuality on any of his shows or continues to hide in plain sight.

  14. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    Congratulations to Mr. Cooper for coming out on his own terms. I respect him even more for being open and honest about who he is and his reasons for keeping his private life private (and using his real name in the process, unlike some of the trolls here…)

  15. Ty says

    Anderson has covered LGBT issues possibly better than any other journalist. His work, as a journalist, makes me proud.

  16. jakeinlove says

    I am happy for him and happy that he did it in his own time. Everyone, public or private, should be afforded that opportunity.

  17. Kenneth says

    Rick, please, you are not one of “us” so please refrain from speaking as if you are. Your glory hole is waiting troll.

  18. Kevin says


    Your internalized homophobia is leaking out. Anderson Cooper has gained credibility for being honest and open vs. “hiding” in a glass closet. This is 2012 and his credibility is shot when he talks to teens about coming out. It is awkward for many of us who know he is gay (and not totally out) to discuss this very topic with a guest. He isn’t scared out of the closet by the gay community; rather, was scared into the closet by rabid Christian Homophobes in the 90’s.

  19. Tanoka says

    Visibility. That’s what’s going to bring people around in favour of marriage equality.

    Congrats to Mr. Cooper, and I hope he doesn’t get too much grief about it.

  20. DrJWL says

    Good for him and the visibility continues to increase in a positive way. Lets ALL pray that Cruise and Travolta stay in their closets.

  21. ratbastard says

    Who cares? Who? Everyone knew Mr. Anderson was gay, he just didn’t talk about it, and most people respected his privacy. He wasn’t a closeted guy who publicly mocked gays or tried to hurt gays.

    I just don’t get why some gays [and non-gays] can’t just mind their own business.

  22. Joey says

    The world is a homophobic place. Remember him standing in the crowds in Egypt and how he got roughed up. If they would have known he was gay he could have gotten a lot worse. He had every reason to not be public about his orientation and really it is his own business. I only care about people who work against us who are closeted. Then it is an issue.

  23. Gregg says

    Excellent – with Matt Bomer an out role model and now Anderson, who will the old Queerty and After Elton dregs rag on?

  24. says

    This actually made me happier than the Preisdents endorsement of gay marriage. LOL. I don’t know why, but it just was good to see it finally happe.

  25. Mike says

    Good for him. Now it is time for all of the LGBT people to come out of the closet. We need your help to expose the anti-gay Christian agenda that is killing gays today all over the world. These anti-gay Christians need treatment for their contagion of mental illness that is spreading. Some of these diseases are know as a social phobia known as homophobia and there is all of the attention these anti-gay Christians place on gays known as an obsessive compulsive disorder and they are contagious and can be spread like is happening in Africa and other places. These anti-gay Christians also have other psychiatric disorders as well and are too numerous to list here. The bottom line is they need to see a psychiatrist for treatment urgently before they get worse or spread their mental illness to others.

  26. Dynex says

    Good for him. To all LGBT…we are arriving. We haven’t fully arrived yet, BUT we can with the contribution of every LGBT accepting who they are and being proud of it.

  27. Cali Greg says

    There’s no feeling more liberating than being who you are…unapologetically being who you are. NOT being afraid if others know. And that brings a sense of fulfilment in us all.

  28. Texarkana says

    Good for him!

    I can ASSURE you he with this move has inspired, motivated and perhaps saved the life of ATLEAST one gay child out there. THAT in and of itself is worth it.

  29. Matt26 says

    He didn’t need to, but wanted to come out. That’s the way it shoud go. Good for him, Mr Handsome AC.

  30. stpetegreg says

    Right on Kenneth! I can always tell by the second or third sentence if the posting was made by “Rick” and usually just move on to the next post without finishing as the obvious self-loathing is so sad…this year’s Pride Parade in St. Pete was a great reminder that everyone should just be who they want to be as long as they cause harm to no one. I really have no idea who the f*ck Rick thinks he is to judge everyone the way he does, but trolls will be trolls. Must be hell to live in a world where you think you are so much better than everyone else and yet can’t figure out why you are never invited to any parties.

  31. MiMi says

    Many well wishes, happiness, and success to you Anderson. THANK you for officially being part of the LGBT. You represent who we are. Americans thriving and contributing to society. You’ve been in the homes of millions of Americans…as a gay man. This is great news.

  32. Artie in Lauderdale says

    @ Rick,

    High school and middle school kids look up to public figures who are out, and it’s great for their self-esteem. By extolling the benefits of staying in the closet, you’re embarrassing yourself. Jump in your time machine and set it to the twentieth century.

  33. says

    Can you all stop feeding Rick? and Ratbastard? and Christopher Allen Horton? and Tank?

    Can we collectively try ignoring all the above and seeing what a truly positive atmosphere we really have around us when we focus on the GOOD posters as opposed to the destructive ONE.

  34. Gregoire says

    This was always part of his professinal plan, to extricate from reporting in places where being openly gay would have been dangerous or would have precluded him access to certain interviews.

    Setting up his talk show and a comfortable niche where he could be a journalist and NOT be the central story, he finally felt safe to come out.

    Really proud of him though, everything he’s done and going forward, everything he will focus on as an out and proud journalist.

  35. Kevin Johanes says

    An openly gay man headlines a very prominent news program on one of the biggest networks in the world….this is worth a celebration that goes FAR beyond Anderson Cooper.

  36. Mike says

    @Rick. Your argument against Anderson coming out is similar to the one Prop 8 supporters used against Judge Walker. Their appeal was thrown out. By your logic, Diane Sawyer couldn’t talk about women’s issues or Don Lemon couldn’t report on African American issues with any credibility.

    I’ve read a lot of your comments, and they seem to be a weird mix of contrarian impulses with, yes, misogyny and homophobia (regardless if you’re gay). Seriously, I’m sure the local community college has a class on gender and sexuality near your home. Take it.
    And while you’re at it, sign up for Logic 101…. please!

  37. says

    This quote of his is one of the, if not THE most poignant and powerful thing I’ve ever read by any LGBT individual:

    “I’ve also been reminded recently that while as a society we are moving toward greater inclusion and equality for all people, the tide of history only advances when people make themselves fully visible.”

    Perfectly put!

  38. says

    How heart warming to read Anderson; he is a wonderful for the gay community to have and he is rightly proud of his public and private life.
    What he has done by this public declaration is that he has made all the neanderthals more and more irrelevant . And so progress and history march on without them.

  39. Kyler says

    You did the right thing here, Anderson.

    The coming-out email was beautifully composed and aptly expressed.

    Now everyone around him, including guests on his show, his CNN colleagues, and Kathy Griffin can breathe a sigh of relief that they don’t have to ridiculously, contortedly avoid any reference to this major personal feature as some forbidden, shameful subject.

    Watch his recent discussion with David Letterman concerning Kathy Griffin to see how everyone was absurdly muzzled by his not having come out.

    This is extremely good for young people.

    Cooper is a major, international public figure.

    The world is a little bit of a better place today.

  40. says

    He will have more credibility now when talking about gay issues, not less. While we–and many others–all knew that Anderson was gay, and it seemed clear he was out in his personal life, it was always the elephant in the room when he discusses issues such as the bullying of gay kids. As he puts it in his letter, by not being publicly out, he was–inadvertently–implying there is something shameful about being openly gay. There isn’t. (Only the closeted believe so.) And his public coyness about his sexuality sent the wrong message, as he now realizes. Well stated, Mr. Cooper.

    For those who suggest he was forced out by some gay mob, Nonsense. Not what his letter says at all. He’s a big boy. He made the choice on his terms, for the right reasons.

    And his traveling to dangerous regions of the world excuse, while understandable at one point, seems a little dubious when he’s spending a good chunk of time doing celebrity fluff (his talk show, Bravo guest spots etc.). If you want to be a celebrity and not just a journalist, be honest, be out.

  41. Marty says

    Whenever I read Rick’s posts, I always picture Ignatiius J. Reilly writing them. It really helps.

  42. mike says

    come out in an e-mail..really..this is the best you can pathetic..can’t even say it out loud that he’s gay..makes some people think..u can be gay but be quiet about it…pppplllllssss

  43. Gabe R L says

    If Andrew felt it was time to make it official, then it is right. He did it in a tasteful way too, not usaing his gayness for extra fame.

  44. Caliban says

    “Whenever I read Rick’s posts, I always picture Ignatiius J. Reilly writing them. It really helps.”

    LOL! And with another high-profile gay person coming out Fortuna has dealt him another downward turn!

    Anderson Cooper not being “officially out” has never bothered me that much because there wasn’t much else he WASN’T doing for the gay community other than that. He never “bearded” or claimed to be straight. He reported on gay issues and did it well. He never really seemed to censor himself much so far as behavior goes. He promoted issues like the Trevor Project. So what exactly is it that he wasn’t doing already?

    And to me, more than the danger he might face while covering a story in another country (which he hasn’t done in a while), or not wanting to be the story, I could understand why someone with his level of celebrity might not want to open themselves up to the tabloid jackals. Would YOU want the tabloids following you on dates (or worse, hook-ups) and reporting breathlessly on them? I wouldn’t. So I half-suspect this announcement may have been motivated by a change in relationship status, that he’s “settling down” and a relationship will be made official. Perhaps there’s a marriage announcement in the near future too?

  45. ? says

    I’m happy for him, though I do feel he was somewhat pressured into coming out, which is simply appalling. Those of you who think that closeted gay public figures have a “responsibility” to come out, I have news for you: NOBODY owes you anything.

  46. scott says

    Good for you Anderson! Refuse to admit you’re Gay for 20 years on the air to get that money first, THEN come out to everyone. Way to stand up for what you REALLY beleive in…….

  47. says

    To Rick that is just not true and very narrow minded by that logic no one is credible for they are either Gay, straight , or somewhere in between and they all have opinions. If Diane Sawyer reports on anything do we assume she is biased just because she is straight?

  48. TJ says

    And well played, Mr. Cooper. Had he “come out” 20 years ago, people would be saying, “Anderson who?” Now, they will be saying, “Anderson – wow!” and “Anderson, thank you!”

    He may give up some power – speaking out for what appears to be one’s own interest (e.g., gay issues) can have people think he has an agenda and is therefore less credible – but the power he now has as a role model for gay kids is huge. As stated above, he has just saved lives.

  49. says

    well met, and his words ring true. invisibility is our enemy.

    what a lovely thing to read on this hungover-from-Toronto-Pride afternoon!

    and, of course, his words will raise anger and fury in the grown men who still bend over backwards to give excuses to not be Out.

    oh well. misery wants company. but you can’t get company in your tiny closets. open the doors and join the real world. like Coop, here :-)

    Happy Pride my brothers and sisters!

  50. Michael says

    So many in far more unsafe situations. Lady Cooper is beyond protected and cush. Let us set our sights and strength on the less fortunate. Welcome, Andy– the party is in full swing!

  51. says

    every time another gay man comes out, the grown adults still in the closet pound their heels in fury about being left behind.

    you know, boys, you could always join the rest of us. come dance in the sun, for a change :)

  52. theotherlee says

    Oh and I suppose all straight people think their sexual orientation is a “private matter”. This letter is a pathetic attempt to justify the damage he caused by being a public figure in the closet and sending the message that being gay is something to be hidden. Anderson Cooper is a shell of a man.

    Posted by: MARCUS BACHMANN | Jul 2, 2012 11:44:46 AM


    Marcus, you are an ass. Full stop. Does your job take you to parts of the world where you would risk being EXECUTED for being openly gay? If not, shut the hell up.

    What a big man you are to accuse him of being an ’empty shell of a man’ .. what have YOU done for the gay community, AND the world at large with the charities he’s worked with? Hmmm?

    And seriously, what DAMAGE has he done by remaining in the closet until now? Name one thing that can be laid at his feet in the way of DAMAGE.

  53. TJ says

    And to the whiner above who complained that Anderson came out in an email rather than a public speech: A simple google search on AC reveals over 500 news reports about his coming out. He doesn’t have to comment out loud. Everybody knows.

  54. Farbud says

    I think it’s stupid to say I didn’t come out publicly because as a journalist I need my sphere to be in, and at the same time state that “I do think visibility is important, more important than preserving my reporter’s shield of privacy.”
    Wasn’t visibility as important 20 years ago? I understand if anyone wants to choose to come out in any given age and period in their life. It’s their life and decision. But to give a long explanation about why you didn’t come out sooner, and for the explanation to be so superficial… I never understand people who come out publicly with an “explanation” (in most cases a paradoxical one like this) for all the years they were [technically] in the closet.

  55. Jim Shape says

    I passed by him a few months ago in Chelsea, and was devastated that he totally didn’t cruise me.

  56. JeffB says

    If Anderson’s comments are since, and they appear to be, you have to respect his reasoning and point of view. I give him credit for his thoughtful analysis of the issue(s) and for his very personal decision. There is nothing so unhealthy as feeling as if you can not live authentically– I hope this finally brings him some measure of “peace,” though, I am sure, as he says–there will be some collateral effects as well, perhaps not all of them positive.

  57. theotherlee says


    Anderson has reported in at least four of the five countries that *officially* execute homosexual.

    Do you not think it not only a *good* idea, but a SMART idea to remain publicly closeted? As has been stated… for years. Anderson lived in a “glass closet” meaning he never denied being gay. Worked for gay rights, reporting and bringing attention to gay bullying, supporting the Trevor project, etc., etc.

    Its not paradoxical at all.

  58. anon says

    This is really starting to prove that there is a generation gap between the baby boomers and those younger, or just about anyone younger than Tom Cruise, about coming out.

  59. rascal says

    I think Nick Denton, of all people, put it best when he said about Cooper’s announcement that “the calculus has changed – it is now more embarrassing to stay in the closet than it is to come out.”

  60. ratbastard says

    There are plenty of youthful in-the-closet on on the DL gay and bi men and woman. If I was a betting man, the majority of gay and bi people are in-the-closet or not exactly ‘out’. I’m 35 and ‘out’, but am probably a minority for being so. At the same time I’m not obnoxiously, in-your-face out professional 24/7 LGBT self-described ‘advocate’. There are a handful of people who post on here who get off attempting to bully others into being there kind of gay and if you aren’t there kind of gay, they call you names. Other minorities have the same problem in their ranks.

  61. BobN says

    Oh, come on. His dedication to his journalistic career has nothing to do with his staying in the closet for the last ten years. Sure, once upon a time, many many moons ago, Anderson Cooper was an intrepid, some said foolish, reporter putting himself very much in harm’s way to tell stories no one else would cover (well, no one so pretty). He really was a REAL journalist. But the idea that he goes anywhere today under circumstances that put him in that same sort of danger with no backup is just absurd. Sure, he might be a target because he’s America’s most prominent reporter these days, but to suggest that being out would make it worse is just silly.

  62. M. Scott Hernandez says

    As if this was a secret? His best gal pal is Kathy Griffin. I am GLAD that he proudly told the world. Now, it is Ryan’s turn. LOL

  63. Hollywood, CA says

    Anderson, I hadn’t even really thought about the fact that you travel to countries we’re being openly gay is a deaths sentence. It makes more sense now. Thanks for electing to be more open and vocal about your homosexuality, it will only help our community.

  64. says

    btw, until the “complainers’ and “whiners” on here can come out to the same degree as Coop – that is, putting it Out there for potential millions to know (youtube, blog, your own webpage, etc) they have no solid argument.

    the man is now out to millions, who will know for sure that he’s gay. are you capable of doing the same thing? if not, hold your complaining until you can. :)

  65. SteveInSC says

    Ratbastard, you talk like the kind of softly-retarded teenager that tries to convince everyone that they’re proud of having never left their small hometown while everyone else from their graduating class did. At some point do you trolls just get depressed knowing that everyone knows you’re full of crap?

  66. Zee says

    I never thought Anderson would make the announcement, but it’s one of the best statements I’ve read and confirms what I’ve always believed about why he stayed silent for so long. Sounds like he’s very happy and comfortable with who he is and that’s good to know.

  67. Jay says

    He waited too long, but there may still be a market for old gray haired homosexuals. I hope you can enjoy your life. The best way is to try and avoid these equality hens on here. Equality? They’ll never be Vanderbilts.






    “RICK” (2 JULY; 11:38:18 AM),



  70. Rick says

    “If Diane Sawyer reports on anything do we assume she is biased just because she is straight?”

    Come on, get real. Anything having to do with gay people remains a source of controversy and polarization. Those that are seen as most credible when it comes to the gay issue are those who appear to have no vested interest in the outcome.

    All I am saying is that AC has now forfeited that credibility (and no, the vast majority of the public did NOT already know he was gay).

    Will what is gained from a major celebrity coming out outweigh what is lost from no longer having anyone of the same stature who is willing to both highlight gay issues and be able to address them with credibility?

    Who knows? Obviously, in your euphoria, many of you are telling yourselves that it will, but I kind of doubt it, myself.

    I guess we will see, though.

  71. ratbastard says


    Actually, I’ve traveled and lived all over, and come from and grew up in a very diverse environment.

    Why does what I said about AC bother you so much, Steve? All I said was everyone knew he was gay, he wasn’t a bad guy or anti-gay while being on the DL, and people should respect his desire for privacy. I also said not every gay or bi man and woman is ‘self-loathing’ because they aren’t a 24/7 professional homosexual ‘activist’. What’s wrong with that? It’s the truth, IMO.

  72. Farbud says

    So you’re saying all the female reporters who’re travelling all around the world and reporting on all types of issues are safe? that all those reporters who travel to countries who have all kinds of awful rules and beliefs about women should go there as a man and not let anyone find out they’re women, cause people might hurt them cause they’re women? look there’s all kinds of prejudice all around the world. If you ask me, in some countries being white would put him in a greater danger than being gay. Being an american in middle-east would put him in a greater danger than being gay. But these have nothing to do with justifying the closet.

  73. Rex Paul Martin says

    Mr.Cooper took a courageous and calculated risk making his statement. We are all the better for it, and hopefully he will be as well. I’m sure the likes of Palin, Bachman, Santorum, and Rush Limbloat will have much to say about this as another example of the gay-agenda in the liberal media. What a sick, puritanical, hypocritical country we endure!

  74. Scottevill says

    The guy was in the closet because he didn’t want to talk about who he likes to make out with in interviews? Really? And here I thought someone was in the closet if they were lying to themselves and their loved ones about who they like to make out with. A crucial distinction, I would think, and one that is conveniently glossed over by some activists (real ones, and ones of the armchair variety).

    The guy wasn’t ever hiding. If you knew him, or even had mutual friends with him, you know he lives with his boyfriend who owns a gay bar in the east village, is nuts for Scissor Sisters, has been spotted in The Pines, etc. The way he conducts his personal life isn’t substantially different from the way the rest of us “out and proud” folks do. We just don’t get asked about it in interviews.

    Furthermore, while I respect and agree with his decision to go ahead and acknowledge what everybody already knew because he wasn’t hiding it — it *is* important to stand up and be counted, just as another human being on the planet — I *do* respect his reasons for not answering the question until now. He’s not an O’Reilly, he’s not an Olberman, and he doesn’t want to be treated like one of their ilk. He’s a real broadcast journalist, and as such, he is obliged to not come off like an activist for any particular political movement. Also, too: he’s a war correspondent, often operating in the most dangerous parts of the world, places where it tends to be extra-dangerous for people known to be gay. And for their accompanying crews, as well. So there’s that.

    @Rick — I don’t think being out has harmed Rachel Maddow. On the contrary, my read is that she’s been gaining significant respect. She appears on Meet the Press now, in addition to her own show, and her book (which I loved) has been very well reviewed as a serious piece of public policy. It’s not one of those “best of” turds the TV pundits usually put out.

  75. James in Bcn says

    Yup and we have the right to ridicule those we know are in the closet. You want privacy? Get out of the spotlight.

  76. JP says

    Marcus Bachmann,

    First, he is a public figure and he wanted to keep his “personal life” private, that’s understandable, because frankly he doesn’t owe you a damn thing. He doesn’t know you personally and you don’t know him personally.

    Second, he stated quite clearly that to the people and friends he does give a damn about he is open to. Just because YOU want him to be some kind of gay saviour to the cause does not mean he has to sacrifice who he is for you. That’s a selfish attitude for you to have.

    Third, while he is a public figure and does travel to other places, I can completely understand the fear of being out and proud in some other places. It could get him killed.

    By the way, for some it is a “private matter”. We still in many places, and for many reasons, don’t have the freedom and flexibility to be as open as heterosexuals and for good reason. So kindly, get off your soapbox because you look to me like the kind of person who would gladly throw any individuality under the bus to serve your own AGENDA which is exactly what the right is blaming us for.

    And no, I’m not in the closet, everyone knows who I am, so this comes from my compassion for people, not some self serving attempt to protect myself.

    People first, then the cause. If we lose sight of that, then we are just as depraved as everyone else.

  77. Has-Been says

    The fact is, nobody cares. Maybe if he had come out years ago someone would’ve cared, but not now.

  78. says

    I don’t know who “JP” is either……..and there’s an intellectually dishonest argument from those who defend The Closet…..

    it’s not a “private matter” for anyone – we’re ALL affected by it.

    the reason this Movement hasn’t gained the momentum it’s so sorely needed is because too many grown-adults are continuing to list excuses for why they dont’ need to Come Out.

    my father and mother were so amazing when I came out in my teens, and that was in large part due to the fact that gay men and women were OUT to my mother in father – church, local community, and some of my father’s coworkers.

    those men and women making the choice to be Out are the reason my parents were wholly ready to embrace me as a gay man when i came out in high school. those men and women effectively saved my life, and they didn’t even know me.

    learn this.

    the only way for us to end this closet culture is to be responsible adults and to Come Out. to everyone.

  79. James in Bcn says

    Anderson Cooper 2012. kd lang 1992. Me 1986. Peter Tatchell 1969. Harvey Fierstein – Never Was.  Don’t lecture me about my hardass attitude about coming out because I’m with people who know a bit more. 

    “If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door in the country” H. Milk

  80. says

    James in BCN – thank you for opening the doors for me.

    i sat with a group of young (under 20) “Gay Newbies” at Pride in Toronto this weekend, and you’ll be happy to know bottles were raised and a toast was made, and more than a few tears shed, in genuine reverence for the brothers and sisters who came before us.

    There’s a legion of young queer people who are reverently grateful for the hard work you people made so that we wouldn’t have to go through what you went through. we promise to pay it forward.

  81. screech says

    I agree that we all have a job to be out. Still, it takes a LOT more guts in some circumstances than others. Kudos to AC. Journalism is one of those things where a highly visible person might become a target, especially on foreign soil. I think it takes MORE guts on AC’s part than it did for myself to come out.

    Thank you, Anderson. And great letter.

  82. Eddie says

    When I was a kid, I was so totally psyched that freakin’ Steven Carrington from Dynasty kinda sorta maybe came out.
    Now, I have someone like Anderson Cooper.
    It doesn’t matter how you slice it:
    Anderson’s coming out just makes me feel good.
    Way to go Anderson!

  83. Seattle Mike says

    Kathy Griffin is going to have a FIELD day with this! FINALLY, she can talk about it!!

  84. Stefan says

    He wasn’t sending the message that being gay was bad by not officially coming out. In my mind, he was acting as a 21st century gay man should, by recognizing that his sexuality was perhaps extremely important to some busybodies but not the defining thing about him.

    And Rick–gosh I hate feeding you, but do you really think anyone is living under the illusion of journalists being objective today? Every network is staffed by anchors and hosts who constantly editorialize, and networks try to create a “brand” that is marketable. No one thought Anderson was completely objective on gay issues because you CANNOT be objective in the face of discrimination, bullying, etc. as a human being. If a journalist had been “objective” about slavery or the civil rights movement, would we have given him respect? If a journalist was a woman, would she be seen as non-objective about stories related to women?


    “RICK” (2 JULY; 4:37:20 PM),









  88. Icebloo says

    This is WAY overdue. Anderson is from one of he richest families on the planet. He had absolutely no risk attached to his coming out. If he got fired his family have the money to buy the whole company anyway ! He didn’t need a job or any other method of earning money – he already has more than he can ever spend yet he still chose not to come out. I think this shows what a selfish individual he really is !

    Had he come out years ago he could have done so much good for the younger generations but he chose to stay in the closet because he didn’t have the balls to come out even though he had absolutely no risk attached ! I can understand people not coming out if they haven’t yet earned enough money to withstand being fired but this was not the case for moneybags Anderson.

    What a weak, selfish, pathetic man. I will never have any respect for him.

  89. MJ says


    being in the closet says being gay is shameful

  90. DaTruth says

    The bigots always argue “there’s SO very fewwww gays out there. You don’t deserve to change rules and rights because there’s so few of you out there”

    Those of us who are openly LGBT know that’s false. We KNOW there’s many, many of us out there, and even more allies. That’s why we as LGBT SHOULD come out and be open and honest with who we are. To defeat that ignorant comment that we are this freakish small group that is insignificant. We’re not. We’re everywhere!

  91. says

    It’s going to take all gay people to come to terms with who they are, and be forthcoming with who they are to shift the mental block of heterosexuals. So straight people know their neighbor, friend, cashier, mailman, and even newsanchor that’s welcomed in their home is part of our community…that’s what makes our community less threatening: EXPOSURE.
    We can’t expose ourselves if we’re hiding ourselves. With truth comes freedom.

  92. Real Talk says

    His announcement and his words are BEAUTIFUL. His sentences devoted to our gay kids is some of the most touching things I’ve ever read, He may have taken his time, but man O man did he come out in the most ARTICULATE way, paying tribute to our beautiful community.

    That letter was truly lovely on his part. Hope EVERY LGBT read it …..then saved it!

  93. stillmarriedinCA says

    Little Kiwi is absolutely right.

    Here’s my take:
    So he admits in his letter that it IS important to come out and that the tide of history only advances when we make ourselves visible. Something I’ve known since I was 23 (around 30 years ago). It has been repeated for decades. Harvey Milk and many many others have spoken and written about the importance of coming out. He’s a smart man…did he really miss all that?
    And if he didn’t know about bullying previously, the “It Gets Better” campaign was started in September of 2010. But he only recently got the message. I applaud him for doing it…but what took him so long?

  94. andrew says

    Anderson is above all a first class journalist and should be a role model for other LGBT people in journalism.

  95. andrew says

    Now if we could just get Ratbastard, Rick, Little Kiwi and all those mean spirited ranters who post on this site to go back in the closet, the gay world would be a much healthier place.

  96. UFFDA says

    Anderson Cooper is our own precious angel and we love him, love him more now and love him to pieces. I want him and his boyfriend to come over and have a piece of pie and tell me about all the fun their having. Then when they get married I want to be there in the back row, unobserved, dabbing at my tears with my hanky just thinking about what a much better world it is than when I met my Jim basically thousands of years ago. Thank you to Anderson.

  97. Erich says

    Is this real? I can’t imagine the Silver Fox endangering his career via an email with Andrew Sullivan…

  98. says

    Why are you so upset about Colin Powell’s daughter CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON? Every professional journalist has known about her for years because she was the reason he turned down the Republican veep slot.

  99. Bradley Simon says

    Honestly, it makes me sad that we must publicly declare our sexuality (who I sleep with in the privacy of my home). While I completely understand that our rights are at stake, it’s still sad that sexuality has ever been in that equation.

    I applaud Anderson for speaking out so those that follow have another respected role model. Still, it’s sad that we have to fight in a world that offers only one ultimate outcome– our eventual death. For the short time we are hear, it would be wonderful to actually practiced the basic tenants of the religions everyone chooses to associate with.

    that’s all.

  100. Scottevill says

    @Littlekiwi: in the scenario you sketch — that your parents accepted you when you came out because they knew out gay people in their community. How is that inconsistent with the way Anderson Cooper lives his life? If your parents knew him, they’d know he was gay, so apparently he has fulfilled his responsibilities to “the Movement” (your caps) as you articulate them.

    If instead you mean, he has a responsibility to “the Movement” to tell interviewers that he’s gay — and if that’s your definition of “out” of vs “in” the closet, then we disagree. I was closeted until I was 25, and I’m here to tell you, refusing to talk to interviewers about your sex life while simultaneously conducting it rather publicly in New York City and Fire Island is NOT what being in the closet means, and moreover, defining it in that way diminishes the struggle real closet cases go through.

    Anderson Cooper was never a closet case. Larry Craig is. McGreevy was. John Travolta. Et al.

    You’re just pissed because he doesn’t want to be a spokesperson for a political movement, but that’s his right.

  101. Mark says

    Anderson Cooper DID NOT come out.

    He sent Andrew Sullivan an e-mail who came out FOR HIM.

    How passive-aggressive and manipulative.

  102. Mark says

    Yes, it’s wonderful that Cooper has finally come out. I couldn’t help but take a more critical view of all this…

    The best Anderson Cooper can do — with his family background, social status, education, experience, and knowledge — is end up with the owner of an East Village Gay bar who looks like a stripper/escort? Really?

    Transparent “Peter Pan Syndrome”, arrested development and issues with masculinity.

    “Even though my job puts me in the public eye, I have tried to maintain some level of privacy in my life.” -Anderson Cooper.

    Oh, I see. Anderson Cooper needs “privacy”? Is that why he goes to David Barton Gym — a very public, very Gay Manhattan gym — with his boyfriend (!!!) instead of a private training facility? To guard his precious “privacy”?

    Is that why they’re both photographed all over Manhattan together? Wonder how the photogs always “manage” to find them? Coincidence? Sounds like the very hard and calculated work of publicists.

    The “privacy” pretense is as embarrassing as the closet itself — a classic defense used by self-loathing closeted homosexuals who reluctantly come out.

    “I’ve always believed that who a reporter votes for, what religion they are, who they love, should not be something they have to discuss publicly.” –Anderson Cooper

    “WHO they love”? No one is asking Anderson Cooper to reveal the name of his sexual partners (ew). Disclosure of one’s *own* sexual orientation has nothing to do revealing the names of partners. Sadly, this distinction escapes Cooper.