1. reality says

    This article has spelling errors.

    Glad to see the unity for a good cause (aka against CFA)

  2. Mike says

    I feel and for the franchise owner. That’s a rough spot to be in. I’d definitely be looking for a way to jump off that sinking ship. Chick Fil-A pretty much guaranteed that it will remain a ‘red state’ chain.

  3. MarkUs says

    Rahm is meeting with Louis Farrakhan today . You know Louis, the guy who preached against Michael Jackson because he was so faggoty.

  4. MarkUs says

    Whoops, with nine (9) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-NINE chicken stories on the first four pages here I see Calypso Louie was already covered. No need to tell me to Cluck-off.

  5. MikeH says

    I dare say that the Franchise owners are probably giving corporate headquarters an ear full… as in “What the F#*K?” This is still a private company though so hard to say if they’ll sacrifice profits for dogma – but if I were a Franchise owner I would be searching for breach of contract or something. Corporate definitely isn’t helping their Franchise owners. Then again, apparently the franchise agreement says they won’t be open on Sunday…

    As a related aside, it is hilarious to hear the right wing do what they do so well… WHINE… in this case about consumer boycotts… When they target J.C. Penny, Disney, etc. it is exercise of religious freedom… when marriage equality minded folk target bigots all of a sudden it is economic blackmail, intolerance and bigotry. Don’t they realize how ridiculous they are? Apparently not…

  6. kathy garrett says

    i’m very glad chick-fil-a is sticking to values…. we cann it holly matramony…not sinful matramony. mr.Cathy believe in true christian marriage and so do i..and just like you we deserve freedom of speech and religion and we choose to believe that christain marriage isn’t Gay! hate me and boycott all you want…but i myself own a gun (anotther great right!) and you’ll plat HEll (ltterly) trying to shut down chick-Fil-a as long as millions belive in god and hold real christian values!

  7. Tamika says

    If the franchise owner is so concerned, then should instead be requesting a meeting with her corporate overlords, explaining to them how their bigotry is hurting her ability to sell waffle fires. You cannot serve your guests with “honor, dignity and respect” while telling them they have a “deprived mind” and their loving relationships are sick and twisted. As long as she is a franchise owner, she is part of the problem. One chooses to be a member of a hate group.

  8. Brian says

    Dear Kathy,

    Maybe you should trade in your gun for an education? Your post appears to be a series of letters trying in vain to form real words.

  9. Grover Underwood says

    The “local” face is one that supports the chain’s hateful policies.

    The franchise owners knew what they were signing up for when they opened the franchise.

  10. Tamika says

    No one needs to be too concerned with the franchise owners. They were well aware of the corporate culture and values of ChikFilA before they signed on. For many of them, the homophobia and hate were the very reasons they decided to align themselves with this company, because they could openly and daily demonstrate their bigoted values with out any repercussions. Remember, folks, that it is perfectly legal in many states to fire someone because they are gay, and ChikFilA does indeed fire workers who are gay, and have been doing so for many, many years.

  11. MarkUs says

    Just saw the mayor of Boston is backtracking already (probably after talking with the legal team) and The View gals all are saying the owner of a fast food chain can believe what the F he wants to. Don’t eat there but you can’t stop him from legally and lawfully expanding.
    Makes sense to me and probably 99.9% of the country.

  12. One of the CA 36,000 says

    Oh lookie, a Christianist troll found “her” way to Towleroad!!

    Welcome, Kathy Garrett. Let’s go over a few things– in small words so you understand:

    Marriage is NOT uniquely Christian. Or even religious. Marriage is a LEGAL and FINANCIAL arrangement, you idiot. You’re confusing it with religious WEDDING ceremonies. Which weren’t even common until the churches figured out that they could make money from holding weddings in their buildings.

    The MARRIAGE contract is a civil agreement. How do we know this, Kathy? Because if you need to dissolve it (that’s called a DIVORCE, which, if you’re a Fundamentalist, you’re probably familiar with– since fundies have the highest divorce rate of ALL religious sects, including “None”), you go to a court of law. NOT a church.

    Chik-Fil-A’s owners take their profits and plow them into organizations whose sole purpose is to deny law-abiding, tax-paying US citizens the right to enter into a civil marriage contract. Which, if you believe in any of the protections of the US Constitution, should be available to ANY TWO CONSENTING ADULTS.

    But of course you being your gun ownership into this argument. So you’re willing to kill people who want to get married if it offends your delicate sensitivities?!?

    If your belief system is that delicate that it can’t stand change or expansion, then you don’t need Chik-Fil-A sandwiches. You need strong psychotropic medication and 24-hour armed nursing care in a suitable facility.


  13. Gregoire says

    I see Markus reads the Drudge Report. Unfortunately, he doesn’t read down further on this blog, where the Farrakahn thing is addressed.

    Oh and Kathy, go eat as many Chik-Fil-A burgers as your heart desires. And as you wash your fatty, greasy sandwiches down with a 64-ounce container of hate, dwell upon your superiority when your diabetes kicks in.

  14. Danny in the East Village says

    Folks, I think Kathy Garrett is just a plant placed here to underscore how stupid and ignorant bigots are.

  15. One of the CA 36,000 says

    And as far as CFA is concerned: The mayors and aldermans should NOT be prohibiting them from doing business. The owners of CFA have every right to their opinions.

    And it is perfectly fine to publicize their opinions and let the marketplace decide appropriate action. I choose to NOT eat at CFA franchises. I find their Christianist viewpoints repellent– and their food repulsive.

    In-n-Out Burgers may also be owned by devout Christians, but they don’t have any problems with their LGBTQ customers, nor do they give money to anti-LGBTQ causes. And the burgers are good. I have no problem with them at all.

    CFA can go to Hell.

  16. says

    If local franchise owners don’t share the bigoted values of Chick-Fil-A, I feel for them, though one wonders why they chose to tie themselves to such a blatantly anti-gay organization to begin with. Were Chick-Fil-A’s values hidden from them? Nothing wrong with dialogue, however, even if that won’t change anything regarding Cathy’s discrimination-supporting company.

    “Holly matramony” Kathy? Is that a wedding at Christmas time? Deck the halls, girl!

  17. Francis says

    This backlash Chick-fil-A has received is sweet. This is showing me that we are actually making progress and more and more people are truly starting to get it.

  18. Tamika says

    Miss Markette:
    A municipality has many mechanisms to deny a business from existing or expanding. If cities and towns choose to deny business licenses to people who fan the flames of violence and assault, then hooray for them.

  19. Paul B. says

    Reading Kathy’s comment…I’m reassured. This is what we’re up against my friends. Do we need to know more? Can’t spell, can’t eat right, can’t get through life without posturing. It’s not a winning recipe for success in anything really….esp. a battle with us and our supportive friends who, for the most part…know how to spell.

  20. Ricco says

    “I feel for Lauren Silich . . . but throughout history people have often found themselves on the wrong side of change. From the inception of this nation we have labored to live up to a fraction of the Utopian ideologies penned in the Declaration of Independence, and have fallen grossly short.

    As change has slowly crept across the land and time, people like Lauren Silich were bound to be inconvenienced when Blacks were emancipated, when women got the vote, and when Blacks insisted on their civil rights.

    Lauren’s restaurant may be privately owned, but she had to pass muster with the Cathy family corporation to obtain her franchise. During the drawn out process of obtaining the Chick-Fil-A franchise must have come away with a very clear idea of the corporation she decided to buy into. Yes?

    How many centuries in the Land of the Free and The Brave have gays been stigmatized, brutalized, bullied, fired from their jobs, kicked out their homes, and found themselves on the wrong side of the GREAT American history?

    Sorry to say Lauren, but that is life. Instead of expanding your little kingdom under its homophobic banner, may I suggest you buy into another franchise, and slowly, steadily work yourself unto the right side of history?

    We are not going to stop fighting for our rights just because you decided to invest your time, money, and energy putting money into a corporation that is fighting to keep us down.”

  21. GeorgeM says

    Markus is a republican, he reads that and fox blogs.

    But being real I don’t think you can stop them from opening a new store. We need to keep people from eating there, drive them into the ground.

  22. Kevin says

    Dear Kathy,

    I am very happy for you that you own a gun. I would also be happy for you if you acquired (look it up) a dictionary.

    There are even dictionary websites you can go to.

    Oh, and “God” should have a capital “G.” You get the capital by pressing the shift key and the G key at the same time.

    I will say a Rosary (Shift+R) for you.

  23. Guest says

    The franchise owner should send a strongly worded message to other franchise owners and the corporate office advising them of her outrage in regards. If she wants to put a local face on it.

  24. Lawrence says

    I just drove by the brand new Lake Forest location photgraphed and there was a man holding up a sign that read ” homosexuals are criminals” people need to wake up to this sanctioned hate.

  25. Steve says

    Does corporate HQ know about her beliefs? Chick-Fil-A does extensive background checks and requires people to sign statements of faith to ensure that all people in management position have the “correct” religious beliefs and are in line with company policies. She couldn’t be a franchise owner if she hadn’t signed on to the company agenda at some point. Which also includes discriminating against gay employees.

  26. Bob says

    Dear Lauren Silich — Get a franchise from a DECENT company if you want to open another restaurant. The rest of what you say is crap because of whom you lay down with.

    As for Farrakhan — he is an old relic of Black Power with longtime ties to the Chicago Black community (odious or not), not an outsider trying to bring Cracker Bible Belt values to Chicago

  27. Tim says

    Just curious, what does that girl’s sign “Closets are for Clothes” have to do with any of this?!?! Hmm. I’m all for support from our straight allies, but it’d be nice if they got the point, too.

    I see Kathy’s (likely court ordered) minders must have stepped away for a minute to gather her medication and she slipped by to the computer.

  28. BobN says

    Sure would be nice if the media would publish CfA’s non-discrimination policy.

    Or ask how many of the 1600 franchises are gay owned?

    Or Jewish owned. Or black owned. All sorts of interesting statistics, I imagine.

  29. Rusti Pypes says

    I love this. I hope the fanchise owners feel the burn. You made your bed-lay in it! The only way to hurt these bigots is via the wallet. It would be no different if a company came out as supporting racism–they have a right to their views, but not on MY dime!

  30. Greg says

    It’s amusing to watch these pathetic protests against capitalism. A lot more people than a chicken restaurant’s management disagree with gays. You may be a bit overwhelmed when you find out just how many actually do hate gays. There’s a whole other side to the real world. I want to thank all the marriage proponents for making the world LESS safe for gay people.

  31. my2cents says

    one might wonder: what impact might the LGBT have by being vegetarian and as a whole supporting green initiatives.
    that’s 10%+-, right?
    and a move towards a more conscious future.
    something to chew on.

  32. Icebloo says

    We need to keep up the pressure this will mean franchisees will be unhappy and will be the ones who push to get rid of this evil CEO. It’s working so let’s keep up the pressure.
    This CEO is destined to be pushed out of his job as long as we keep going….

  33. DaTr says

    There were HUGE protests outside another Chik Fil A near my town yesterday and it was sooo effective. The place became empty, we actually saw cars turning around! Keep up the protests, and stick to our guns about EQUALITY.

    Never be complacent, LGBT. Stand up for your rights!

  34. Michael Litoris says

    The fact is, Chik Fil A’s sales are up since the beginning of the “fiasco”. But the bigger question is, why don’t these protestors target Muslim owned establishments that also condemn homosexuality, like Farrakan’s “Salaam” restaurant in Chicago, or Church’s Chicken, run by the Islamic Aricapita Corporation? I suppose it’s only Christian homophobia that’s bad.

  35. jim s says

    Marriage has always, since the very beginning of civilization been between a man and a woman. Some (primitive) cultures allow a man more then one wife.

    “The ancient Egyptians held marriage as a sacred bond. The family was broken down into roles that each would play in order for things to run smoothly. The father was the one who would work all day. In smaller households the mother was in charge of all things pertaining to the house. Cooking, cleaning and watching the children were all her responsibilities. Egyptians seem to have taken mates in what most often appears to be lifelong monogamous relationships. marriage and a close family played an integral role in ancient Egypt.”

  36. Jack Deth says

    One restaurant in California?

    Big whoop!

    Since Wednesday, I’ve dropped by the seven Chick-Fil-A restaurants outside Washington D.C.. And have seen lines and double lines of customers waiting to get inside and dine.

    Whatever few, small groups of ‘protestors’ that were visible. Were in no way effective in their lame, mostly ignored attempts to keep customers from delicious chicken, shakes, lemonade and waffle-fries.

  37. FUBO says

    Chick-fil-a should have bribed that ballerina emanuel, and promised to hire the “Fruit Of Islam” from farakan.

    I boycott as many of the companies as I can that support perverted gay marriage and encourage others to do so.

  38. Armando says

    So municipalities can keep Wal-Mart out because they don’t like the way they do business, but Chick Fil A MUST be allowed in because they just don’t like the gays?

  39. JohnnyCat says

    “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian — for me — for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.

    Senator Barack Obama, 2008”

    Must have been a homophobic bigot when he said it

  40. Hollie says

    Really people it isn’t about hate it”s about Gods word and being gay is a sin. Besides what does eating at a restuarant have to do with any of this.My family and friends will continue to eat at there and we will pray for all of you.

  41. George P Burdell says

    When gays try to force their through wanting to deny others the rights they claim under free speech, it’s time to draw the line. Chic Fila has drawn that line.
    The new Nazis now consist not only of far rightists but also the far leftists who readily vilify and would close down any business that doesnt agree with their philosophy and lifestyle.
    Yes, you are the New Nazis.

  42. George P Burdell says

    Straights have just as much right to open and run a restaurant that choses to serve the general public as gays have the right to open and run a restaurant that chooses to serve the general public or one that focuses primairly on business from the gay/lesbian community.

  43. HeterophobesAbound says

    This is an overreaction by idiots, most of which are dumb enough to actually believe that homophobia is real. Seriously, IT’S COMPLETELY MADE UP OUT OF WHOLE CLOTH, AND NOT A REAL MENTAL ILLNESS OR PHOBIA!!! The stupidity and hypocritical intolerance displayed on this board is a joke. I only hope that straight people start attacking gay-owned business with this much force, so they can have a taste of their own hateful medicine. Heterophobes, lol.

  44. Diogenes Arktos says

    “Just curious, what does that girl’s sign ‘Closets are for Clothes’ have to do with any of this?!?! Hmm. I’m all for support from our straight allies, but it’d be nice if they got the point, too.”

    This straight ally DOES get the point. ‘Closets are for Clothes’ used to be a common statement to encourage people to come out of the closet.