Barney Frank Gets Married

ImagesCongrats to Rep. Barney Frank, who got married in Newton, Massachusetts last night to Jim Ready: a welder, carpenter, and small-business owner who's exactly 30 years Rep. Frank's junior. (That makes Mr. Ready 42.) The ceremony took place on the banks of the Charles River. From the New York Times:

… in vows written by the couple, Mr. Frank and Mr. Ready pledged to love each other “on MSNBC or on Fox” and “in Congress or in retirement,” a reference to Mr. Frank’s decision not to seek another term.

The pair met at a fundraiser in 2005. Mr. Ready was involved with his long-time boyfriend, Robert Palmer, who was suffering an unspecified, terminal ailment. Mr. Frank was impressed with Mr. Ready's devotion to his partner. After Mr. Palmer died, the congressman and the welder became friends, and then more. From the Times:

In past relationships, Mr. Frank had enjoyed carving out time for himself; with Mr. Ready, the reverse was true. “It immediately made me feel very unhappy” to contemplate spending time without him, Mr. Frank said.

On their many days apart, the Times reports, Mr. Frank and Mr. Ready watch the same TV shows while speaking on the telephone.

Mr. Frank is the first member of the United States House of Representatives to marry a member of his own gender.


  1. Bill Perdue says

    So did Mary Cheney. She’s a typical LGBT Republican, a sellout.

    Both oppose the fight for equality.

    Barney Frank is a quisling. In 2007 Frank gutted ENDA to please employers and then dropped it entirely to make it easier for bigot panderers like Hillary Clinton and Obama in the presidential election. In 2009-10 Democrats dropped ENDA to appease bigots and that was one of many, many reasons they lost the House to their Republican cousins.

    Earlier, in 2004, according to AP, “Rep. Barney Frank said San Francisco’s decision to challenge state law and grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples was a “distraction” that could damage efforts by gay rights advocates to defend the Massachusetts court decision legalizing gay marriage. In the same interview Frank expressed concern “that the image of lawlessness and civil disobedience in San Francisco would pressure some in Congress to support a federal constitutional amendment banning gay unions.”

    He’s a typical Democrat – an appeaser, a quisling and a characteristically ‘fierce’ failure. In 2007 he reintroduced ENDA and promised its passage… I didn’t even come up for a vote. Once again Democrats distanced themselves from us, dropping ENDA like a hot potato to win an election, except, sweet irony, by 2010 they’d distanced themselves from so many people that 30 million 2088 Obama voters deserted them.

  2. K in VA says

    The two top Democrats in the House were wedding guests. They spent a Saturday not out campaigning for themselves or other Democrats, but at the wedding of an esteemed House Democrat.

    Think Democrats don’t give a damn about our votes? Think again, then spend a few minutes imagining where we’d be had McCain-Palin been elected in 2008. Or if Romney-Worse get elected in four months.

  3. jason says

    Cute couple. Congratulations.

    However, why wasn’t Obama there? It would have gone nicely with his recent apparent conversion to the gay marriage cause.

    Perhaps Obama didn’t want to be seen to be too close to the gay marriage cause now that it’s apparent he is still trailing in the polls. Oh, and there’s the likelihood that, instead of accepting donations, Obama would have had to give one to the just-marrieds….

  4. jeremy says

    Oh jeez, can we just be damn happy for the man? He’s 73 years old for god’s sake. Whatever he has done in his life time, bad or good, is behind now. And tbh, I think Mr. Frank has contributed a lot more to the LGBT community than we realize. BTW, Obama isn’t attend his wedding? I’m confused. Is he our president or a wedding’s seat filler? You people just have to make everything political, don’t you?

  5. melvin says

    Obama was not there because he was not invited. Frank said he did not want to put his guests through the security hoops that come with the president.

  6. Paul R says

    Or maybe it was because, oh I don’t know, when you have the US president at any event it turns into a crazy, dangerous media circus? And maybe he and Frank aren’t all that close and there was no reason to invite him? Because nothing would seem more romantic at a wedding than 10 federal limousines and a slew of Secret Service agents.

  7. ratbastard says

    I have several things I was going to say, none of them nice, so I’ll STFU.

    I’m guessing I’m one of the few if any people posting or even reading TR who has ever met Frank, so cut me a little slack.

  8. jamal49 says

    @BILL PERDUE You are SO wrong on everything you wrote that it begs a rebuttal. That shall come later.

    For now, congratulations to Mr. Frank and Mr. Ready.

    And, thanks, Barney. You’ve been there for us and I remember your sarcastic, pointed speech against DOMA when it was first proposed, debated and unfortunately passed.

    You will be missed in Congress. You have fought the good fight for ALL of us, but you have always kept in mind the practical side of politics.

    Incremental legislative successes based on sensible compromise and educating the other side work better than a blitzkrieg bombardment of contentious bombast that in the end leave us more divided than before.

  9. Paul R says

    Yeah, RatBastard, none of us has ever met him. We simply haven’t achieved your prominence, and our parents were never in government and we never attended prominent colleges.

    I’ve met him at least five times, so take a break.

  10. UFFDA says

    God what a bunch of grumpy play politicians! Never having to actually know any of you makes my day.

    May Barney and Jim live happily ever after. I think they will.

  11. ratbastard says

    @Paul R,

    Where did I brag or imply ANYTHING about:

    * My ‘prominence’
    * Family connections [trust me, they’re non-existent]
    * Prominent schools and their ability to get you connected in life [which is actually true, but doesn’t apply to me]?

    That’s right Paul, I didn’t. You twisted what I said in my previous post.

    And actually, it’s factually true that in all likelihood 99.99% of people reading TR have never met Frank, you, or me for that matter. There are 7 billion people on the planet,it can be safely said 99.99% of people are essentially strangers to 99.99% of people.

    Yes, I’ve met Frank. NOT A BIG DEAL, the man actually doesn’t go out of his way to hide and isn’t surrounded by bodyguards. I NEVER SAID OR IMPLIED IT WAS A BIG DEAL. What I said was I find him to be an unpleasant man. I don’t like his bed-side manner, for lack of a better phrase. So sue me. And until very recently I knew zilch about his past. After finding out he was chief of staff to one of Boston’s most corrupt mayors, I hold him in even lower repute.

  12. Jay says

    Congratulations to the Happy Couple.

    President Obama wasn’t there because he wasn’t invited. Frank said that he would be delighted to have them there, but he didn’t want the secret service entourage disrupting the entire area on a holiday weekend.

    BTW, Frank is the first sitting member of Congress to enter into a same-sex marriage, but former Congressman Gerry Studds, who retired in 1996, was the first former Congressman to marry. He and his partner Dean O’Hara married soon after Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage in 2004. Studds died in 2006; O’Hara is one of the parties to one of the Massachusetts challenges to the constitutionality of DOMA.

  13. Brian says

    The photo looks like one of those commercials where the loving child finds a nice nursing home for their parent. “Dad is going to be alright”.

  14. anon says

    Brian: damn it! You make nearly the same point I was going to. The picture is right out of a senior care commercial (name the drug or service of choice).

  15. Jake M. says


    Heteros all have the same creepy lame marriage photos. I don’t know if it’s because the institution of marriage is highly discriminatory in our country or because all heteros look cryptic in their sameness in their photos, but I agree in much appreciating the charm of same sex marriage photos.

  16. says

    Good for them. Love that gay is everywhere these days. Gay people coming out, gay rights, prominent gays getting married. BE PROUD TO BE YOU– and for the love of God, man up and don’t introduce your companion as a ‘friend’ or ‘roomate’….grab your man parts and be who you are.

  17. jw says

    looks like dad and son
    30 years is a bit much
    (brings to mind this photo:

    imagine yourself with someone 30 years older than yourself –
    it seems like frank is marrying his personal care assistant for this soon to be old age
    the article in today’s times spells this out pretty clearly
    in a decade they’re 52 and 82
    jim will be spending his time changing Barney’s Depends and getting his pills in order
    whatever . . . I guess they’re both looking for their payouts

  18. Gregory says

    Of course Obama would not go to a real gay wedding. Nothing to do with security. It would have been an honor. And the Republicans would have found the pictures “priceless.”

  19. ratbastard says

    Hmmm. Wonder what Barney’s opinion on the mutilation of a boy’s sex organ at birth is? Does he approve of a grown man sucking on an infant boy’s penis after cutting off his foreskin? Anybody know? I bet Barney has strong opinions about southern Baptists or Catholics and some of their outlandish dogma and practices. What’s his opinion of outlandish Jewish dogma and practices? Is it OK to ask this on TR?


    Barney lives in a city in Massachusetts that has a majority Jewish population and is infamous for it’s limousine liberal but ferocious NIMBY attitude. So I guess Barney draws a line in the sand with celebrating diversity.

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