1. says

    Yet not “inviting God’s Judgment” by promoting anti-Christian fiscal policies that keep the poor and destitute without help and aid and simply help the rich get richer?

    Ezekiel 16, yo.

    If the US wasn’t “inviting God’s judgment” with centuries of slavery, followed by the insult to humanity that was/is Segregation, I’m not sure why they think God will suddenly be more upset that Deb & Sue tied the knot after 25 years together.

    But hey, Christ said more about the sin of not helping the poor. Keep ignoring that, bigots.

  2. Beth says

    I agree with him. ” prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about”. So don’t have the audacity to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

  3. Madcitymike says

    I agree with Beth……it isn’t we gays who are trying to define marriage, we’re just trying to gain equal rights that are being denied……

  4. Tom in long beach says

    Not one word about gay marriage or abortion in the New Testament. Tons of verses about what would be called “social justice”. Loads of references to treating others, even the lowly and despised as you would like to be treated. Have to really agree with LITTLEKEWI. Have to think that when others focus on Marriage Equality or a woman’s right to choose they do so to avoid looking at their own lives. What these CEOs are really doing is using their profits from selling unhealthy food to short circuit the separation of church and state and, impose their interoperation of religion on others.

  5. rayrayj says

    So any attempt to reason with Mr. Cathy is wasted time and energy. It’s impossible to have a rational argument with someone whose arguments are based on superstition and magic, but I can make sure he never sees a penny of my money going to UpChuk-fil-a

  6. says

    Another fun reality – when a politician appears before you and starts talking negatively about Gays and Abortions, it’s because they think you’re stupid.


    They can’t talk about fiscal policy because they know their fiscal plans won’t help you. So they try to win you over with “GAYS! They’re gonna come convert your sons in church and teach your daughters how to abort babies in school!” and millions of idiots buy it, cast their vote, and then wonder why they can’t afford treatments for their child’s leukemia.

  7. TN says

    I’ve always loved Chick-fil-a and found myself making excuses for condoning my stopping in occasionally to get a good chicken sandwich….but no more…as good as the food is i’m not going anymore. I know i should’ve stopped a long time ago but i guess better late than never.

  8. Gregoire says

    Meanwhile, he has no moral qualms with clogging people’s arteries and contributing to the cause of obesity (i.e. ‘gluttony’ in biblical terms).

  9. hugo says

    He shouldn’t worry. His customers will all be dead of overindulging in his greasy battery chicken before god has any chance to deliver his judgment.

  10. MikeInSanJose says

    Why don’t all these holier-than-thou types spend a little time cleaning up their own damned homes and churches before they try to tell the rest of us how to live our lives?

  11. Gregoire says

    By the way, there are MORE Bible verse relating to gluttony than to homosexuality.

    “Be not among drunkards or among gluttonous eaters of meat, for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags”

  12. just out for a ride says

    It is the height of arrogance to speak for god. Even if there isn’t one it is still arrogant.

    I wonder if he flaps his arms like a chicken when he thinks he’s made a good point?

  13. Francis says

    Have to wonder what has changed, because the gloves are totally off now and Mr. Cathy is no longer BSing about his companies’ homophobic record. Now that he’s basically another outspoken anti-gay, I’m curious to see what the defenders of this company have to say and if they will continue eating Chick-Fil-A or not.

  14. kpo5 says

    “Another fun reality – when a politician appears before you and starts talking negatively about Gays and Abortions, it’s because they think you’re stupid.”

    Exactly – pure, dumbed-down pandering at its finest. It’s unfortunate the stupid are too stupid to realize that.


    It’s even more unfortunate the GOProuders are willing to support candidates who resort to such tactics. You can be greedy with your trust fund from father after we’re all equal.

  15. Paul R says

    @Francis: I’d guess that he’s become more outspoken because he’s getting older, is more involved in his church, and it’s an election year.

    Rarely do high-level executives try to alienate any part of their customer base, so maybe he also thinks that no gays eat at Chik-Fil-A.

  16. Reilly says

    I think it’s awfully telling that we have a dyed-in-the-wool member of our nation’s economic elite lecturing an entire generation about its “prideful, arrogant attitude”. His homophobia is disgusting enough — but even beyond this specific bigoted agenda, he’s got a cauldron full of vitriol for anyone who would ever dare to change the world we live in. Don’t you know that changing things is the exclusive prerogative of the moneyed few, you uppity peasant?

    Cathy shows how bigotry and socioeconomic elitism go hand in hand. They’re rooted in a common mindset, and each serves the other’s agenda.

  17. Sam says

    Mr. Cathy may have a point. If so, he’d better get out there and start adding to the number of wives he has, because the Bible clearly condones polygamy and he is shaking his fist at holy scripture by daring to have only one wife.

  18. MarkRocks says

    Why isn’t every single faculty member and college student with one of these “outlets” on their campus writing in protest? The corporate sponsors (typically, Chartwells Dining and Sodexho) are *required* to comply with the University’s nondiscrimination statements. But we’ve given these vendors a “pass” because there’s been no formal proof of discrimination. That’s changed now.

    Protest! Demand removal of these outlets! Hit the company where it hurts, and the only place they care: money.

  19. MarkUs says

    I find it greasy, but my closest Chik-fil-A has to have their security directing cars in and out from about 1130 to 1 every day. I prefer Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich.

  20. anon says

    He’s wasting his money and his company’s money. There’s no evidence that gay marriage in Mass. and other states has caused any social ills or wrath of deities. His wife (if he’s married) should not be pleased with the loss of capital, dividends and investment returns as a result of these actions.

  21. Tagg says

    Lordy…I wish someone would school these morons! First of all…the planet Earth has more then 1 Country addn why God would be upset with the United States is silly…Gay Marriage isnt even legal in this Country…yet! It’s only legal in 6 States. If God is indeed angry Dan…I would think he would seek vengence on any of the 10 or so Countries in the world where is it actually 100% Legal.

  22. Francis says

    @Paul R, I was thinking the same thing, regarding your last line. I think Mr. Cathy has decided that the benefit in speaking out and promoting his bigoted agenda won’t come at a net loss of customers. He may be right, we’ll have to see. Now that he’s categorically come out as anti-gay, people who were straddling the fence in regards to eating at Chick-Fil-A have a decision to make.

  23. kyer says

    yep…so we’re inviting God’s Judgement by granting equal rights yet He just chose to ignore centuries and decades of slavery and segregation and murder and lynchings and racism and rich getting richer while the poor die and deny healthcare: ALL IN JESUS’ NAME…GOTCHA!!!!

  24. Henry Holland says

    At the top of Towleroad, under Andy’s latest photo banner, as I type this:

    Free Chik-Fil-A Coupons!

    Yes, I know it’s an ad bot, but still.

  25. Icebloo says

    I clicked into this story and find an advert here on Towleroad for “free Chick-Fil-A” vouchers ! THIS is one of the reasons we will never have equal rights in the US – we gays are too stupid or too lazy to even boycott one store !

    It’s frightening how a man so insane can get so rich. Capitalism is very scary !

  26. andrew says

    Just more bible nonsense. I am always amazed that in the 21st century some people still don’t realize that the bible is nothing more than a collection of myths, contradicions and made up bloody history written by primitive people thousands of years ago who believed among other things that sickness and disease are caused by devils.

  27. Kyle Ohten says

    LGBT organizations…. START YOUR CAMPAIGNING against chick fil a!!!! And find a gay friendly competitor to promote

    So far, our gay organizations have been Shamefully silent in wake of this huge companies drawing of the line in the sand against us!!!

  28. says

    I’m wondering too why LGBT leaders aren’t orchestrating a campaign against this company, with ads, pictures, videos, press releases, something! To send a message as a united community against their proud homophobia

  29. Mendoza says

    How the hell did we manage to get them to open a store in WEST HOLLYWOOD?! The entire city needs to ban together to make sure te Chik Fil A on highland goes out of business. Complete stain on our city!

  30. Los Angelino says

    Agreed! We need the thousands of gay orginizations in So Cal to start targetting the Hollywood store!!! They want war, we nee to get them packing

  31. boone68 says

    I’m so sick and tired of religious people insisting on imposing their religious beliefs on our government who makes public policy and laws. Many of our politicians state that their resistance to marriage equality and laws against discrimination is directly related to their personal religious beliefs. How is it possible that public policy is so influenced by politicians personal religious beliefs? It seems that, as an American citizen, I have a right to be free of the imposition of anyone’s religious values on me and my family. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. Um, isn’t this exactly what Congress is doing with all these religiously motivated laws?

  32. Mike says

    He is another Chicken Little who is telling people the sky is falling. A year ago it was another Christian nut job named Harold Camping who said the world is going to end. If the world ends it will be because of these hateful and mad antigay Christians who will bring it about the worlds destruction by doing something so insane that it will destroy the world.

  33. Advocate Align says

    You can help the Hollywood Chil Fil A go out of business and hit them where it hurts by leaving a negative review about their food on Yelp. Just go to google and type in Chik Fil A Hollywood CA Yelp
    And the site wiill come up. Many people use the site to review where to eat and avoid. Please consider writing a quick review against them on Yelp
    We can all do our part by using our voices

  34. Pig is a Pig says

    I’m actually glad that this clown is letting us know his views so that we all know not to buy a thing from this crappy restaurant (not that I ever did in the first place).

  35. Tom Cardellino says

    Everything LITTLEKIWI said times ten. Just occurred to me listening to this arrogant small-minded ever-so-purely-lucky-to-be-an-American (even though his mind is truly a desert of Constitutional, and I’ll bet even widespread Biblical knowledge) that he reminds me of that royal ignoramus in the movie “Amadeus” who needed to say something self-aggrandizing in the face of Mozart’s brilliance: Needs a few less notes. This stooge uses the term “DNA” in his stupid Bronze Age Bible ranting (you remember reading about the Biblical Bronze Age, when men enjoyed unlimited polygamy, when women were property the equal of concubines in a world that was flat, when mixing dairy and meat on the same plate justified being stoned to death, etc., etc.) this “chicken man” actually uses a term like “DNA” as if he has a shadow of an inkling as to what it means. The temerity of those in power simply by circumstance never ceases to amaze me. Thankfully, however, people (yes, even American bigots) die out eventually. Sometimes, however, I have to admit that I could employ Lenin’s cure for the lower middle class who still supported Czarist Russia: You can only convert them by putting a bullet through their brain. Today’s American Fat Cat merely monetarily elite should spend a good portion of their prayers to that magic man in the sky being thankful that most Americans are so very frustratingly docile while their lives and liberties are being bought and sold by the international community of the wealthy-beyond-imagination.

  36. Steve says

    Hmmmmm….Canada has allowed gays to marry for some time now. God’s judgment on them has been that their dollar has surpassed ours. I think God’s judging the US because of discrimiation, not inclusion.

  37. Jerry6 says

    From 1968 until I retired in 1994 I was involved in the leasing of stores in some of the best known Malls in the country. Chic-Fil-A was “Persona-non-Grata”. They were never in any of our malls.

  38. thom says

    ..Really?….NO ONE should eat that trash anyway. It is simply unhealthy. Mr Chatty Cathy is already rich from peddaling this he needs to go count his filthy money and STFU.End of rant. I feel better.

  39. Jerry6 says

    It has been said “Me thinks that thow doest protest too much.” What is Mr. Cathy afraid of, or hiding from, or doing that he does not want discovered? Why is he so concerned with the private lives of people he does not know, and probably never will know? As a business man, he is helping to kill business for his son’s future. There are more of us around than he may think.

  40. marvelrae says

    “…our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.” yep that describes this dude perfectly. PRIDEFUL & ARROGANT Did he Realize he was describing himself??? to a “T”??? & he really ought to re-read the ‘bible’ versions of marraige, that run the gamut from Polygamous, Levirate, A man, one or more wives, and some concubines all the way to the absolute horror of advocating a woman marry her rapist.. yea biblical marriage is soooo perfect.

  41. Ross says

    Mr. Cathy: Continue the road you are on. I have the utmost respect for you, your family and business for closing your business on Sunday for starters. As important your stand on traditional marriage. Because you have been such a successful business people will protest the decisions by certain Governors. We have lost our christian identify and in my view accounts for the position this country is in. I often wonder where our God fearing goverment officials are? Than again, how can we elect God fearing men if we don’t fear him ourselves? That is obvious because we have excluded him in things that really matter.

  42. Kim Hedrick says

    I am a heterosexual white female that grew-up in poverty- put myself through college, became successful because of unbelievable hard work. I have survived two bouts of cancer at this point and I will tell you that it is laughable that on any level you would compare your struggle with the civil rights movements that re-shaped this nation. The last time I checked- we live in a democracy, where the majority rules. The majority of those opposed to legalizing gay marriage is made up of blacks and hispanics. How about you tell them that your plight has been more difficult than theirs. As an American and Christian- I have the religious freedom and the freedom of speech to believe that marriage, by God, is an institution between one woman and one man. God says this in the Bible, despite that you choose to pick and choose Old Testament language to try to make the Bible look random and contradictory. If you have any questions- please read it! It is for everyone- gays and straight alike- so is salvation through Jesus Christ. Both gay and straight people will be in heaven together who choose salvation in Christ. The reason that Christian’s are against legalizing same sex marriage is because it is spitting in the face of God and being arrogant enough to suggest He has just been wrong all along. If you do not understand the judgement of God or the wrath of God- I would suggest reading the Old Testament. The New Testament speaks of His love and redemption. The Old Testament speaks of the God of the Universe who evaporated nations because of sexual sin. If you want to fight Chick-Fil-A, they serve the God of the Universe and I promise you- you don’t want to wage war with Him. Chick-Fil-A isn’t going anywhere.

  43. Katheryn McCorvey says

    Dan Cathy, you are an encouragement to me as a Christian. When it would be easy to just go with the flow and not take a stand on what you believe. Jesus was persecuted and he did no wrong and you are also being persecuted for stating not only what you believe but what Jesus died for “our sins.” I hope that when people see this comment they just take a moment to think about really what this is about and that if we do not turn from our sin and believe on Jesus Christ then when we die it will be too late and at that point it really doesnt matter who said what and why because no one will be standing with us when we are judged by God. We will be condemned and go to hell forever.

  44. Jeremy says

    Will one of you pay for a planet ticket out of the South for me?


    I’m going to have nasty fun with the campus evangelists when the semester starts.

  45. JJ says

    Dan Cathy seems ill informed about history and the Bible. The definition of marriage has been changing since the times of Christ. If he truly believes what he says, he should openly crusade against the legality of divorce. Oh yeah, selective Christian ethics…

  46. says

    Well the U.S. Constitution gives the CEO of Chick-Fil-A the right to free speech. God Himself gave us freewill to choose and will not violate freewill. Mr. Dan has Cathy has these rights given to him by the Constitution and God. I do not have to accept gay marriage. To force a person to accept gay marriage is to take away free speech. Gays are only tolerant when it benefits them. Not when it benefits others who don’t believe in their cause. God gave a natural family including a man & woman through whom God creates children. God does not create life through two of the same sex. God tells us we don’t need a PHD to know that.

  47. says

    I remember when this first came out you could not get within a block of Chick-Fil-A because so many people were there and not necessarily protestors. Sometimes negative publicity is good publicity.

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