Chicago Fire Soccer Club Teams Up With Equality Illinois


Creating the Midwest's first formal alliance between a professional sports team and a pro marriage equality organization, Chicago Fire Soccer Club and Equality Illinois announced late last week that they'll be working together for true equality in the Land of Lincoln, where there's currently a fierce debate over same-sex nuptials.

Chicago Business' Danny Ecker elaborates:

Initially announced during the Chicago Pride Parade late last month, when members of the Chicago Fire organization marched with the Equality Illinois float and its "I Do" marriage equality theme, the partnership involves several events during the month of July promoting lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender rights awareness and providing the team an opportunity to provide support to the local LGBT community.

Other Chicago sports teams, including the Cubs and White Sox, have held promotional nights and donated items for silent auction fundraisers in the past, but none have officially partnered with Equality Illinois.

Chicago Fire President Julian Posada insisted the partnership is not just about making a "political statement." "It's just the right thing to do," he explained.

Equality Illinois CEO Bernard Cherkasov agreed that this is about more than just legislation and policy debate.

"This support from a major pro-sports team signals to fans and LGBT youth the diverse voices that embrace equality," he said. "When we have sports heroes and teams show their support, it takes the conversation away from politics."

As part of their commitment to equality, the Chicago Fire will be hosting a Pride Night on August 4th, when they play against Toronto's football club.


  1. Rick says

    2 comments….and one is not even relevant to the story.

    That is what I say “Wow” to.

    Are you all really just so stunned by the changes we are seeing in straight men that you are just disoriented by them and therefore don’t know how to react–ergo the silence? OR are you just threatened in a perverse sort of way by what such changes represent==namely an invitation to gay men to join the men’s club and leave the women’s club….threatened because you are afraid you cannot measure up to the standards?

    Seriously, what is the problem?

  2. says

    Rick, us gay males who are actually Openly Gay in real life and dont’ have to anonymously vent online because we dont’ have testicles already know that straight men don’t have a problem with gay men.

    Because we interact with straight men on a daily basis, and are openly gay and known as gay and we manage to get along just fine.

    I know you’re upset because you don’t live openly and you never quite got over the fact that your family resented being related to you, but that’s not really the fault of anyone but your own crappy family.

    We all understand you – you live a cowardly life and vicariously live through comments you can only make anonymously online. If anyone is going to be upset about the progress in society it would be you – as day after day your excuses for hiding become less and less relevant.

    oh well 😀

  3. LB says

    Do NOT FORGET that when the Stanley Cup was won by the Chicago Blackhawks a member of the team rode in the Pride Pardade with the Cup!

    AND MR. CUB (Ernie Banks) rode in the same parade with the Chicago Cubs contingent.

    Im am a San Francicso fan but GO CHICAGO!!

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