Chick-fil-A Does Damage Control


Trying to do some damage control after President Dan Cathy said marriage equality activists are "inviting God's judgment on our nation," Chick-fil-A today posted the above Facebook message saying the "independent" franchises treat all customers with "honor, dignity and respect — regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender."

Think this message will win over those who have sworn off the company over Cathy's consistently anti-gay politics?

(h/t Joe. My. God.)


  1. Tim NC says

    When they say that going forward they intend to leave the debate to the government and political arena, does that mean they plan to stop donating money to the gay bashing groups?

    They may claim to treat all customers with honor and respect. But, they still use the profits made from those customers to fund hate.

    What good does it do to treat the customers with respect to their faces and then bash them by funding anti-gay rhetoric after the fact?

  2. EO says

    to me, fast food corporations with their anti-environmental practices and contribution to the obesity epidemic is far more offensive than some anti-marriage-equality statement. why anyone would eat this type of “food” in the first place is a mystery.

  3. MarkUs says

    I think the answer to your question is 99.99 percent of people who eat there have no clue what you’re talking about and never will. It’s like the people boycotting Starbucks. A piss in the ocean. Chick and Starbucks are still going to have massive lines at the airport or wherever because people like the product.

  4. Jason says

    So basically they want to make sure we know that gay customers (and dollars) are always welcome in the stores, they just want to donate the profits to antigay causes… LOL riiiight…

    Worst apology letter ever!

  5. Kyle Ohten says

    NOM has worked with Chik Fil A at events in the past. Chik Fil A has donated to NOM in the past- they surely will in the future. Do not buy this. We need LGBT organizations to come out and declare they are the enemey, because they ARE our enemy

  6. Oz in OK says

    “Think this message will win over those who have sworn off the company over Cathy’s consistently anti-gay politics?”

    Nope. Not one bit.

  7. FormerEmployee says

    This is a lie. I worked for this company as a manager for a little while. Every singlr district manager from every other store was proudly homophobic, and from higher ups to staff, homophobia is completely normal. They talk politics, mainly gay issues, refer to gays as queers and lesbians a d*kes. I was there long enough to observe plenty. I was not out (am a lesbian) and was fearful anyone would find out.
    I’ll go as far as saying, part of why this company does exist is strictly to donate money against gays. Trust me, it’s a huge pillar for them.

  8. Colin says

    This changes nothing. I don’t care if each of the stores are independent. The fact is if I eat there, I’ll be supporting causes that aim to denigrate me as an individual, and condemn me as, at best, second class citizen, and at worst, sub human.

    The brand is only add good as its people, and this brand is atrocious. So no, I will not “eat more chicken”, as their ads arty, at least not with them.

  9. Colin says

    This changes nothing. I don’t care if each of the stores are independent. The fact is if I eat there, I’ll be supporting causes that aim to denigrate me as an individual, and condemn me as, at best, second class citizen, and at worst, sub human.

    The brand is only add good as its people, and this brand is atrocious. So no, I will not “eat more chicken”, as their ads arty, at least not with them.

  10. gary says

    When I worked at Disney, we got 1/2 off at the local Chick-Fil-A outside the gates. They always had the cutest late teen, early 20’s manboy managers. They always seemed to have a gleem in their eye that said… I really would like to try it on your side of the fence, but I am so scared. Did anybody else ever get that vibe?

  11. REALLY says

    @Patrick: That is probably why they released this statment. They could now be worried about an employee filing a discrimination case. When the owner/founder is openly/proudly sharing his views against a minority group publicly and you have employees of that minority group he is opening the company up to some potential lawsuits.

  12. Chris says

    I grew up on Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta and have, till recently, ignored their anti-gay activities because I feel every company has the right to donate their money where they see fit. However, President Cahty’s recent comments go beyond that and I’ve eaten my last Chick-Fil-A sandwich because of it.

    This Facebook “press release” is the company attempting to appease the individuals that own the stores. They’re probably not too happy about community outrage over something they didn’t do and have voiced that concern. I full-heartily believe Chick-Fil-A Corporate stands by their President’s remarks.

  13. TKSF says

    Biblical Principals to managing business, I’m so sure that was they had in mind by applying the teachings of the bible to your life.

    “devoting a percentage of our proceeds back to our communities” FYI Communities include gay people, so get over yourselves.

  14. Hal says

    I once visited a store with my boyfriend, not at all knowing they were homophobic (gay community needs to do a better job of informing LGBT to boycott this place) and as soon as we walked in, the manager taking orders could tell we were gay. He was exceedingly polite to the people before us in line. When it came our turn, he didn’t greet us or anything. Just stared and started shaking his head. We said “do you want to take our order?” an he said ” what do you BOYS want?” emphasizing the boys part. When we sat down, we could see them snickering and looking our way while making impressions. We did call headquarters to complain, but knowing what we know now, I’m sure headquarters gave that store a bonus for their conduct.

    We got gay dollars ladies and gentlemen; use it wisely!

  15. Mary says

    This attempt at damage control may not be very satisfying to the LGBT community, but it at least shows that it’s getting harder and harder to get away with anti-gay statements and/or policies, even for those with conservative political leanings. A welcome sign that the culture is becoming more inclusive.

    An aside: I wonder how many educated conservatives are still able to use words like “queers” or “fags” (even among only straight people) without feeling uncomfortable. I was never one for words like this, but I can no longer even hear conservatives refer to “the homosexual agenda” without thinking “WTF? Wouldn’t ‘the homosexual agenda’ be to exerience justice and equality?” The good news here? Times change, people change.

  16. TJ says

    Where are the LGBT organizations to forcefully take a stance against Chik Fil A with cut throat campaign? Ads? An maybe offer a gay friendly option. I don’t see an organized effort by out conmunity to go after this company an it’s very disapppointing. Is all our groups good for is throwing parties?

  17. Jack M says

    This ship has sailed. Any damage control is way too late in coming. It sucks when the President of your company is the craziest one on the payroll.

  18. says

    Every gay, lesbian, trans and bisexual person in this country needs to actively speak against Chik Fil A. Be it on your facebook, twitter, tumblr, yelp… Speak up and speak loud and STAND UP FOR YOUR CONVICTIONS!

    We need to make an example out of Chik Fil A so other companies who may be tempted to do the same can know there will be a backlash. Otherwise, if Chik Fil A goes unscratched after these homophobic displays and all is forgotten and forgiven, other big corporations will join the anti gay bandwagon and you can expect NOM and the like to walk away with hundreds of millions a year from various big name donors

  19. says

    It’s so interesting watching a bigoted company awkwardly try to apologize. They think they’ve aced this because they’ve included some pro-equality buzzwords but they haven’t said anything about how this will be rectified. Translation: “We regret that this has blown up in our face but it will be business as usual.”

  20. Andrew K says

    If they’d said they welcome black people in their stores, but don’t mind us while we give money to the KKK, very few people wouldn’t be disgusted or horrified. I think we’re getting closer to that point with giving to anti-gay hate groups, but not quite yet.

  21. Michael says

    Another news source, either Queerty or Joe My God, has a tweet from Cathy thanking some news organization for their article saying how it really lit up the LGBT community. It was a spiteful tweet, showing his true colors.

    And, yes, whenever I went to the restaurant there were tons of gay boys working there. It’s a shame.

  22. Caliban says

    This is why I was GLAD that Dan Cathy made his statement. All along they’ve denied they were anti-gay but at least this way they were honest about it.

    There have been several articles written about the “corporate culture” at Chik-Fil-A, specifically how religion plays a part in it, and that extends to franchisees. Their franchisee meetings have been likened to tent-revivals and according to those articles the Cathy family doesn’t sell a franchise unless the buyer is ideologically in line with them.

    So no, this little bit of damage control double-speak doesn’t change my mind at all. They’re just going back to their earlier position of pretended they aren’t anti-gay while funding virulently anti-gay groups like NOM and Focus On The Family.

  23. Jean says

    Damage control??? Just got home from Chick-fil-A where cars had filled the drive thru and were stacked back in the shopping center parking lot. Curious, I went inside to order and found that most everyone in the place was there because of what Mr. Cathy said yesterday. I was there long after the usual lunch rush and I was told unusually large crowds had been there since early morning Damage control??

  24. sdf says

    OK, so I NEVER comment on any of these blogs so I’m not sure if my input has any affect on the situation but here goes…

    Raised Southern Baptist in Atlanta I had my share of the CFA culture shoved down my throat throughout childhood. Truett Cathy spoke at my church several times and the most obvious, visible Christian characteristic that they espouse is the closing of all company activity/restaurants on Sundays. Or, so it would seem. I happen to know that they still do LARGE catering jobs on Sundays for major sports activities (SEC football games) and that on Sundays they have maintenance crews work on the restaurant kitchens, building exteriors/interiors, etc. These maintenance crews may be consultants, etc. however, they are still being taken away from their families and working on the Sabbath. What a joke to be so hypocritical and use this Sunday closing as a marketing tool. The real tools are the Cathy’s who rake in money from naive Christian people who eat there because it’s “the only real Christian fast food option”. I truly wish I could expose CFA on this and there are tons of opportunities to do so…if anyone notices work being performed on one of their locations on Sunday then PLEASE take pics of it and make sure you show that the restaurant is closed so everyone knows it’s Sunday, then post these all over the internet and Facebook!

  25. Billy says

    I think we need to organize another protest at the Hollywood location. There’s thousands if not millions of gay and gay allies in the area. No reason for a known anti gay instituition to be making profit right in the heart of our city without us voicing our displeasure
    I hope a local gay group around L.A gets on it!!!

  26. Bart says

    Amazing that these whores still expect us to give us their money when the man who runs them says point blank that he is more than happy to give to discriminatory causes and organizations.

    Choke on your chicken. I hope everyone who believe in equality, everyone who has a gay friend, brother, sister or other relative, walks past your stores and your profits tumble putting you out of business. Your company sucks because the leader of your company sucks. And no amount of “give us your money” is going to change that.

  27. Los Angelino says

    I think the city of West Hollywood should organize a rally at the Hollywood location. It would attract attention, get media involved, and send a loud message. Seeing how Chik Fil A constantly likes to deliver their homophobic message, it’s time we respond united with one loud voice too.

  28. StickSinger says

    The LGBT Center in L.A is right near the Hollywood and highland location and could easily execute an effective protest. I see protests outside of stores and restauarnts ALL the time in this city, you guys are right. No reason not to have one against this bigoted establishment
    Hoping people get on it and post info to various protests at stores here on towleroad

  29. says

    What we need is a massive nation wide protest outside every store across the country.

    I agree that we need to finally make OUR mark agaist businesses that hate us. How many times have we seen christian conservatives attack Chaz Bono for getting employed, Ellen Degeneres for getting a job, or companies boycotted for supporting us? That makes the news and scares companies from vocally supporting us. It’s time we arrange our own push back!

  30. Over It! says

    Think I’ll go get me a Chargrilled Chick Fil A with a side fruit cup….mmmm….

    Get a life, guys. Not everyone thinks the way you think. Yes, some more screeching and crying will certainly do your movement lots of favors. Sheesh.

  31. Over It! says

    Think I’ll go get me a Chargrilled Chick Fil A with a side fruit cup….mmmm….

    Get a life, guys. Not everyone thinks the way you think. Yes, some more screeching and crying will certainly do your movement lots of favors. Sheesh.

  32. tropicbill says

    Too little; too late. You have to realize that the actions are planned and deliberate. You simply cannot spew hatred and then attempt damage control. I have sworn off the Chik-Fil-A brand and have actively encouraged all of my friends to do the same.

  33. Robert K. says

    @Over It! You’ve never been to a gay protest in your life or even understood the positive results that come from one. “Screeching and crying” sounds to me like what you do when another potential date cancels out on you.

  34. Max says

    Chick-Fella (sounds like a transgender bar) seems to still want their (LGBT) money. Can you really expect to have it both ways? It’s a lousy restaurant – BOYCOTT!

  35. keiffer says

    My boycott started several years ago. Is this supposed to be new? It’s not. That being said, this company has long been a company that promotes hate towards gay people by giving money to hate groups and through discriminating practices. As a self respecting gay person, I will continue to never give them my money and whether or not it matters to their bottom line, it does matter to mine.

  36. andrew says

    Just remember what he said the next time you might be tempted to eat at a Chick-Fil-A place. Do your own damage control and don’t let the billionaire Cathy family damage LGBT people.

  37. brettsweat says

    FYI TOWLEROAD WRITERS: the sponsored banner ad above this post is offering ‘FREE CHIC-FIL-A COUPONS!’ from I know these ads are generated by Google AdSense to reflect similar content of the page we’re viewing based on keywords, etc, but it doesn’t look good to have a post about how homophobic Chic-Fil-A is on ‘a site with homosexual tendencies’, with an ad offering them coupons to go to Chic-fil-A in the middle of the page. Not cool.

  38. millerbeach says

    I’d rather choke on..well, not their food. I promise I never will. Cathy, you are so far removed from Christian ideals it is comical you still consider yourself one. The joke is on you, sweetie. I sure hope you change your ways before you meet your maker. Things might not go as you have planned in your “after-life”. It might be as hot as your deep-fryer where you are going. Hate is NOT a Christian ideal, neither is judging others. If you want to be a Christian, you need to start acting like Jesus would. Get that thought trough your head, as your soul depends upon it.

  39. Rob says

    I want to be there with the George Rekers prize when Dan Cathy gets caught with a rent boy, or maybe in a gay sex sting. People who go out of their way to fight us this hard have issues, as we all know. Maybe it should be called the Marcus Bachmann prize.

    Sounds like it’s time to organize a kiss-in.

  40. John says

    Too little, too late. I wouldn’t eat there anyway, as I’m not one for chain restaurants – but I do speak out and try to educate my friends and acquaintances on issues like this. If I tell 10 people, and just one of them tells 10 people, and one of them tells 10 people… well, it can make a difference.

  41. Mike says

    Do not to support hate and do not do business with anybody or business who does, that will help put an end to hate. If a business does not treat all people equally then find one that does or make you own business that treats all people equally. Stop the Hate.

  42. goodgirlatl says

    I worked for a company that contracted with them and I can say pretty confidently that anyone who doesn’t fit into to white, conservative, Christian culture is not treated warmly, unless you know your place.Even in the gym they provide, the TVs are stuck on FoxNews… It doesn’t even turn to another station, lol.
    I’ve seen women fired after their HUSBANDS (who were store operators) had affairs with other employees and she chose to leave him. I guess they liked him better It’s terrible and it’s unfortunately not just gay people.

  43. Jerry6 says

    What are the Chic foey people so upset about? Are they trying to cover up something? I think Shaespere sp?) may have been thinking about something else, but when he said “Me thinks that thow doest protest too much!” is appropriate here.

  44. Jerry6 says

    I was in the Shopping Center business when Chic-fil-A had their first store. One day, we received a letter from them requesting a quote for space in one of our malls. After negotiating, we elected to withdraw our proposal, and not do business with them. Over the next 25 years, I found that none of the companies I worked for would lease to Chic-fil-A, but none would say why; only “It is not our policy”.

  45. Icebloo says

    BOYCOTT them ! They are under pressure right now so let’s keep the pressure on. The BEST way to push for change is to hit people in their bank balances and boycotting these shi%heads will hit their bank balances !

    We are not asking you to donate a kidney. Boycotting a company is EASY.

  46. CK says

    Its Sunday and I am not at church. Last night I spoke against all of this support for CFA that I kept reading from fellow fb friends and some my fellow church members. Im sure I already knew their stance but it was disappointing to actually see them reposting this Support August 1st Family Day campaign. My church is small and I cant in good conscience go in there and have them smile and make small talk with me and me not get upset. I like my church but I refuse to be phony.
    Also, I see alot of ppl up here are saying how the LGBT or anyone else should protest or boycott…what is stopping you from making a stance? Why does it always have to be someone else doing the dirty work?

    Just some food for thought ..pun intended.

  47. Josh says

    They are not funding “hate” they are funding anti-gay marriage. They’ve made their mark, and made millions on the thousands of ant–gay marriage thousands who showed up. Gays were idiotic to make such an issue of this. It backfired, because Chick-Fil-A came out on top, even acting as a barometer for the November elections. The only damage control should be coming from gay people. Great job guys!

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