Chick-fil-A Has Weird Fans: VIDEO


... a video in which a Chick-fil-A-loving homophobe visits his local chikin dispensary and raps with an employee about her employer's present controversies. The homophobe notes that Chick-fil-As are "safer places" for "families" to dine now that they've been "purged of filth." The giggly employee says: "Yeah! Yeah!"

(And it is reasonable to wonder if this isn't some kind of parody, or else a James O'Keefe-type operation in which the gentleman holding the camera is trying to make Chick-fil-A look bad. He is, after all, keeping the camera hidden, recording a low-wage employee's words without her consent. But no: A visit to the homophobe's YouTube page suggests that this fellow, who goes by the handle GodGunsGutsGlory, is a genuine gay-hating crazyperson. Chick-Fil-A! With friends like these ...)