1. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Pointless video. 4+ minutes with nothing to say. The filth is in the kitchen. Take your camera there.

  2. Johnson says

    Notice, the “team-member”/salesperson/clerk seems to verify that the ‘Muppet withdrawal’ (it wasn’t a recall) was not for child-saftey reasons.

  3. say what says

    uhm not going to watch but from working in the food and service industry in the past going to guess the employee was giggling at the insanity of the customer not with and “yeah, yeah” while thinking *hurry the f up so I can go on my break*

  4. Brian (different one) says

    @Say What

    I just finished it, and it’s pretty clear the employee is happy to chat away and genuinely supports the customers’ views. Fortunately the employee seems to be the only one. The videomaker tries hard to indoctrinate his daughter, telling her they’re eating there because the CEO is a “stand up guy who believes marriage is one man, one woman”, and she couldn’t have been more bored throughout the whole thing. Plus I scrolled through dozens of comments and every single one of them thought he was an idiot.

  5. Michael says

    Earlier I was skimming articles and I think she may have been fired which is not cool if true.

  6. Johnson says

    While Chick-fil-a may not technically discriminate in hiring or who they serve at their restaurants, I certainly do not feel welcome to patronize one. Essentially, their public statements and anecdotal evidence such as this have the same effect upon me as if there were a sign posted on the door which read, “No gays allowed”. The environment is unwelcoming, to say the least, and I’m smart enough to not go where I do not feel welcome.

  7. beef and fur says

    But he’s just voicing his opionons, right?

    It’s just a coincindence that nuts like these acutally respond to hate baiters like Dan Cathy/Chick Fil A who are just innocently expressing such benign viewpoints.

    I guess we will have Sarah Palin and the Tea Party weighing next. Oh wait…

  8. Matt says


    In many states, Chick-Fil-A is legally permitted to post a sign on the door that says “No Gays Allowed” and would be legally permitted to refuse to hire gays and refuse to serve gays. To my knowledge, not a single franchise has done so.

  9. Ed says

    On You Tube, the like/dislike function has been disabled. Me thinks they are afraid of the truth!

  10. Mike says

    This is how antigay Christian supremacist teach their children how to hate just like they do. This is the proof.

  11. james says

    Although it is clear to me the employee did not know she was being recorded, she should be fired. The cashiers should be told they are not to speak about these matters while on duty. Questions should be referred to managers, including questions about the Muppet toy change.

  12. james says

    Wow. Went to this guy’s website. Even my mouse pad needs to be disinfected! This guy hates everyone except himself, and, probably not so keen on himself either.

  13. Devin says


    They don’t need direct discrimination policies when they recruit from their own sponsored foster homes (rings of the Boystown Conspiracy of Silence), and when they mix worship and work (prayer in business events). They fired a Muslim employee because she wouldn’t worship the bible with them. Check out the article in Forbes titled “The Cult of Chick-Fil-A”