Fargo, North Dakota Paper Rejects Gay Marriage Announcement


The Fargo Forum, a North Dakota paper, is conducting a review of its policies regarding same-sex engagement and marriage announcements following outrage after Allison Johnson posted the rejection she received after submitting a notice about marrying her wife in New York.

The Minn Post reports:

The blowback, which includes subscription cancellation threats and an online petition that gained 1,300 names in under a day, prompted editor Matt Von Pinnon to announce a policy review via Facebook late Monday night, followed by a Tuesday story.

Allison Johnson, who plans to marry Kelsey Smith in Aug. 1, said the couple placed the ad on Saturday and received a Monday morning rejection from "Celebrations" editor Dianna Baumann…

…Johnson says coverage from competing Fargo media has been favorable — local station Y94 even placed the marriage announcement on their website. Ultimately, she says, "This is really just a matter of wanting to express love in way so many other people take for granted. It should be allowed and available, to anyone in love who wants to share their love."