Gary Bauer: Gays Cause Murder

GaryBauerBlackandWhiteOmnipresent anti-gay noisemaker Gary Bauer explained this week on his podcast exactly why there's so much violent crime in Chicago's poorer African American communities. The culprits? Poverty, hopelessness, and ineffective public education.

Just kidding. The culprits are Democrats and gays. RightWingWatch has helpfully transcribed the relevant bits (while kindly tidying up Mr. Bauer's grammar):

I'd like to go to Chicago for a second. I about fell out of my chair watching a recent CBS interview with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He was lamenting the values, or lack of values, of Chicago's gang culture, as nearly three hundred people have been killed in Chicago this year, many of them little kids. That's higher casualties than we're suffering in Afghanistan. Here's what Mayor Rahm Emanuel said:

"It is about values. As I said then [referring to when a 7-year-old girl was shot and killed last month], who raised you? How were you raised? And I don't buy this case where people say they don't have values. They do have values. They have the wrong values. Don't come near the kids — don't touch them."

Well, thanks for speaking up Mr. Mayor, you're asking the right questions, but sadly you can't come up with the right answers. Certainly these kids aren't getting their values from their fathers because they don't have fathers in their households. For the past fifty years, Rahm Emanuel's party, the Democratic Party, has made it comfortable for many women to not have husbands in the home. Now Obama and the Democrats have embraced the radical idea of men marrying other men! How is that going to help the black family?

(It could help many black families — LGBT ones — by publicly honoring their commitments. And it might make black mothers and fathers less worried about their LGBT kids. And it might make black kids less worried about their LGBT parents. And so on. But never mind.)

Mr. Bauer also took the opportunity to ridicule Mayor Rahm Emanuel for serving in the Clinton White House during the Lewinsky affair — and so, although it is old news, it may be worth remembering that Mr. Bauer's own presidential campaign, in 1999, was partially derailed by the departure from Mr. Bauer's service of several staffers disgusted over their (married) candidate's apparent improprieties with a young, blond female staffer. 


  1. Kearne says

    “For the past fifty years, Rahm Emanuel’s party, the Democratic Party, has made it comfortable for many women to not have husbands in the home.”

    Yes, how date society advance to the point where women no longer have to choose between an abusive relationship and starvation for themselves and their children!

  2. says

    “…the Democrats have embraced the radical idea of men marrying other men! How is that going to help the black family?”

    He is idiotically assuming here that all black men are gay and want to marry another man if it becomes legal nationally. In his ignorance, he thinks this will make every black family unfit to raise children.

    What a complete disregard for reality!

  3. anon says

    I’m not sure who the more inarticulate one was in that quote. The resurfacing of Bauer and other disgraced evangelical politicos this month seems to do with Romney’s constant need to maintain his base. They’re probably enticed by all the handouts.

  4. says

    I was going to say that, if we use Bauer’s logic that a family needs a leadership father figure and a nuturing mother figure, the a family with two dads would benefit from twice the leadership while a family with two mothers would have double the nurturing.

    I was going to say that, but I think it’s best noted that Gary Bauer’s muddled and motley background is the result of a straight marriage.

  5. patrick says

    I wondered whatever happened to Bug Eyes. One can sense the desperation in the anti-gay industry because their cash cow is showing signs of a slow death.

  6. Derek Pearce says

    First of all, girlfriend needs to quit over-plucking her eyebrows.

    But seriously, in right-wingers minds, there’s this massive knot of healthcare-divorce-abortion rights-same sex marriage-gun control that they think is destroying the US, while ignorant of the doings of Bain capital, JP Morgan et al. Ignorant but not blissful.

  7. russ says

    I’m so relieved that this nasty UGLY little man, looks exactly the way he should. He reeks of evil. I’m sure he’ll live a long long time.

  8. Mike says

    Everybody knows that the prisons are filled with criminal Christians, google what religion has the most criminals in prisons in America and you will see the truth, most criminals are Christians, that includes murders.

  9. andrew says

    Make no mistake about it, this Howdy Doody look alike is an evil man. If he and his ilk are able to elect Romney the progressive movement will grind to a halt for at least a generation. Vote in november as if your future depended on it. IT DOES!

  10. Jayburd2020 says

    Well it’s not like the non-Gary Bauers are saying anything smarter. I’m still chuckling/saddened at Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s suggestion on the CBS Evening News this week that a lack of values keep gangbangers from containing their shootings to the alleys — like all moral people would apparently do. With this in mind, here are 10 great ideas to help move the gangs into city alleys:

  11. mark says

    wedge politics….it’s an election year, duh!

    here’s a musical interlude to counter the nonsense for friends who are building peace, harmony and unity between communities in 2012.


  12. Antwon says

    Bauer is an idiot. In any case, too many African-Americans are impulsive and violent because they have no self-discipline. It is not their circumstance but their own lack of self-control.

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