GOP Rep. Adds Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment To Defense Appropriations Bill

SteveKingRepublican Rep. Steve King of Iowa today attached an amendment to a Defense Appropriations Bill that would ban not only same-sex marriages on military bases, but also orders military chaplains to steer clear of such ceremonies.

"The Defense of Marriage Act means this: Marriage means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife. And the word ‘spouse’ only refers to a member of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife. Pretty simple statute being contravened by the president of the United States as exercised through the Secretary of Defense," King said of the President and the State Department's position that same-sex marriages should be allowed on bases.

"This amendment prohibits the use of military facilities or the pay of military chaplains for being used to contravene the defense of marriage act."

According to Politico, Democratic Congressman Norm Dicks of Washington called King's measure "contentious and discriminatory."


  1. Paul R says

    He might want to round up and burn all copies of that photo. Makes Michelle Bachmann look sane.

    I really would not like to have the surname Dicks.

  2. Craig says

    Good luck in the Senate. The defense contractors were ready to wet themselves before Congress this week, worrying about budget cuts affecting the. So much, in fact, that they even admitted that tax hikes were OK if it meant they keep their budgets. Can’t wait to see the flak these nuts get when the contractors realize they’re precious budgets aren’t going to get passed while they debate this idiocy.

  3. Miche Rutledge says

    Ironic, isn’t it, that they scream about their religious freedom if they have to accept gay marriage and are missing the fact that this bill would grant the government the right to tell their ministers in the military how to practice their religion? Not only is it unconstitutional for the government to do that, but it sets a dangerous precedent. This bill is the real impingement of their religious freedom and they are too preoccupied with their prejudice to see the real danger.

  4. MiddleoftheRoader says

    This amendment has no chance of passing Congress and becoming law. But even if it did, it is clearly unconstitutional. Why?

    Well, every military chaplain has the right and ability to conduct religious marriages on a military base in his/her religious offices / chapel / etc. If the US government would prohibit a chaplain to conduct a marriage that is LEGAL in the state where it is performed, and that is voluntarily conducted by the chaplain under the ‘rules’ of his/her religious domination, this would be a clear violation of the chaplain’s (and maybe the couple’s) First Amendment religious rights.

    This has nothing to do with same-sex marriage per se, and everything to do with the government allowing only certain types of religious events on a military base while prohibiting other similar religious events. Maybe if there was a compelling reason not to allow some events — for example, mainstream Christians might be allowed to take communion on a military base, but the military could probably prohibit some fringe Christian groups from slaughtering live animals on a military base (due to concern about disposal of the blood and the dead animal, concern about trauma and noise, etc.). But to say that a Catholic priest can marry a man and a woman, yet an Episcopal priest or Jewish rabbi cannot marry two men consistent with state law and the religious codes — uh uh, no way is this constitutional.

    Let them pass this law — it will be an easy one for even this Supreme Court to throw out as unconstitutional.

  5. gregory brown says

    I think that photo is typical of Rep. King’s appearance. Maybe a driving license office camera could produce a less grotesque look.

  6. David from Canada says

    If I was an American I would definitely be unhappy that my tax dollars go to pay for this kind of bull when the economy is struggling, people need jobs and debt relief so they can pay their bills. Honestly when will these idiots get the point of why they are there. LET IT GO. The world has not ended in other countries where their beliefs are a little less “right thinking”.

  7. says

    Last I heard, the president is commander-in-chief and congress has little power over military actions and can’t give director orders at all.

    People need to vote out their congressmen that want to micromanage our lives and dictate our morals! Not to mention, attaching a “morals” law to a bill to pay supply a militia ironic, but incredibly unethical!

  8. Chutney says

    This is a perfect example of the complete stupidity of the far religious conservative right. King has violated the sanctity of every religions freedom to practice and hamstrung the governments ability to appropriate funding for the common defense all in one brilliant stroke of imbecilic genius. Bravo! Just how stupid can one man be?

  9. cbhermey says

    It’s a shame and saddening that people actually vote for wingnuts like him. It doesn’t speak well for the intelligence of his constituency. If he were true to Republican ideals he wouldn’t be meddling in people’s private lives. That’s the first and strongest sign of too much government.

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