1. David says

    George – I’ve read every issue of the comics up to issue 97, so I can assure you, the show and the comic are two entirely different things.

    And even if they eventually do this story in the TV show, it will be several years from now. Greg Nicotero said that the group of survivors will be at the prison for two seasons, and there’s a LOT that happens between the prison and Negan becoming part of the plot.

  2. Caliban says

    I haven’t read any of the comic but based on that single panel the bad guy comes across more as a gay sexual predator threatening to rape a man and turn him into a sex slave than as a homophobe. Now since I’m basing that off ONE panel I hope it’s not the case, but are you sure he’s not a stock Evil Queer character instead of a homophobe?

  3. ratbastard says

    Gratuitous. I agree with Caliban,

    And as a side-note, what’s with the popular myth most graphic artists are gay? I know very well a group of guys in the profession, and not one is gay. And actually, many artists [and musicians] can be quite sensitive and touchy on regarding the gay issue. There’s almost a kind of semi homophobic backlash in the arts community.

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