Housekeeping And John Waters

John-waters-0… and now I'm handing the blog back over to Andy et. al. until tomorrow afternoon, because I'm doing emcee duty this evening for John Waters's one-man show at Parker Playhouse, in Fort Lauderdale.

Are you a John Waters fan? Are you in SoFla? If so, come. We're screening John Waters's 1981 unhit Polyester, and then Waters will perform his one-man show, This Filthy World, in which he talks film, sex, ethics, the meaning of art, and more. (I don't know exactly what, 'cuz the show changes all the time.) Post-show, Waters will do a Q&A.

Tix available here.


  1. Mary says

    Good luck with everything, Brandon. I don’t know if it still exists,but there was fan club on Yahoo called “John Waters Land.” It was run by a guy with the internet handle “yellingorphanedweasel.” This was one of the best internet fan clubs I ever encountered. I met Waters at a film preview once and he told me that he “tried to stay away from that sort of thing” (i.e. the internet clubs.) I’m surprised that he never gave Weasel credit for doing such an impressive job. Check it out if it still exists.

  2. Critifur says

    I wish I could make it down, but I am performing in Hairspray tonight, just north of you at the Lake Worth Playhouse. We only have 2 more performances left. One at 8, and a matinee Sunday at 2 if anyone in SoFla is interested….

  3. Sam MolloyTrailersam says

    I’d say greatest filmmaker. He should be President, before America turns into Mortville.

  4. Barbara says

    Saw the John Waters show last night at Parker Play House. Brandon, you were an excellent host, great job! John Waters was fantastic. Funny, sweet, honest, a gentleman & a terrific entertainer!