1. DanSwon says

    Great…except for the fact that “god” doesn’t exist and religion is a bunch of meaningless rubbish for the weak-minded and mentally unstable. Nice guy, but deluded.

  2. anon says

    I’m sure most gays have reached the same conclusion about their church a long time ago. What he really needs to do is not persuade gays that God is really on their side, but convince other church leaders that God is really on the side of gays.

  3. Danny in the East Village says

    Anglican clergy are correctly called “priests.”

    AS for Dean Johns’ career being over, he’s Dean of St Albans–one of the best jobs in the Church of England. Nobody but the chapter of St Alban’s can remove him, and their support has been unwavering. That’s pretty far from a career that’s “over.” After all, the Church of England is not the Roman catholic church.

  4. Michael says

    Could u guys dissing someone who believes grow up? Let me ask you, what caused the big bang? It just happened with nothing behind it giving it a push?

    Who knows if God exist but true maturity is knowing you might nor have the right answer

    Byw the original text.of the Bible never condemned homosexuals. It’s easily Googled

  5. StevyD says

    So, OK, whether the love (that marriage helps promote for ones partner and family) is a straight or same sex love, MAKES NO DIFFERENCE to God as long as it’s a pure and unequivocal love. Is that it? Have I got it right?
    Gosh and here all along I thought love was what all the fuss with religion was suppose to be about. I guess I’m just an early bird.
    So, welcome to the party, it’s about time you got here. What ever could have taken you (religion) so long?

  6. says

    Fine words………but we were unceremoniously kicked out, and they hurt my feelings.

    Now I believe that if there ever was/is a god he would have absolutely nothing to do with religion……….
    So keep your frocks, your tiaras,you conclaves, your incense and your scarlet.
    Getting kicked out was the best thing for me……it brought me to my senses.

    @ Michael :
    That’s the whole point; the big bang and your god are all the same, it always existed even before the big bang there was matter. But seeing it as “God” is delusional.

  7. Wilberforce1 says

    I love how a supportive christian brings out all the self hating ghetto queens to alienate our allies. It wasn’t enough that they told us to ignore prevention in the 80s. They’ll always find new ways to sabotage our movement.

  8. TampaZeke says

    Michael, your lack of understanding of basic science does not require that the rest of us who do understand science turn our brains off and give credit for natural scientific processes to Zeus or Thor or Ra or any other god myth.

  9. TampaZeke says

    Wilburforce1, please explain how non-Christian gays challenging Christianity makes us “self-hating ghetto queens”.

    Also, please explain how a person who isn’t self hating would come up with a phrase like “self-hating ghetto queen” to describe gay people.

    It’s interesting that you get your heckles up and become so defensive of an institution that has oppressed and abused gay people for centuries but attack gay people who question the institution and those who support it. The good vicar is trying to do a good thing but the fact of the matter is he’s still supporting a homophobic institution and is every bit as much a part of the problem as he is of the cure.

  10. Randy says

    “If you are gay, please don’t judge God by the Church”

    That’s so insulting.

    Regardless of whether you’re gay or not, the church is certainly a legitimate way to judge its god, for two reasons:

    1. If the god exists, and is at least as powerful as a single human politician or lunatic, and has any interest in humans, it would shape its church in the way it thought best. We can judge the god directly by the church it maintains.

    2. If the god doesn’t exist, the church is still certainly in the shape that its organizers and followers want it to be in. We can see what sort of god they think they worship by how the church behaves.

    “please understand that God made you as you are”

    Please keep your god off me. I was made by the laws of physics.

  11. oakpope says

    Laws of physics and God are not contradictory. My degree in nuclear physics and my faith cohabit very well in me and neither feel threaten by the other. They answer different questions. How is the universe and why is there a universe, are two different questions. And don’t assimilate religion with a church. I am Catholic but I don’t agree with many things the Catholic Church say. As we say, don’t through out the baby with the bath’s water. Yes there is much work to convince them to change, but they will, in time.

  12. DanSwon says

    @Oakpope – why do you choose to believe in something intangible that there is no proof of?

    If I told you there was a cat in your fridge right now, would you believe me, or at least believe that there might be?

    I am not intolerant of religion, but I suppose I could be accused of being intolerant of stupidity, myths, lies and hatred.

  13. Wilberforce1 says

    The fact that you can’t tell the difference between Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson, and mistake fundamentalism for christianity, and think ‘challenging christianity’ is a serious act without making these distinctions says it all. It’s hopelessly ignorant and self destructive.
    If you can’t admit to gay self hatred, or the oppression that causes it, or work to heal it in yourself and others, there’s no more to be said.
    These are the basics for educated, emotionally mature gay people. But the ghetto crowd have been acting out for thirty years without a shred of self awareness. It’s gotten very tired.

  14. billywingartenson says

    MY general feeling of the Anglicans in England is that they are wrestling with the issue of how to support gays marrying.

    Possibly the Archbishop of Canterbury will support it as his last act before he retires to one of the universities

    The anglicans in Africa – forget it. As totally nutty as the evangelicals and Rome.

    BTW I saw a note on the web, dont save the hate filled crap – that the catholic archbishop Of Uganda supports the kill the gays bill.

    That may explain why the German pope UNexcommunicated the Holocaust denier Bishop williamson in 2009.

    Perhaps the pope wants Williamson to succeed him,and take the name Pope Eichmann.

  15. Mike says

    God Bless this true Christian for taking a stand and speaking out about how God created us all, gay and straight to love one another. We need more Christians to stand up for love and stop the hate that some evil antigay Christians are selling to stir up the masses to turn them against LGBT people and their families and supporters. It is as if Satan has possessed these antigay Christians souls and is making them do hateful and evil things against God’s children, the LGBT people.




  17. andrew says

    One groups mythological biblical god favors gay marriage another groups mythological biblical god tells his people gays should be stoned to death. Who cares? The god of the bible (yahweh) is not only a myth but such a reprehensible myth that it is only by ignoring most of what the bible says about him that Jews and Christians can still try to sell him to the civilized world. Read the OT. Yahweh makes Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and Hitler look like altar boys.

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