1. say what says


    they sort of are :-)

    every attack on romney is almost exactly the same attacks kenedy used against mittens in that senate race that saw mittens loose badly

    One would think mittens would have tried to clean up some of his sh2t since then/ learned a lesson but nope

  2. Mike says

    Romney is a criminal, the people who run the country and the world bankers want a criminal in the white house so they the 1% can continue robbing from all of the 99% people.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    I’m just curious — why is no one talking about Mitt’s comments about his investments / stash in Europe and his “blind” trust, where he has declared that he doesn’t follow what is happening to this money and doesn’t really know what’s going on? Is this someone (disinterested or completely blasé about his personal funds) that people want controlling the economy of the United States?

    What am I not getting here?

  4. Jay says

    Maddow is one smug lesbian. I don’t trust her strap on sense of reality. How about someone who is sinking the economy but is cool with gay marriage? Get your priorities straight Obama. Sometimes life is a losing softball game, and if that sounds like a cliche — it is.

  5. Jay says

    Rachel’s not afraid of the big boys. The funny part of the battle is that she can be debunked by thousands, with very simple imagery. As bright as she thinks her bulb is, viewers can’t get beyond her essentially being an alien, compared to their lives. Her “brilliance” only goes so far in harnessing the curious mind. Almost a player, but really a lightweight. Nice girl though.

  6. simon says

    If he becomes president, the bug doesn’t stop here. He can say he is not responsible for anything since he is not following the day to day operations of the various departments.

  7. Wesley says

    Gosh Simon: Do you think that’s what’s going to happen? How can your judgment be trusted on anything. You hid your true sexuality for most of your life. Are you trust worthy?

  8. Tarc says

    Isn’t Maddow awesome. It’s amazing what a person with a working brain, a mastery of facts, and a willingness to actually tell the truth can do. The nauseatingly gutless Republican-controlled, so-called ‘news’ channels are worthless.

  9. Tom says

    TARC: If some cute Republican boy waved his size in your face your opinions about news would go right out the window. We’re not that different.

  10. Tarc says

    Tom – Since you don’t know me, I’ll be nice. You’re an idiot… and don’t ever assume you know a thing about me. ‘Republican boys’ aren’t even suitable for my theoretical children… nor would they ever darken my doorstep (as an independent with a brain).

  11. Rob says

    The whole idea about Obama having “wrecked the economy” is ludicrous. Are our memories that short? The Bush years were devastating financially, culturally, and in world affairs and we are still climbing out of it. Gay republicans who want to vote their pocketbooks at the expense of all else, including hate crimes legislation, are shortsighted at best.
    Romney is hated even by many republicans and is a joke from a very weak field of candidates. Here’s hoping for an Obama landslide. Thanks Rachel for pointing out Mitt’s gutless lies.

  12. Jim says

    Maddow has a certain slant, there’s no denying that, but she’s absolutely right to pursue this story–Romney is dishonest, period. I will say that he’s more photogenic than Nixon, though.

  13. Tom says

    JIM: Nixon was impeached. Why can’t we have a nice rich handsome President like Romney? One reason is he’ll break up the gay marriage mafia. The same one Obama sold himself to for campaign cash. They’ll fight to the death to have America see double.

  14. Tarc says

    I’ll also chime in about the economy: Alan Greenspan, the Republican architect of the ‘top-down’ economic policy that Republicans have persued since 1980(ish) – and idiotically continue to persue – has basically been very forthcoming that this economic strategy is a total failure (to his great shame). After 30 years, the guy has the integrity to admit that his life’s work was a bad idea (and he gets my respect for that, despite the fact that he nearly produced the world’s second Dark Age). So, there is no real rational argument that the Republican agenda isn’t a complete economic tragedy, and that Bush’s pointless wars didn’t precipitate ecomonic collpase DURING HIS OWN SECOND TERM. If anything, Obama should be lauded for listening to the collective wisdom of the global economists and doing precisely what they had previously discovered works to reverse that type of severe recession. And it worked. In short, if you hate the fact that you lost 40% of yopur net worth, blame the responsible people – the Republicans. If you’re happy that our country didn’t crash and burn in a mega Depression, credit the guy responsible – Barak Obama.

  15. Chris Miller says

    Maddow is a female Kieth Olbermann, i.e. one who proves it’s easy to run your mouth if you’re not particular about the truth.
    MSNBC doesn’t even try to hide that it’s really OBAMA.

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