Maryland Certifies Petition Placing Marriage Equality Repeal on Ballot

Maryland's Board of Elections certified the petition placing a marriage equality repeal measure on the state's ballot in November, the Baltimore Sun reports:

MD"We're excited, we're on the ballot," said Dereck McCoy, executive director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, a church-led group pushing to repeal the law. "We're glad that we were able to have a loud say."

The Maryland Marriage Alliance submitted 162,224 signatures to repeal the law — the most turned in on any referendum issue in recent memory. The Board of Elections stopped verifying after approving 109,313 of them.

"We've determined that the petitions satisfied the legal requirements," said Donna Duncan, director of the elections management section of the state Board of Elections.

A spokesman for Marylanders for Marriage Equality, a group defending the new law, would not say whether his group plans to mount a court challenge. "We're not taking any options off the table," said Kevin Nix, the spokesman.

In late June, it was reported that the anti-gay marriage group was in massive debt, with more than $88,000 owed to various vendors.

A poll released shortly after Obama's endorsement of marriage equality in late May showed that his words had an impact, Dominion of New York reported:

A poll released yesterday shows that Maryland’s support for gay marriage has increased 12 percent since Obama’s endorsement, with most of the shift coming from African-American voters who have flipped their stance on the issue. Fifty-five percent of Maryland blacks now support gay marriage and would vote against such an amendment and 36 percent oppose it, according to the poll. It’s likely Obama’s endorsement affected them. Before it, 56 percent of blacks opposed gay marriage and 39 percent supported it.


  1. Sean McQuillan says

    “We’re excited, we’re on the ballot,” said Dereck McCoy, executive director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, a church-led group

    Ouuch. Equality Maryland get on that. They’re not a church lead group. They’re a group led by a few independent actors, backed by churches.

    List churches. Find the largest church backer and put them in the forefront (likely mormons or catholics). Politic editors to make them into a mormon or catholic group BEFORE the election.

    Don’t let our opposition decide their own name.

  2. DB says

    Very sad that this anti-marriage amendment qualified for the ballot. However, polls now show that a clear majority of Marylanders support marriage. Hopefully, we can get them to turn out to vote and protect marriage equality in Maryland.

  3. Bubala says

    Now that Maryland recognizes out of state same sex marriages, just go get married in Washington, DC. Even if voters vote it down this November, I will still be legally married to my husband here, so ha ha!

  4. says

    LGBT maryland: WORK HARD! Work loudly..get out there. make this your mission. This is our movement, show people why our rights matter and equality for all is important.

  5. Mike says

    A mob of angry and hateful people can not be trusted with justice when it comes to freedom. Do you think the angry and hateful white Christians in the south would have voted to abolish slavery in the south before the Civil War? The answer is no, they would have voted to keep blacks as slaves if they had the chance to do so and that is why there was a Civil War to free the black slaves from the angry white Christians who wanted to keep blacks in chains as slaves. These angry and hateful antigay Christians are doing the same thing to LGBT people today by keeping them down and oppressed by stopping them from getting married and getting good jobs, etc..

  6. Bill S. says

    If we can win these four referenda and re-elect President Obama, 2012 will be the last election cycle where anti-gay rhetoric is part of the mainstream discourse. 2012 can end this once and for all.