1. candideinnc says

    I will gladly provide the boards and nails. No business should be allowed to discriminate…NONE! You are entitled to your opinion. If you operate in the marketplace, you provide services for everyone. You don’t like Blacks, tough. You don’t like gays, tough. Go find a line of work that better suits you. Maybe a Catholic priest.

  2. kpo5 says

    It’s getting really irritating with people playing the “belief” card every time they have to do their job.

    You don’t have to go to the wedding.
    You don’t have to approve.
    You don’t have to buy them a present.
    You don’t have to watch them on their wedding night or honeymoon.
    You don’t have to tell you kids.
    You don’t have to get gay married yourself.

    So just own it, Huck, Chick-fil-A, CO bigoted cake-baker, etc. – YOU’RE BIGOTS.

    History will remember you as such.

  3. Chris in Irvine says

    And the gays will be blamed for people being out of business and the recession…

  4. Brian says

    I don’t like wishing ill on people, but I hope that is what it comes to. What a silly, silly reason over which to lose a business. And why do they always have to add the footnote of “I won’t make a gay cake, but I don’t have anything against gay people”. You do. You have something against gay people. I hope any gay people you have working for you, or gay people you have as customers realize this, and suddenly leave.

  5. Michael says

    I actually support him. He owns a private business and as such is free to turn away any customers he wants. I don’t agree with him doing it, but it is his right. He is not a place of public accomodation or a government office. Here’s a thought, rather than protesting his business, just go elsewhere.

  6. jay says

    I agree with Michael. If this guy doesn’t want to make a gay wedding cake, fine. I don’t think he should be forced to. Although, I wouldn’t ever buy anything he sold.

  7. Jason says

    Why would any gay person even WANT to buy a cake from a baker who takes such an extreme stance against gays? He doesn’t necessarily deserve to lose his business (it’s his right) but seriously, just take your dollars elsewhere!

  8. Chris says

    So, this guy won’t sell you a gay wedding cake because he’s morally opposed to your lifestyle, but he’ll supposedly hire a gay person and work next to him or her every day in his own business? Do these types of positions really make sense to the people who espouse them?

    I wonder if he would make a cake for an interracial straight couple. I mean, the Bible specifically forbids intermarriage between races in several places. Someone should ask him that.

  9. Scott says

    I think for services which are truly necessary (I.e. medical services, food accommodation, lodging/hotels, and fuel/auto-repair services) it should be absolutely illegal to discriminate against any group. I don’t honk any business should- but in order to make the bigot’s side look all the more worse- just don’t use their business. Do you want my money to make my cake- fine! Be a jerk and make less money.

  10. Guy says

    What’s his problem? He’s under no obligation to sell a cake for a gay wedding.

    If he doesn’t like protesters, well, that’s another problem.

  11. Jimcracky says

    For those supporting this guy; you seem to not understand – there are non-discrimination laws for a reason. If you choose to run a business, you agree to those abide by the laws. You can refuse to serve an individual customer based on some stated criteria (no shoes, no service), but you can’t refuse a whole class of people based on some bigoted rationale. Next it would be Jews, or Appalachians, or Native Americans.

  12. Paul R says

    At first I thought, Well he might just have lost some business, along with the gays know better bakers anyway—the kind that wouldn’t put razor blades in your wedding cake—along with there obviously aren’t scads of gays getting married in Lakewood since, you know, it’s not legal.

    Then I thought F it. Have 10 couples go in and request gay wedding cakes. No need to protest. Just be polite and see if he sticks to his word about closing down. My guess is no unless he’s way behind on paying his rent/mortgage/suppliers. How is this even a story?

  13. jamal49 says

    The guy has no obligation to bake a wedding cake for anyone, gay couple or straight couple. It’s his prerogative. I think some of us need to get our priorities correct here. Forcing a small business owner to bake a gay wedding cake is about as stupid a move on our people’s part as I have yet seen. Leave the guy alone. There are bigger fish to fry than picking on a small business owner, no matter how bigoted he/she might be.

  14. Brian says

    Actually, Michael, it is illegal to deny this service to a federally protected class under the Federal Civil Rights Act. Since gay people aren’t a federally protected class, it gets a little less certain and depends on more local protections.

  15. Chris says

    @Michael Here’s the problem with that argument. There is no such thing as a gay wedding cake, there is just wedding cake, who it is sold to is of no consequence. Since it is a cake he would bake for anyone else, but not these people, it ceases to be a “private owners right” and becomes a violation of public accomodations law.

    Here’s a vulgar but simple example.

    gay couple walks into a bakery and want a wedding cake shaped like a giant penis…baker says no we won’t bake that cake for anyone. No problem because they won’t provide that service for anyone.

    Gay couple walks into a bakery and chooses a cake and says “we want that one”, and the baker says ” we sell that cake, we just won’t sell it to you”. PROBLEM. because of public accommodations laws. The fact is that they want to purchase a product he produces, he has denied selling it to them because of the intended purpose which is none of his concern. In reality, once you have purchased the cake, it is yours to serve at a wedding, funeral, throw it on the ground, whatever…without the bakers permission.

  16. Craig says

    “Gay Wedding Cake?” Since when did cakes have a sexuality? (Thanks to a certain movie I do know pies take it in the hole)

  17. Den says

    as the shocked baker came downstairs in the middle of the night and confronted the gorgeously dressed intruders he shouted “What do you want. My money, my credit card details, the keys to my safe…

    NO shouted the handsome and sexy young men, we just want you to bake us a fabulous wedding cake, with lovely rainbow icing and marzipan figurines to die for…

  18. Chris says

    @JAMAL49. yes actually he is. If he has a business open to the public, then he is required to sell product to whoever enters his premises. Just as the clerk at Macys can’t choose who gets to buy a shirt, or the grocer doesn’t get to sell cereal to one person, and not the next. He sells wedding cakes, he is required to treat customers equally.

    One of the problems here is that people are getting hung up on the “making the cake” part as if it were some creative endeavor like Ace of Cakes. This is stuff sold out of a book of cakes, pick your cake, flavor and frosting, and that’s it. The man actually admitted he would make it if he was told it was for a birthday. So he is discriminating based on where and to whom food will be served.

  19. The Milkman says

    Thank you, Chris. There are far too many people out there (and, it seems, in here) who jump to defend discriminatory business owners. If the free market were effective in curtailing this kind of behavior, then it would have done so already. It’s not effective, which is why we have civil rights statutes.

  20. Suzy Homemaker says

    Apparently, he also has a strong resistance to cleaning the grime out from under his fingernails. If I saw any foodhandler with nails that dirty, I’d do a 180 out of that establishment post-haste.

    I don’t think that proponents of equality should try to persuade him to bake the couple a cake. In the first place, who would want to eat a cake baked under that kind of duress?

    I do think that it is completely and highly appropriate for the individuals involved to make their experience know to the public, and for supporters of equality to permanently boycott the business. Let the bigot keep his cake. And eat it too!

  21. CD says It may be from 2010, but this response is relevant. Also, what a hypocrite; he will serve gay patrons, and hire gay employees, but won’t make a cake for a same-sex wedding. If you’re baking a cake for a wedding they’re a customer.

  22. David in Houston says

    I agree with Jason. Find a gay-friendly bakery. You wouldn’t want a wedding cake from religious homophobes anyway. It would ruin your perfect day knowing the cake was made by people that hate you.

  23. Sam says

    Why would any gay couple want to buy their wedding cake from him? Surely he isn’t the only baker in the area. Give the business to someone who wants it. I imagine that eating the cake he could be forced to make would somehow diminish its tastiness.

  24. Guest says

    You are going to just throw away a boat load of business because of your bigoted view.

    It is like he is saying. I am not going to bake no cake for those coloreds.

    Dude, you show your true colors by being a racist, bigot and downright moron. Trust me, if you close down it would be a good thing. What can we do to help you close up your business.

  25. Paul B. says

    OK, so watch this a second time and look at this fools hands. If he were going to repair my “hog”, I might pursue him. But who wants this a-hole handling their food anyway?
    I get the point of the debate, but just think we should move on once we’ve had a chance to think about it. Disgusting hands=disgusting heart=disgusting wedding cake…YUCK!
    Get a nice gay cake maker and move on already.

  26. Matt says

    Colorado’s public accommodations law covers sexual orientation. A bake shop is a place of public accommodation. It is unlawful to discriminate based on sexual orientation in a place of public accommodation. Refusing to sell a wedding cake based on the sexual orientation of the fiances is discrimination based on sexual orientation.

  27. Icebloo says

    I’m more than OK with him closing his shop. I’ll even volunteer to turn the key for him.

    He’s another big mouth who is ALL TALK and no action – just like the people who said they would leave the US if Obama won the last election yet they are all still here. It’s just immature, pathetic attention-seeking from people with the brains of a gerbil. YAWN !

    PLEASE stop giving this morons free publicity.

  28. Bingo says

    If you own a public business you can’t discriminate in Colorado. Period. A bakery is by law a place of public accommodation. He sells to the PUBLIC or he’s not in business. He can no more turn away a “gay cake” order than a restaurant can refuse to serve a gay customer.

    That said, who wants to order a cake from someone who hates you? Why give him the business? Is it going to be a good cake? I’m not eating it.

  29. ChristopherM says

    He bakes pretty cakes for a living. Someone is over-compensating I’d say.

  30. kit says

    This seems to me be exactly like the lunch counter sit-ins by African-Americans at Woolworths in the south in the 1960s. Woolworths was a private business, too. Here is the Wikipedia page:
    Thinking about the amount of personal bravery those protesters showed makes me tear up. Thank god they didn’t say, “Oh, well — I’ll just eat elsewhere.” This is what fighting discrimination for the good of all society looks like. It means not letting the bigots get away with it.

  31. Danny in the East Village says

    Uh–a professional pastry chef who has a problem with–gay people? Huh?? He must have been miserable in cooking school.

  32. Jay says

    I am happy not to spend any money at his absurdly named shop. But I hope the bastard is sued and put out of business.

  33. jpeckjr says

    @Kit: There is an important difference between the lunch counter protests and this one.

    Segregation by race and skin color was the law in many states and communities. It was illegal for Woolworth’s to serve white and black people at the same counter in those places. There was no “elsewhere” as the segregation laws applied to all establishments. It was illegal for a black-owned restaurant to serve white people, too, although many of them had no reluctance to break that law. The protesters were protesting the law, not just the company that complied with it.

    This baker is saying he will not obey Colorado’s nondiscrimination law.

    Three ways to disapprove of his policy: (1) attempt to purchase from him, disclose your sexual orientation, be denied on that basis, and sue him. (2) Go to any number of bakeries that will follow the law. (3) launch a protest effort involving picketing, letters to the editor, public demonstrations, etc.

    I’d favor finding just the right couple to file the lawsuit because a court ruling would reinforce the law.

  34. Chuck Mielke says

    While I’m not, generally, a proponent of the “free market” I think this baker is short-sighted. Let Masterbate Bakery compete with another shop that will not discriminate; guess who will have more sales?

  35. Ricco says

    He says he will give up his business before he bakes a “gay cake;” but would he, really?

    If enough people, enough straight people, took their business elsewhere because they did not want to patronize a business of a bigot, I am willing to bet he would adapt.

    He does not mind being divisive, of playing the bigot card because he thinks there are enough bigots, or people who are indifferent altogether, that it won’t actually hurt his business.

    Not only is he a bigot, but he is disingenuous.

    A part of me wants to agree with some here who have said that he should not have to bake a cake for gay people, that people can go elsewhere, and broadcast his bigotry if they like to others . . . but then ask yourself: what would the cultural environment be like in a nation where people can refuse service to people based on race, gender, age, or if someone has a physical disability?

    It would be utter chaos, which is why there are laws to protect people from that kind of discrimination.

    So MICHAEL, and sundry, if we were to step on the slippery slope you suggest, what? You would be fine with airlines refusing service to gays. You would be fine with hotels refusing service to gays? You would be fine with gas station owners refusing to sell gasoline to gay people . . . or supermarkets stores who won’t sell food or water . . . realtors who won’t sell a house to gays?

    Perhaps you are thinking that there is a difference between a wedding cake and the other services I mention, because you have, by yourself, have made designations of what services are and are not crucial, what one needs to survive.

    But the majority of trips people take on planes are not a matter of life and death, so by your (assumed) rationale there should not be a problem in not allowing gay people to fly . . . or deny them gasoline for anything but a life and death situation, or hotel room, etc. etc. etc.

    If you allow one business owner to discriminate then you have to allow others to do the same.

    Here is a question: why is it there are so many self-hating gay people who get squeamish about asserting their civil rights?

  36. anon says

    What a maroon!

    Anyway, the law here is probably not particularly helpful. He’s stating that he does not produce a product of a particular class, not that he refuses to serve patrons of a particular class, so public accommodation laws don’t apply directly, though I could see the ACLU trying to make a case here. He’s not obligated to make a cake displaying pornography, for example, so no problem if he refuses the order from a stripper. The main issue is if patrons are aware of the restrictions he places on wedding cakes in general before they make their order. If so, then he’s probably in the clear. That is, he can’t change his mind after the order was put in. However, feel free to contact the ACLU for a different opinion.

  37. Michael says

    His profession is making pint flowers out of sugar and he’s anti-gay?

    Closet Case #1,739,446

  38. jaragon says

    Why would anyone force him to bake a gay wedding cake? Just bake a cake, make money and don’t worry who is eating it. What a moron!

  39. says

    Thank you, Chris. You said it all so well.

    Those who think this is a “private” business are wrong. Those who think it’s about whether gay people would want to buy from a bigot are also wrong. This is only about whether his public business is in compliance with the non-discrimination laws of Colorado. If not, time for him to shut his doors and find a “private” living.

  40. Michaelandfred says

    Only once has something like this happened to me. My husband and I went to look at an apartment. It was a pretty good fit, we were getting excited because we had been looking for a while. We were just on the verge of telling the realtor we’d take it, when she said, “are you a couple? I’m sorry, but my client won’t rent to you.” That was over 15 years ago and I’ll never forget it. We were qualified in every way.Of course the couple can go someplace else. We did. But nobody should have this kind if experience for any reason, but especially not while planning their wedding.

    AGAIN. To operate a business you must obtain a license from the state. A business license issued by “we the people,” that requires the business follow certain laws that we as a community feel are important to society as a whole. You don’t get to pick and choose which ones you like or agree with. The business may be yours, but you cannot run one with “our” permission. If you can’t abide by those rules and regulations, don’t run a business. It’s that simple.

  41. Francis says

    What some here fail to grasp is, this isn’t about forcing this bigoted man to make the wedding cake. I truly doubt the couple in question wants this man to bake their cake. This is about not allowing discrimination go unchecked and unpunished. So therefore, we cannot simply let this go, because if we did, then that opens up a can of worms. Discrimination is discrimination and sexual orientation is a protected class in Colorado.

    Interested in seeing if Jack Philip is truly ready and willing to back his words up and close up shop if a lawsuit is brought against him. Somehow I doubt it.

  42. Bernie says

    I think we should all order a “gay” wedding cake from this hater! Send him your faxes, emails, tweets and order the “gayest” cake you can think of.

  43. AnotherMike says

    Colorado has a public accommodation law that includes sexual orientation. In a Civil society, we have laws that govern how we are forced to get along with one another. If you have a business, you must serve everyone. Religious belief doesn’t mean you get to choose which customers you serve in your public business-if it’s not about money.

    From the Colorado Division of Civil Rights

    24-34-601. Discrimination in places of public accommodation
    … “place of public accommodation” means any place of business engaged in any sales to the public…

    … and…“Place of public accommodation” shall not include a church, synagogue, mosque, or other place that is principally used for religious purposes.

    Bake cakes at your church and you will not have to worry about infidel customers.

  44. Matt S says

    I understand and am almost sympathetic to the people who say it’s his business and he should be allowed to turn them away. But here’s the thing: Suppose he owned the only grocery store in town and decided he wouldn’t allow gay people to buy food there. Could a gay person live in that town? Where would they buy food?

    And this is a judgment based not on the individual person but on excluding an entire group without any consideration. If a person is rude and demanding, you have every right to decide not to do business with him or her. However, you cannot assume that a person who belongs to a certain group will be rude and demanding and decide not to deal with anyone in that group.

  45. jasmin says

    He shouldn’t have to serve any one he doesn’t want. It is his business. Get over it go somewhere else to get the cake

  46. sue says

    Is his bakery the only one in town, I doubt that very much. They just want to make a big deal to get people to feel sorry for you to get free stuff for there wedding, stop people like this, there just taking advantage of the good people in that town.

  47. Chris says

    @anon again, I don’t know how to say this any more clearly,, but he is not being asked to produce a class of product that he does not produce. Period. There is no such thing as a gay wedding cake, there is only wedding cake, the people who consume it are inconsequential to the product itself. The same cake is produced regardless of where it will be served. In addition the style, colors, etc were chosen from the bakery’s selection. Regardless, the baker himself destroyed that argument when he said he would bake that cake as a birthday cake, but not for a gay wedding.

  48. Robb says

    I looked at their website…..quite honestly, the cakes at Publix (a Florida based grocery chain for the rest of the world) are prettier and more innovative, anyway. I used to live in Denver and the very best bakery there was Gateaux on Speer….both styling and flavor. I’m sure they make them without the fingernail mung, too…

  49. Josh says

    Why should he? Suddenly the world has become another planet?
    I say if you bitches want cake make it in your diapers, and don’t forget the bride/bride, groom/groom gets the first taste.

  50. gus says

    Who cares? andWho could possibly wantsuch a hateful person to bake their wedding cake? and Why does Andy think this troglodyte deserves a hyperlink to its oddly gay-toned web site?

  51. andrew says

    Solution: Shop at another bakery. Advertize his homophobia and encourage all the people you know to shop elsewhere.

  52. Mark says

    Unless he’s got a hairnet for those nostrils, I doubt very many of us would want to buy a cake from this frightening-looking “man.”

  53. Bea says

    This couple probably searched high and low to find this bakery, so now they can be “victims” and whine and moan and perhaps even file a lawsuit. What a pair of babies! For heaven’s sake, stop your crying and simply find another bakery!

  54. johnny says

    The problem is this idiot doesn’t realize how many STRAIGHT couples that he’s just lost business from because they may have a gay father, brother, sister, aunt, nephew, friend, etc…

    When you proudly proclaim your bigotry, you don’t ONLY offend gays, you offend everyone who knows them well.

  55. Jack says

    Just hope y’all know this means that your businesses can’t refuse service to even the most bigoted homophobe. If Bryan Fischer or Fred Phelps or Maggie Gallagher walks into your place, too bad.

  56. Daniel says

    I have to be honest, why protest the guy? Don’t do business with him and encourage your friends and family not to do business with him.

  57. La Gaye Rationale says

    The point isn’t to force anyone to do anything. He has a belief that doesn’t align with current changing societal values and I respect that. However, I do not feel it’s right to force someone to make a cake to honor something against their beliefs, that’s kind of reverse intolerance in my book. Just boycott the baker and take your business elsewhere to someone who WILL serve you and give your money to them. Vote with your money folks! He’ll eventually shutter the business for lack of profits.

  58. NVTodd says

    I suggest everybody call and order a cake, his number is 303-763-5754.

    I also suggest that everybody contact the Lakewood, Colorado Health Department, as this guys poor hygiene is an obvious violation of code.

    So far as his whining that he’ll close his business if he’s forced to bake a cake for a same sex couple, when he applied for and signed for a business licence, he agreed to abide by the law, and serve ALL the public.

    Imagine if someone had a business there and refused to serve anybody against SSM, – the uproar would be palpable.

  59. Nichole says

    If he doesnt want to bake your cake, grow up, and move on. It’s his business he has a right to feel the way he does, just like you have the right to be in a same sex relationship. No one should be forced to participate in a practice against their beliefs. I support him %100 +!

  60. Max says

    This guy is a hero, He has the right to refuse service to anyone. Doesn’t matter for what reason its his right !