New Kids On The Block In The Shower With Mustaches: PHOTO


The men from New Kids on the Block recently reunited to work on some new music and also celebrate the end of Donnie Wahlberg's mustache, a follicular addition the singer says brought him "countless insults" and "thousands of requests to shave," so Wahlberg, eager to please, decided to let his face be naked once again.

Here's a picture the men took before Wahlberg did the deed. It's been almost 25-years since the quintet appeared on the scene and they're still looking pretty darn good.


  1. PixelWizard says

    Also, Donnie Wahlberg gives a fiercely good performance in the CBS series ‘Blue Bloods’ – check him out. It’s been renewed for a third season.

  2. Contrarian says

    Knew nothing about them back in the day, other than the whole underwear Marky Mark thing. Mark W. has made himself into an actor and a wealthy man, much to my surprise. Is the one who has the Hershey Kiss hairdo a str8 man? if so, he is the only str8 man I have seen with that style.

  3. Yawn says

    A bunch of 40-somethings with mustaches from a has-been band is supposed to be interesting news? Slow news day I guess…

  4. Old Men says

    If this photo was supposed to be sexy, they failed I’m afraid. The one with the shirt on looks like he came straight out of the 1800’s. And I agree with Anon – Blue Bloods sucks. Not sure how the show is still on the air.

  5. CVP says

    It’s so easy to leave negative comments, isn’t it? Life is quite empty for some…

  6. Gary A says

    I dunno, I think it’s kinda hot. But then again I’m a gay child of the 80’s, so am sorta partial.

  7. jamal49 says

    Actually, I liked Donnie’s mustache. Oh well. Donnie’s a good actor too. I’ve liked him ever since “Southies”.

  8. anon says

    negative? no. i like to take photos. first thing i would request is that the guy take his shirt off.

    and i’ve always been partial to Joey. even more so after i hear his story.

    i’m not a Whalburg fan, no matter the first name. and Blue Bloods is just awful. it’s hard to tell if Donnie is any good, the show is unwatchable.

    but Jordan – yeah. and he knows it. which is why i’m not as big a fan.

  9. LincolnLounger says

    Who would have guessed that Donnie would become such a good actor. Love Blue Bloods, too.

  10. Guest says

    Personally I think they all aged rather nicely…especially considering the terrible lighting in the photo. But, they all look better clean shaven.