Pope Benedict Names Prop 8 Architect the New Archbishop of San Francisco

Pope Benedict has named Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, a central strategist in the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California, the new Archbishop of San Francisco, SDGLN reports:

CordileoneCordileone played a central role in founding and executing the Protect Marriage campaign, and under his influence, Catholic organizations in California played a leading role in financing the Prop 8 campaign. His partners included the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Focus on the Family. In fact, it was Cordileone who personally phoned NOM co-founder Maggie Gallagher and asked her to get NOM involved in the Prop 8 fight.

Now, as Archbishop of San Francisco, Cordileone will oversee more than 400,000 Catholic parishioners across 90 parishes. As a metropolitan archbishop, Cordileone will have bishops in dioceses including Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Honolulu, Sacramento and Reno under his supervision.

“Bishop Cordileone has proven himself to be an anti-gay activist who encourages and promotes discrimination against LGBT people,” said Chad Griffin, HRC president.

Cordileone will be ordained in early October.


  1. gregory brown says

    Plainly Der Heilige Fuehrer is not interested in accommodating the actual pastoral needs of Catholics in this region. Imposition of Papal Authority is more important than any sensitivity to the mores of locals who range from liberals to arch-conservatives and live among a population of people who want respect for their own ways of believing. That is the Pope’s prerogative. It’s not good neighborliness.

  2. Bob says

    A reminder to all the Gay people who still want to consider themselves catholics : if you think you’re any different from the jewish people who once considered themselves germans above all, if you think you’re not supporting the death of Gay kids by bullying and suicide, if you’re not standing up and shouting in church and refusing to give money…….

  3. DannyEastVillage says

    Mr Brown, not only is it not good neighborliness, as you noted, it isn’t good pastoral practice; and still less does it reflect an interest in the Ministry of Reconciliation – which is the only job description for the church found in the christian scriptures. So I think you got it right: the Ratz’s interest is in power–no more, no less.

  4. Tony says

    I guess he’s doing this as a slap in the face to gay people or something? Oh, great powerful one! I can’t wait until that organization finally collapses. It’s going to be absolutely hilarious.

  5. DannyEastVillage says

    Also–it goes without saying–this is yet another nail in the coffin of the relationship between the Vatican hierarchy and the gay membership of the Roman church. It’ll be interesting to see how much is spent on security for Girlfriend’s ordination ceremony. I’m sure they won’t let the queers anywhere near the place.

  6. Elangay says

    This insult should have LGBT and Justice seeking Catholics walking out of the RC Church in droves. It is the only course of action that has integrity. Give your money to organizations that support our rights and protect our youth.

  7. DeeperStill says

    These evil beings are so un-christlike. In fact, they are anti-christ. Not even trying to hide it anymore. Most of them belong in a prison cell, especially the nazi scum piece of sh*t, pope. They are not only hiding criminals, trying to guard them from prosecution, while letting them continue raping boys, just someplace new. They have so much blood on their hands as well. Not only have their hateful views on gay people resulted in violent attacks, and even murders, no matter how indirectly. But the evil king on his golden throne in the vatican actually told poor, un-educated people in Africa that using condoms would not protect them from getting HIV, but in fact would make it more likely to get it. That is practically massmurder, is it not? He is the real wolf in sheep clothing, the true face of evil. All in the name of “God”. The bible even give warnings of evil disguising itself as ultimate goodness.

    And still millions of people look up to this imposter, and worships like morons. It’s utterly pathetic, and I hope to see the day when they will have to face their atrocities, and be held accountable for their wicked ways.

    “love thy neighbor…”
    “Judge not, lest ys be judged…”
    “Let him who is without sin…”

    “But we do not hate gays, we love them. That’s why we are trying to save you from eternal hell. We are called by our heavely father to keep on telling you, until you repent. We LOVE you!”

    May they all go curl up in a corner somewhere, and die in pain. Slowly…

  8. candideinnc says

    My Catholic family members are more and more embarrassed of their religion. They apologize to me for the bishops and pope. There was a time when they wanted to get me to rejoin the chursh. Nowadays, they don’t bother. They just hope the nazi will die and something better will take over…but they don’t have much hope. He has just put more sexually repressed and twisted guys in the red dresses.

  9. prince of irony says

    I look at these fools now, like the one pictured above, and see nothing more than a Halloween costume. Some pompous ass dressed up in feudal regalia to impress the uneducated.

    They want to control all of society but can’t even get their own membership to refrain from divorce. Or keep their ministers from sex crimes.

  10. Mickey says

    Well I am glad he was placed in the state where his work has been found discriminatory by the high court and all his hard work will end up been for naught soon. He is proud of the dishonesty and slanderous nonsense and being rewarded for it only shows the hypocrisy and immorality of the Vatican and the Pedo protecting Nazi Pope. I say it is a great and wonderful thing to put them on display for the world to see as the frauds they are!

  11. john patrick says

    Cordileone won’t be “ordained” in early October. He was already ordained a bishop. Rather, he will be installed (plugged in) in early October.

    His assignment to San Francisco is a real slap in the face to Roman Catholic LGBT people there. The city and political establishment have been quite accepting to LGBT people.

    Benedict XVI, the Closeted, has decided to install the father (devil-father) or Prop 8 into this episcopal (not Episcopalian) see, right in the heart of one of the cities most open to LGBT people in the world.

    But of course, what else can we expect from a pope who once wrote that no one – not even the church – should be surprised when people react violently to LGBT people who work for the legalization of our love and relationships. This same pope has compared the legalization of same sex relationships to destruction of the environment, and has declared that gay and lesbian couples do emotional violence to the children they raise.

    Now the lying devil-father of Prop 8 is going to San Francisco. May his arrival and stay there be blessed with much opposition and public exposition of his evil words and actions. May his stay be blessed by a decline in money and an emptying of the churches. May his name be held in disrepute for the rest of his life and may his memory be held in disdain and his name be erased from history save as an example of a bishop who sold his soul for a pittance of temporal glory.

  12. Caliban says

    OK, normally I don’t go here in comments, but that is some weapons-grade gayface. I’d lay money his psyche is so twisted Hieronymus Bosch wouldn’t paint it.

    As “Betty Bowers” said about Cardinal John O’Connor, his official title should be “Haughty Miss Thing In The Fabulous Flowing Red Dress Living In That Expensive Mansion When Christ Told You To Live Simply And Use Your Money To Help The Poor.”

  13. Jim says

    Why isn’t the diocese taxed now that it involved itself in govenment? Also, isn’t is considered treason to let a foreign body meddle in US affairs?

  14. My2cents says

    By this time next year, when the courts have finally killed-off Prop 8 and same-sex marriage will once again be recognized in California as the law of the land (and I truly believe that this will happen), Cordileone, who has a serious attack of “gay face”, will find himself relegated to the dustbin of history. He’ll have even less moral authority than he does now.

  15. says

    There better be hundreds of thousands of people protesting in the streets outside that church in San Francisco this fall when he starts. I’m talking, more people on the streets outside that church than there are attendees at every pride even in every manor city

  16. Bob says

    Thus,this struggle is about them not being able to allow non procreative relationships,including married couples with birth control.
    Its not that they hate you it’s just that you are in their way, and must be stomped down .
    I am distressed by gay people whose relatives still go to, these churches , and who are not yelling at them to do something about this.

  17. Sarm says

    He needs to be locked up with every other Christian out there for their crimes against humanity. Especially for the crime of supporting and covering up child rape.

  18. Johnson says

    Salvatore Cordileone anagrams:

    Colon averse idolater.
    Sacred loo revelation.
    Considerate oral love.
    Oral elves coordinate.
    Adore versatile colon.
    Loon eradicates lover.
    Tolerance lover adios.
    Avoid tolerance loser.
    Loose cavalier rodent.
    Love desolate carrion.
    Anal scooter evildoer.
    Arcane evildoer stool.
    Craven loose idolater.
    Solo lavender erotica.
    Asocial reverend tool.
    Leotard love scenario.
    Coarse volatile drone.
    Violate colder reason.

  19. TK says

    I hope gays as far as Los Angeles and further come to protest outside this church when this man starts. San Francisco… Show what you’re city is about!

  20. Bob says


    You must, if catholic, explain to all your relatives and friends to protest this to their priest AND WITHHOLD ALL DONATIONS unless and until the bishops back off.

    If you would rather be quiet so that you get to eat the cookie, you are a streetwalking whore who betrays your Gay brethren

  21. Zach says

    Why are people wishing death on these people? That isn’t classy or cool, no matter how much you are angry at them. True tolerance is accepting all points of view, not just your own, regardless of how upsetting the other’s is. By saying they should just die, you are giving fuel to their cause against you. Think before you post?

  22. Caliban says

    @Zach, It may be the “Kumbaya” ideal, but defending those who would never defend you in return, who if given half a chance would imprison or eradicate you, isn’t “tolerance,” it’s self-destructive nihilism. Defending the right of others to treat you like crap is just begging for more of the same.

  23. anon says

    Well, in his defense, he was successful in getting prop 8 to pass! I’m sure this is his award. The church always sees itself as besieged by secular devils. What we see as progress on human rights they see as a society going to the devil. It’s a classic example of how a mindset can warp clear thinking.

  24. DeeperStill says

    I’m sorry, Zach, but wanting to strip gay people of basic human rights, and demonizing us like they do, resulting in bullying, suicides and violent attacks/murders, is NOT just an opposite “point of view” in my book.

    And what makes you think I or others haven’t been thinking before posting? I’ve thought hard and long about this issue for years and years now, and I stand by every word. I mean every single word. Maybe YOU need to think? After all, it’s just another point of view than your own. Right?

  25. Zach says

    All I’m saying is that I remember when the AIDS crisis went on, everyone said for ME & my kind to die. I remember the hurt. I love everyone, even haters, and as such wish death on nobody. I wasn’t saying to defend those views. Argue all you want. But it’s no something light to say they should die. I love living as much as you and they do. I love being alive to kiss my husband goodnight, tuck in our adopted daughter, and do as I want, regardless of what they –or anyone– says.

  26. DeeperStill says

    Well, how very fortunate for you, Zach. Let’s hope things never change for you and your family. Truly. Sad that not all gay people are as fortunate…

    I’m amazed you fail to see the difference in “opinions” though. You remember the hurt, you say. Did you do something to these lowlifes to make them hurt you in return, or did they start hating for no reason? You think they will stop hurting us, if we act more civilized towards them, and respect their “opinions”? I highly doubt it.

    I accept that you find it possible to love the evil lowlifes. But I will never respect that position. But of course you’re free to do and think as you wish. As am I.

    Peace to you and your family. And again; May time never change your happiness.

  27. T.R says


    You are the definition of apologist, and the kind of man who only cares about his comfort levels. You’re little perfect life, relationship, family, tucking in your child..is all so comfortable and lovely that you’re COMPLACENT. Not even CARING or thinking about LGBT who live a daily life of hell. You want us to overlook the evil of bigots and “loove them regardless”
    YOU have evil in your heart because all you care about is your life, your comforts and your safety.
    Move out of our way as we accomplish TRUE change and progress. Not sitting around idle, accepting prejudice as a way of life while “loving everyone”


  28. Volmeg says

    Zach…you should compete for the Miss America pageant, because you’re flowery, idealistic speeches are only missing “world peace” at the end of them.
    You don’t live in the real world.

  29. andrew says

    I am always amazed at how many “gay” people who post on this site think that the most negative thing you can post about somebody is that they are a “fag”.What does that say about their sense of self worth?

  30. jamal49 says

    @JOHNSON: An amazing piece of anagramatic analysis, I must say!

    @JIM: I wonder those things often myself. The RCC was directly intervening in politics with Prop 8 (however, let us not forget how deeply involved Mittie Romney’s “church” was also involved). Makes me wonder where the IRS is when you really need them.

    The RCC and the Mormon Church and any other evangie-fundie are breaking federal tax-exempt law when they blatantly interject themselves into politics but cowardly hide behind the “free speech, freedom of religion” nonsense.

    As for the other question, here’s what I don’t understand:

    The Roman Catholic Church is controlled by The Vatican, a small city-state carved out of the City of Rome. We have diplomatic relations with The Vatican (we can all thank Ronald Reagan for that, btw).

    In fact, The Vatican is recognized as a sovereign state by dozens of countries and has a special observer status at The United Nations. The Pope is considered Head of State of The Vatican by The United Nations.

    Therefore, why are Roman Catholic cardinals, bishops and priests not required, as mandated by federal law, to register as agents of a foreign government, especially when they advocate in local, state and federal legislatures for political positions of The Vatican City-State?

  31. Frank says

    None of this matters. The Catholic priesthood is filled with self-loathing
    homosexuals ( is this a secret?) What matters is that Prop 8 is on its way out.
    Ditto ffor DOMA. Thats all that matters.

  32. Frank says

    None of this matters. The Catholic priesthood is filled with self-loathing
    homosexuals ( is this a secret?) What matters is that Prop 8 is on its way out.
    Ditto ffor DOMA. Thats all that matters.

  33. Frank says

    None of this matters. The Catholic priesthood is filled with self-loathing
    homosexuals ( is this a secret?) What matters is that Prop 8 is on its way out.
    Ditto ffor DOMA. Thats all that matters.

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