Ricky Martin Signs Deal to Develop and Star in His Own TV Series


Ricky Martin is headed to television, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

The multi-platinum singer, who recently appeared on an episode of Glee and is currently starring in Broadway's Evita revival, has signed a talent holding deal with NBCUniversal that will see him developing his own starring network TV vehicle.

Universal TV EVP Bela Bajaria announced the news on Monday. “Ricky is an iconic superstar who is as talented as he is popular,” she said. “Whether he’s performing before sold-out concert crowds, or starring on Broadway, where he is currently playing to SRO in Evita, Ricky connects with his audience in a very palpable way — and we are thrilled that he will be adding TV star to his incredible resume.”


  1. says

    @PDX GUY LOL no…He’s in his brains now…and I just love this guy…though I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it in time because of being outside USA. Go KIKI

  2. Icebloo says

    Ricky Martin is a piece of sh#t ! He is the WORST kind of gay person. When he was making money he was happy to pretend to be straight and even SUPPORTED George W Bush AND sang at his inauguration !
    Then, once his career was over, he came out so he could appeal to the gays to keep buying his albums when no one else would.

    He’s a self absorbed pri#k. We need to boycott idiots like him. If we had not had EIGHT LONG YEARS of George W Bush because of idiots like Ricky Martin we may well have more equal rights by now and NO Iraq/Afghanistan wars !

    BOYCOTT Ricky Martin ! He only wants us for his own promotional reasons and to make money from us. He has done NOTHING good for us. He didn’t support us at all when he was making the big money.

  3. Icebloo says

    “Ricky is an iconic superstar” – I think someone has been smoking crack. Reality check needed.

    Ricky Martin was NEVER a superstar. He had ONE worldwide hit which lasted for a few minutes (and which he didn’t write!) then he had a couple of much smaller, minor hits which failed to chart in most countries. That does NOT make someone a “superstar”.

    “He’s a washed up, failed, has-been who is desperate for a hit and any attention he can get” – that would have been a more accurate quote. You’re welcome.

  4. MarkUs says

    I want to see Ricky develop a show with Joe Jonas and Lance Bass. Whatever happened to The Gay Odd Couple that Lance was said to be producing once. Hell throw in all the Jonas Brothers. Ricky and Lance could be the leads and The Brothers could be those Pigeon sisters who lived in the building. It was Pigeon wasn’t it.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    @ “ICEBLOO” Jealous? Ricky’s career is far from over; I’d say that he hasn’t peaked yet. He may not be as big in the USA as he is in Latin America, but that will change (I hope). Take a look at his humanitarian work here: , which also comments, “An acclaimed performance at the 1999 Grammy Awards launched Martin into worldwide super-stardom.”
    And who cares whether he’s written any of the songs he performs? Sinatra wrote only seven songs in his entire life and only one, “This Love of Mine,” hit any chart. And if Ricky doesn’t brag about his efforts as a lyricist, who’s to blame him but you?
    So you don’t like Ricky? That’s ok. But it doesn’t justify spreading lies. Can you expect someone who was a catholic alter boy to have no conservative notions? Ask virtually anyone to name a popular Latin-American singer and I will guess that almost no one will say “Luis Miguel,” who won a Best Latin Album Grammy the year prior to Ricky’s win. (And Miguel is no slouch — wonderful voice, handsome; I’d love to see a duet with him and Ricky.)

    Unlike many performers, Rick came out at or before the peak of his career and has been a reliable advocate: “Martin wishes to marry in Spain to recognize the efforts of Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in defense of LGBT rights.”

  6. VDUFFORD says

    Why not he’s a likable guy…just ovoid the Oprah-isms (remember Nate) and Madonna as your first guest…okay queens…bring it on!

  7. Josh says

    Since I read all these comment with queens hating him I have to like him now. He’s living a life none of you will ever have – and he’s gorgeous. And he’s not gay famous like Dustin Black.

  8. Josh says

    Since I read all these comment with queens hating him I have to like him now. He’s living a life none of you will ever have – and he’s gorgeous. And he’s not gay famous like Dustin Black.

  9. says

    I can’t understand why people hate him…It must have to do something with their own lives. Firstly, he definitely is a superstar, though it might not seem to many queens out here but globally and specially in Latin America he has got a huge fan base. Secondly, he never really sang as many english songs as he does in Spanish. And for record, those who are meaninglessly ranting about his dying carrier must go and get a life ‘coz if you had one then you would have realised that he’s latest album was the first Spanish album to get a top spot in the US billboard chart in a long time. Thirdly, he took a hiatus, if you understand what it means. Fourthly, unlike you queens he is not just talented, good looking but also kind, and compassionate human being with a golden heart to work for poor, homeless, trafficked and needy people. Fifthly, he’s an amazing father and is breaking hell lot of stereotypes regarding the LGBT community and is working for everyone’s betterment. Sixthly, He’s carrier is on a steep rise as one can see that Evita is one of the most grossed Broadway plays this time and his popularity can be understood just be the mere fact that when Ricky left it though only for a few days to go on Vacation then the earnings fell down to half. People love him and is clear form Ryan Murphy’s faith in him…
    Come on guys not get a life…

  10. says

    @CHUCK MIELKE I don’t know where have you got this info regarding his marriage but I think they are all gossips. Once, they said he was going to get married on Jan 28, in NYC now, it’s Spain. Meanwhile, some leaders in Spain, as per the news goes, are having second thoughts regarding same-sex marriages. And as far as Ricky is concerned he keeps on saying that he’s not talking about marriage though he would definitely want that option for him. Also, there are news that he might be waiting for Puerto Rico to legalize same sex marriage…

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    @ Alejo: All of the quotes I used were from the Wikipedia entry cited in my response to “ICEBLOO.” I must say that I was a bit confused about the marriage thing, too. At one point the article said he wanted to get married in Spain; at another point it says he was married in New York. As of January, this year, People en Español, reported, “Una representante de Ricky Martin negó que el cantante se casaría en una ceremonia en Nueva York a finales de enero, como informó un diario puertorriqueño.”

  12. Icebloo says

    If this was any other washed up celeb we would not even be reporting this story. Ricky’s career is long over. The only reason he is continuing to get any media attention is because he has a pretty face.

    When will the idiot gays realize that a pretty face does not equal talent.

    We should be saving our attention (and money) for the famous people who support us with ACTIONS, not words.

  13. lquinones says

    Ricky has done much with his charity work by rescuing children being trafficked, Haiti earthquake relief, tsunami relief and United Nations programs through UNICEF. Everyone here says he is all talk no action but he has found his own way to make the world better. I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Ricky Martin foundation was helping people rebuild homes. Maybe he thinks children deserve his help better than needy bitchy queens on here. BTW, he is a mega superstar to the 400 million latinos in the world even today, sorry @ICEBLOO your world is too small for Ricky.

  14. says

    @ ICEBLOO ‘idiot gays realize that a pretty face does not equal talent’. LOL go get your DOWN’S DETECTED..!!!

  15. andrew says

    Congratulations to Ricky Martin, a handsome and talented guy.I look forward to watching his show!