1. Paul R says

    Unfortunately I doubt that this will hurt him much in the US. The Brits also hated W. and liked Obama, but that didn’t have any influence on US voting patterns.

  2. ratbastard says

    Neither he nor any other American politician campaigning for the presidency should be campaigning in a foreign country, this includes the president himself. And of course it puts their foreign hosts in a very uncomfortable situation, but I must say Cameron and the Tory London mayor seem to have been particularly ice cold to the Republican nominee. An irony here is Romney ran a state that’s very ‘progressive’, more-so in many ways than England or the UK itself, and he’s the epitome of an internationalist insider. If we were living 40 years ago, Romney would be the perfect Rockefeller Republican.

  3. ratbastard says

    @Paul R,

    Right. These foreign excursions and foreign affairs in general have almost zero influence on elections.


    I’ll say this one more time: The Brits [English and their Celtic friends] have disdain for American Anglophiles or people trying to s*ck up to them.

  4. Swiminbuff says

    So much for his heralded Anglo Saxon heritage improving the UK-US “special relationship”. He has become the butt of several good jokes in London. I though it was interesting that just before meeting with Mittons, the Prime Minister was giving one of his “same sex marriage is a Conservatove value” speeches. I wonder if the topic of conservative values came up in discussions.

  5. Dback says

    It does put a couple little chinks in his armor/image as a “can-do” capable guy–it reminds people of George W. Bush, and reinforces Romney’s tone-deaf, foot-in-mouth habits. It’s not fatal, but it does feed into and reinforce the meme that Romney is elitist, out-of-touch, smug, entitled, etc. This is going to be a very close election; if 1%-2% don’t vote for Romney based on his foreign policy gaffes, that could swing things for Obama. (Wait until Romney has to start debating Obama, and thinking on his feet and arguing extemporaneously.)

  6. Mike says

    @Paul R.
    Individually these things don’t matter. But when they begin building a narrative about the candidate… in this case Mitt is an unprepared, awkward, out-of-touch candidate… there is an effect.

    This tour was supposed to highlight his, um, “presidentialness”. Stumbling like this so epically during a media event that will dominate the next two weeks undermines that attempt.

  7. Gregoire says

    This reinforces his image as a bumbling fool. He had a chance to look presidential in an international setting, and he basically did the equivalent of tripping over an ottoman.

  8. ratbastard says

    Oh please. Obama made MULTIPLE ‘gaffes’ with the queen and in on other occasions. He also gave the Labour PM Browne a much less than warm welcome and an insulting ‘gift’.

    But, why some American politicians and people feel the need or desire to pay so much attention to the British is a mystery to me. Trust me, the average Brit thinks you’re at best a weirdo. If and when British politicians just appear to obsess over the so-called ‘special’ relationship, they get crucified, especially on the left.

    Just keep the ‘relationship’ cool and businesslike.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    And it’s not just England….Europes major papers are all having fun with this. The Germans are calling him an android. The Germans! “Worse than Palin” was a headline.

    Maybe he can mention how many lucky Jews he’s baptized post mortem in Israel.

  10. Michael says

    Oh man, just when I thought this couldn’t get more entertaining. Mitt the Twit! So… His first voyage across the pond and he manages to piss off an entire nation before he even makes his literal first step. This is Palin 2.0 with a major, major upgrade.

    Somebody, please, please pass the popcorn.

  11. ratbastard says

    Amazing level of trolling and [paid?] shilling on these forums.


    The Europeans and British power elites on the left and right have used the U.S. [Amerika, Yanks, etc.] as a foil for a very long time. Our relationship is uneven at least as far as shear power is concerned, so this causes tension, Additionally, British and European politicians find it convenient to ‘blame’ the ‘dumb’ Americans for everything under the sun. The Euro and Brit leftist universally despise America [we aren’t socialist enough because we don’t have universal healthcare and our military is too big, and of course we’re ‘bullies’ … LOL]. They do not differentiate between left, right or middle of the road Americans. If it’s convenient to ridicule and mock them, they’ll do it. At the end of the day much of this has to do with their relative impotence and psychological need to both feel superior and deflect attention away from their pernicious avarice and duplicity in the very things and behaviors they mock Americans for.

  12. simon says

    Of course the Europeans find it annoying that a US presidential candidate comes to visit even before being elected. No other countries did this kind of stupid thing.

  13. ratbastard says

    1) I didn’t say Cameron was a leftist, although he’s not conservative at least on social issues. He is OF COURSE a Tory, but he’s what in America would be called a RINO [republican in name only, AKA Mayor Bloomberg of NYC] or a red dog.

    2) Simon, non-Americans get involved in internal American politics all the time. And major political parties of different nations that share similar ideologies frequently help each other out.

    And don’t forget Obama made a major campaign speech in Berlin [LOL!]

  14. Daniel in MO says

    I dislike Romney and I know some are saying we are making too big of a deal about this, but I do not think we are. Here’s why. As a person who wants everyone to remember that he ran a successful Olympic Games, Mitt blew it. If you can’t make a good impression while speaking in England (our closest ally) what does that say about your diplomatic abilities. This was tailor-made for him to do well and he choked.

  15. Seattle Mike says

    I had only read the Cameron slam on the Salt Lake Olympics, not seen it. But that video clip of him laughing as he said it was priceless.

  16. EYEROLL says

    RATBASTARD has now added “international diplomacy” to his list of things he THINKS he is an expert on! He has apparently researched the British views on Americans quite thoroughly! Although, he has yet to answer the question in the previous Mitt Romney British gaffe article’s comment section regarding his pontification on British – Canadian relations.

  17. simon says

    As a matter of fact, Mitt holds no official position in government or in his party. He represents only himself. By definition, he is a candidate and not an office holder. There is nothing to talk about. It is just a show.

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