Russian Right Seeks Facebook Ban Over ‘Gay Propaganda’

FaxMachineLike their ideological counterparts here in the States mulling a David v. Goliath-type movement against Google, Russian conservatives are calling on a nation-wide ban on Facebook after the tech giant unveiled relationship icons representing same-sex marriage. But the activists, mostly from the Russian Orthodox Church, don't call the icons "icons;" they call it "gay propaganda" and "flirting with sodomites."

From the government-backed

Russian religious activists have demanded Facebook be banned in the country over “gay propaganda” among minors and have launched a campaign to criminalize homosexuality.

In response [to the icons], an Orthodox community in the city of Saratov, southern Russia, issued an ultimatum demanding that Facebook stop “flirting with sodomites” and remove all content promoting homosexuality.

The activists sent a fax to the international network’s office in Russia and gave the company 24 hours to fulfill the demands. If Facebook does not comply, they threatened to sue internet service providers who give users access to Facebook content.

They sent a fax, clearly unaware that even the fax machine is on Facebook.


  1. says

    Just the way things are headed over there, I knew it was only a matter of time before social media got swept into the propaganda mix.

  2. My2cents says

    Makes you value the doctrine of separation of church and state all the more. In Russia, priests are allowed to form their own political parties, and elsewhere in the Balkans and Greece, where Eastern Orthodoxy has considerable influence, priests are paid employees of the government. I hope Facebook and Google never back down. They can help LGBTs all over, especially in backward, third-world countries.

  3. Mike says

    Googles “propaganda” is nothing compared to the anti-gay Christian propaganda and psychological warfare they have been doing to LGBT people and other minorities for god knows how long. The CIA know how to make and use propaganda and they have been training the anti-gay Christians how to do use it against the LGBT people and other minorities.

  4. Mike says

    Anti-gay Christian black propaganda has been used by the anti-gay Christians for a very long time to make LGBT look bad. We need to start a movement to stop the anti-gay Christians from pumping out black propaganda that makes gays look bad. When you make gays look bad in the news media and on the street then people think badly of gays and that is what black propaganda is. The CIA use it all the time to destroy their enemies and they are teaching it to the anti-gay Christians.

  5. says

    But the activists, mostly from the Russian Orthodox Church, don’t call the icons “icons;” they call it “gay propaganda” and “flirting with sodomites.”