1. kpo5 says

    Does this individual base his marriage on the intercourse which he has? Is it a missionary marriage?

    And again, those who rely on that ol’ ‘extinct/destruction’ meme are the ones who truly have some serious closet issues. If you’re an anti-gay man who is attracted to women, you’re never going to play the “extinct” card. You’re only going to play it if you’re constantly trying to overcome your own urges.

    The Southwest TP Tweeter is protesting a *little* too much here.

  2. Michael says

    Since when did Tripp Palin start tweeting?

    btw, hate to break the news to him but this country was most definitely not set up based on Judeo-Christian values. It’s unreal these guys just want to rewrite history. But, you know, why let a thing like facts stop you?

  3. TampaZeke says

    Someone should ask Mr. Cathy if this is the family values and Christian values he’s trying to promote. According to the Soutwest Tea Party it is.

  4. Mike says

    This is how Hitler stirred up the German Catholics to hate minorities and become Hitler’s Nazis who went on to murder millions of people. Hitler was a Catholic and the first antigay Christian mad man terrorist who murdered gays and Jews and wanted to kill anybody who disagreed with his insanity. Don’t think it can not happen again, it has and will if we do nothing to stop mad men like him.

  5. says

    These are Romney’s people.

    What’s funny is that Romney was celebrtaing his Anglo-Saxon ancestry a few days ago…..

    Ha ha ha , now he has just insulted all the UK (home of Anglo Saxons) by suggesting they are not good at running the Olympics.

    Romney and the south west Tea party at large !!!!
    Ha ha ha.

  6. AJ says

    Yeah. 16 followers. Don’t give this person the trime of day. Aren’t there enough horrid homophobic freaks out there without posting this? SOme nobody from nowheresville posted this. NEXT

  7. kpo5 says

    To the “this isn’t news” or “there aren’t enough followers for this to qualify as news” crowd:

    Think about the nutty TP rhetoric; not just what you’re reading from this single Tweeter; but think about how increasingly insane/zealoty/rabid/violent Tea Party rhetoric has risen to. This is all an unfortunate consequence of the older generations or the poorer Southern folks getting der Internet.

    You see, before, nutty people had nutty thoughts, but kept to themselves because they knew they were nutty and feared people would learn how nutty they actually were.

    Now, we have scores of blogs, written by scores of “good” “Christian” “Patriots” who “love Jesus” and “love the Constitution.” Every derpy zealot who reads these blogs, these Tweets, and “news” sources (like World Nut Daily) now feels *empowered.* They feel like they can be open with their nutty rhetoric. And thus, it multiplies and intensifies. If we don’t stop it, if we don’t call peoples’ attention to it, it will continue to spread.

    And that’s why it’s news.

  8. Danny in the East Village says

    well, maybe they got 16 members but only one of ’em is responsible for all those tweets – and my money says that one is a closet case.

  9. Francis says

    This is news because this is a glimpse into what many people truly think about us and our community. We need to bring to light the true feelings that social conservatives have towards gay folk, to highlight why fighting against them is so important.

  10. anon says

    I get the impression he picked the name “Southwest Tea Party” in a vain attempt to increase the number of followers and managed to fool poor TR editors. Right now the Republican party is being invaded by Mitt’s Mormon Hoards from Utah, so it’s what they have to say that matters.

  11. kit says

    The wild obsession with sodomy is very telling…
    Apparently these people do not understand love, friendship, mutual respect, and the desire to build a life together as the basis for marriage. They seem to think that it is only about sex. I am so glad that I am not the spouse of someone who thinks like this. They really denigrate the institution of marriage.

  12. Jack M says

    The avatar this tweeter uses is one I’ve recently seen on Huffington Post, and he is a loony, but has to go a bit easy on the language, or he will be flagged as abusive. People like him go on liberal blogs just to try to stir up a s**tstorm and then sit back and laugh about it.

  13. Dan says

    I’m glad some commenters have already pointed this out. Andrew, this isn’t news. It’s a person tweeting hate speech. That you can post a screen cap doesn’t mean you should.

    I’ve spoken with some friends recently who agree that the blog has taken a depressing turn of late. I, for one, don’t come here to read these kinds of exchanges — the same way I wouldn’t elect to sit at a diner and listen to people dropping homophobic slurs. I made a choice to live in New York partly for that reason.

    There are many good things about Towleroad, and this isn’t one of them. These kinds of one-off, gratuitous postings of hate speech are not valuable. We get it. Some people don’t like us. If there’s not a greater point to be made or larger story to illustrate, please, please, spare us. I don’t visit this site to wallow.

  14. Walter Fletcher says

    Well the language alone proves just how hateful they are. I mean the could have kept the language less “fag scum” and more “same gender” but they are proving how childish they are.

  15. mmike1969 says

    I encourage ALL bigots and t-baggers to eat Crap-Fil-A! Please!

    ALL the crap you want! And extra large sodas to fill your fat ass up!

    And then when you get a heart attack from your clogged arteries and diabetes plague your lives, you better not be on Medicare or collect Social Security or have socialized medicine.

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