1. Ruben says

    According to this video marriage equality is going to lead to people marrying oreo cookies? Sometimes these videos are less than annoying. Today they were slightly offensive and ignorant.

  2. Mike says

    China is mostly Buddhist but these Taiwan ass kissing up to American Christians so they can get the America green card pass to America, that is one reason they are acting like they are anti-gay Christians.

  3. CJS says

    Generally Next Media is fairly pro-gay, though I think this one comes off as mocking gay people when I think it’s just trying to be funny. Considering all of the places they could have gone with this, they weren’t nearly as offensive as they could have been.

    Also, Taiwan is not China when it comes to gay rights. Taiwan is one of the most progressive countries in Asia, behind Thailand and until recently, Nepal. The gay scene is huge in Taipei, and the Taiwanese people are generally accepting of gay people (unless your child is gay; then it’s another story). Taiwan has a bill in its legislature to legalize gay marriage, though it stalled, and in its most recent election the people very nearly elected a (barely closeted) lesbian president. So it’s not fair to paint Taiwan as anti-gay in order to get visas; that’s just not true.

  4. CJS says

    Btw, the guy in the space suit was supposed to be Lance Bass – remember his brief astronaut stunt? – and I think the “walking the plank” metaphor was implying that CNN forced him out of the closet to boost ratings.