1. RONTEX says

    I like the song and the video quite a bit. Their sound is still true to them but has matured and nice visuals, particularly given the culture war that is happening now.

  2. Icebloo says

    The more free publicity we give to these right wing nuts, the longer their organization survives.

    WE are the reason they are surviving so long.

  3. say what says

    the best counter protest Ive seen so far vs westboro is the zombies holding signs like “Drink the damn kool-aid already”

    kind of over the top but makes a great point…..I only pity the children who will bne forced by their old gramps to drink the kool-aid and check out with him when his 82 yr old @ss finally goes

  4. says

    @ ICEBLOO – You obviously don’t have any idea what it’s like to truly believe in a cause. They aren’t defined by “right wing” politics, they are following their own version of a religion… don’t confuse the two. As f’d up as those beliefs are, the WBC isn’t going anywhere. They believe what they are doing is right and will continue to do so. I’m a former US Marine, Gay, and come from generations of conservative baptist pastors and missionaries, so I’m very familiar with all the sides. When you believe in something that strongly… being ignored won’t make it go away.

    And I pray that when I die I have people out there counter-protesting the WBC and showing SUPPORT for my family and my husband at my funeral. Better that then to “ignore” them and let them protest without support just because I’m a gay serviceman. Until the day I die I will make sure that anytime they come to Washington DC there will be 10 times the numbers of people protesting them while they are protesting us. Check out our video (with The Fixx’s – Anyone Else) from our last counter protest.

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