1. Arnie says

    Really, Towleroad? Only pictures of the white guys on the team, despite the fact that the two non-white guys are both cuter and better athletes? Pick it up, guys.

  2. ousooner1997 says

    BOOMER SOONER to Jake Dalton and Jonathan Horton and to Chris Brooks, Steven Legendre and Alex Naddour selected as alternates.

  3. red_phone says

    Arnie is right. The two who actually qualified automatically via their scores (Orozco and Leyva) aren’t even mentioned/pictured. And Leyva is one of the most beautiful men I’ve seen in a loooong time.

  4. Mike C. says

    I was thinking Naddour looks pretty tall for a gymnast, at 5’7″ he’s probably the tallest one on the team

  5. al says

    agree with arnie and red phone.. why no pics of leyva and orozco? both qualified automatically and are STUNNING. not that dalton isn’t hot, but c’mon

  6. says

    Towleroad dropped a ball here by ommitting Leyva and Orozco. Surely, they’ll make it up to them in future posts.

    I have to agree with Doug. I think it’s just awful that these perfect specimens have been marred by “body art”. Their bodies ARE art!

    Can’t wait to see the smiles on those beautiful faces when they get their medals in London!

  7. Kranbree says

    Wow! What a glaring omission! In fact cringeworthy! Your headline did say ‘Three Cheers for the US Men’s Gymnastic Team’ right?

  8. Luke says

    Where is the color is this story, especially since the men of color are the stars and the hottest gymnists?

  9. Monsieur V says

    This post is too white, I need my sunglasses. Where them boys of color at???? FAIL @ Towleroad. Smh.

  10. Justin says

    LOL @ the same guy posting several comments under different screen name.

    Yeah, it’ll really make this an example of racism if you pretend to have several other people on your side. hahaha

  11. ATLJason says

    Only on this blog could pictures of hot gymnasts be turned into a racial, anti-tattoo rant. How about you just drool and beat off like the rest of us?

  12. R says

    I have such a soft spot for short, cute and relatively buff guys. Gymnists and divers are perfect. (Not that many of the taller swimmers and track stars on Team USA aren’t.)

    That said, I have to agree with some of the other posters… with so many pics posted here, why not add a few of the non-white guys for us Olympic gym team novices. I’m sure they’re hot, too.

  13. D.R.H. says

    Why do tattoo Nazis ALWAYS whine about tattoos?! Some people like tattoos and, no, they don’t make that person a drug-addicted degenerate.

  14. JeffRob says

    Why do some have tattoos? Because they get to carry around beautiful, original art work on their bodies for the rest of their lives. Don’t be jealous because you’re too much of a pussy, for the pain or the originality.

  15. anon says

    There’s too much ageism, body typism and gender conformity on this site. We need more pictures of aging, fat, bald effeminate men to lust over posted here. And if you don’t lust over them you are just wrong.

  16. Rick says

    “Only on this blog could pictures of hot gymnasts be turned into a racial, anti-tattoo rant.”


    “There’s too much ageism, body typism and gender conformity on this site. We need more pictures of aging, fat, bald effeminate men to lust over posted here. And if you don’t lust over them you are just wrong.”


    Seriously, though, what do you do with a 5-5, 135 pound guy with muscles? Too small to be a “convincing” top and too muscular to be a “convincing” bottom. LOL.

  17. endo says

    You clearly haven’t been laid in two decades if you think muscly guys aren’t bottoms.

  18. Rick says

    “if you think muscly guys aren’t bottoms”

    Yeah, there are muscly bottoms. It is just harder for a top to feel really dominant, though, when the bottom probably has more muscular strength than he does and could up and strangle him to death if he wanted to (despite being only 5-5 and 135). LOL.

  19. Rick says

    “So you equate gender roles with being top and bottom.”

    Er, no, unlike you, I don’t try to place male-male sex or male-male anything into a male-female parameter.

    I know this is really hard for you, Endo, but seriously, try to think of sex between two men as a unique expression and experience of masculinity, rather than the way you do, as sex between a man and a pseudo-woman….and you might find yourself enlightened.

    You and other effeminate men like you are the ones who have bought into hetero norms and try to make your sexuality analagous to that of straight women…..which is why you idolize them and live vicariously through them.

    I feel sorry for you for having fallen into that trap, but you can find your way out if you just try.

    Men are all about dominance and submission in their relations with each other–which you see reflected in sports…..and male-male sexuality simply reflects that. It has nothing to do with women for those of us who “get it”.

  20. endo says

    Rick is even more off his meds than normal.

    Mygawd, that’s a whole lotta crazy.

  21. endo says

    I also find it high-larious that Rick thinks there’s some sort of “us” he belongs to. No, honey, it’s just you all by lonesome in your land of make-believe and misogyny.

  22. Nelson says

    yeah sad. typical, just the white guys… (not that they’re not hot) but like they said, Levya and Orozco automatically qualified with amazing performances.

  23. Gregv says

    @Endo: Indeed, I would imagine that Rick grew up with rigid gender-roled parents, maybe a bit like an angrier Archie Bunker (and has no concept of healthy relationships that exist without those rigid roles) and has transfered his that modeling he grew up with onto what male-male relationships should look like.
    Gay men are all about dominance and submission? That sounds like something he either learned at a fetish party or by reading alerts from an anti-gay nut in Tupelo, Mississippi.

    His post brings back a memory of some young, straight newlyweds I was friends with. I had no idea what a aexist the guy was until we all went on vacation.
    He told me that in every relationship, someone has to dominate the other and that is why when his wife suggested an idea for a retaurant or activity he told her to shut up and let the men decide. He said “that’s the way my parents always were.
    I reminded him that my parents are respectful equals and have a great relationship, and then he had to concede that his parents did have a horrible relationship and his dad was mentally ill.

    It’s incredible though, how people often repeat whatever insanity they grew up with.

  24. Rick says

    @Greg V Oh, that’s so wonderfully PC. Of course, you are lying about yourselves, you and Endo, both.

    Look at gay porn and it is ALL about dominance and submission. Jock fantasies, cop fantasies, jail fantasies, you name it. Michael Musto pointed out the attraction of macho to gay men in a recent quote to the New York Times after the death of the porn star whose name I don’t recall.

    You know the truth; we all do, no matter how hard you try to pretend otherwise.

  25. ty says

    Well Rick, the reason I’m a bottom is that I’m lazy and prefer to just lie there.

  26. Omar says

    I have to join the chorus of boos! Way too much whiteness here. I love diversity and seeing as there are some non-white, major hotties that made the team, show them off too!

  27. R says

    Rick, you sound off your rockers.

    No doubt for some — perhaps many — gay people, dominance and submission are important when it comes to sex.

    But you do realize that each and everyone of us are different? Right? And that some people (most people?) don’t give a damn about dominating or submitting to someone in the bed.

    So, when you use blanket, universal words like “Men are all about dominance” — as if there are men who aren’t about dominance, or aren’t about submission for that matter — I hope you realize you sound like a raving lunatic to anyone who doesn’t share exactly the same mindset and who also is just as deluded as you are that they believe everyone else thinks like they do.

    “Look at gay porn and it is ALL about dominance and submission.”

    It’s freaking PORN! Word to the wise: it’s NOT REPRESENTATIVE. If we looked at porn as useful information for sex, all men would be perfectly fit dudes equipped with horse-hung dicks.

    It’s exactly these kind of comments that you make which make others think you’re… well… ‘off your meds.’

  28. Ray says

    Where is Orozco & Levyna? Are you guys such dimwits to exclude the champions who also happen to be wonderful personalities – and darker skin and ethnic? Come on and get with the times …

  29. Wee Wang says

    Orozco’s fugly. Leyva should be included tho.

    Posted by: tcw | Jul 3, 2012 9:52:42 AM


  30. Mark says

    This is amazing to me that the number one and number two male gymnasts are not pictured in this when that nasty Jonathan Horton is pictured twice. Talk about joyless. Vela and Orozco are not just beautiful men of color, they are probably the two greatest male gymnasts in the world. This is an embarrassment. I agree with the other posters who said as much and it’s a little weird to assume that, because more than one person find this omission racist, that it’s coming from one person. It is racist of Towleroad to have left these guys out, even if NO ONE had mentioned it.

  31. Mark says

    Oops. Levya, not Vela…My dyslexia showing apparently. Anyway. Where are he and Orozco?

  32. bravo says

    Add my voice to the chorus amazed that Leyva and Orozco are not pictured. This whole post is a textbook case on the invisibility of minorities in the mainstream gay media. (And Leyva, a super-hot Latino, and Orozco, a modest man despite being a New Yorker, are two of the most ‘mainstream’ non-Anglo hot men you will ever find.) Seriously, what a gaffe.

  33. bravo says

    I even clicked on the OUTSPORTS link, and the Towleroad poster could have chosen
    1) a superhot picture of Orozco with his legs wide open
    2) an picture of Leyva nearly floating atop a pommel horse – even the words ‘pommel horse’ make me hard
    3) another picture of Orozco showing his superbly chiseled chest and arms

  34. andrew says

    @Jeffrob: Why do you use the phrase “too much of a pussy”? Do you equate weakness and fear with femininity?

  35. RL says

    I know zero about gymnastics, however I recently came across a tournament, meet, whatever they are called with these hotties on tv and had to stop and watch. Men in short shorts, and tights, whats not to like? Then Orozco started to perform, lets just say I turned the channel, that dude is just plain fugly. That Leyva guy tho… HOT!

  36. Mike says

    Yeah, Towleroad- the whole team should have been included, it is odd that the top two guys were omitted here.

    Male sexuality is about domination? And gay porn too? And everything is effeminate gays’ fault? SMH @ Rick. Wow man, you have it all figured out for everyone don’t you lol. Your comments always jump out and scare me man.