Trouble In Heterosexual Paradise For ‘Ex-Gay’ Activists John And Anna Paulk?

PaulkJohnA few months ago John Paulk, the former chairman of "ex-gay" group Exodus International and a poster boy for the movement, changed his Facebook page to say he's "interested in men and women."

Now the LGBT group Truth Wins Out reports that John and wife Anna, another activist in the "ex-gay" scene and John's co-author on Love Won Out, are splitting up and that Mr. Paulk has been dating men.

Sources tell Truth Wins Out today that John has moved out of the couple’s Portland, Oregon home. Other sources in Portland have informed Truth Wins Out that Paulk was dating a man, although the current status of that relationship remains murky, and that Paulk has frequented homosexual establishments in the city.

Paulk also recently penned a Facebook message about his wedding date, writing, "Although a lot has occurred since that day long ago and I am on a hard journey right now, I want this woman to know how much she has always meant to me and that no matter where things pan out."

You know that song "Things That Make You Go Hmmm"? This is it in action.


  1. Timothy says

    What a mess! How awful it is to force yourself into being someone you are not. Talk about destroying your mental/emotional/physical health- yikes.

  2. Matthew says

    This post didn’t shock me, but re-affirms the positive choice I made for myself. As an 18 year old that traveled to Urbana/Champagne for a World Mission Conference, I was strategically placed by my church to attend John’s seminar with his wife. Upon completing the seminar, I was inspired to go through the “healing” process and admit myself to Healing Waters (a rehabilitation center for gays). Upon researching it more, I was still apprehensive of my decision. How could I go to college and live in this compound, how can these innate desires COMPLETELY change? Fortunately for me, my parents still had an influence on my decision making and denied me the funds to go. Thank for you sharing this post and I hope more people realize the need to love and respect the things we can not change.

  3. theotherlee says

    What? An higher up in Exodus International, the Righteous and Wonderful Ex-Gay ministry.. has been having sex with men? I’m shocked… really..


  4. pdxblueyes says

    And we’re surprised? Really? Come on people. Gay is gay, it doesn’t change, you can deny it, you can push it down, you can ignore it, but it’s always there… Poor misguided self hating man. I’ll keep an eye out for him around PDX…

  5. jason says

    Why shouldn’t he be interested in women? Just because you’re interested in men, it doesn’t mean you can never be interested in women.

    I had a straight-identifying male friend of mine who was asked once by a man in a gay bar to teach him how to do it with women. The man wanted to be coached by the straight guy.

  6. patrick says

    I don’t celebrate anyone’s divorce (aside from maybe Tomkat), but this guy needs to just shut up and go away. He brought a lot of misery onto people and made his share of profits off of it.

  7. Caliban says

    If you Google images of John Paulk he looks like a Gibb brother who got kicked out of the Bee-Gees for being too light in the loafers.

    No one who follows these ex-gay groups can be terribly surprised by this. In fact it seems the higher profile you are in the movement the sooner you come out, but there’s always another Bible-beaten bozo waiting in the wings to to announce what a rugged heterosexual he is now.

    The fundies are *pissed* that Chambers of Exodus has said publicly that sexuality doesn’t change. He’s still a dope for clinging to the rest of their idiotic message but anyone who puts sand in the Religious Right’s metaphorical vagina can’t be ALL bad.

  8. Alan says

    Not suprising at all. I was married to a woman for 18 years. I would tell myself over and over again that I was attracted to women. All the while I’m fantasizing about other men. I went through reparitive theraphy as well. A total waste of time and money!! My heart goes out to these men but I really feel a great deal of sadness for the women that marry them. A gay man can never give a woman what she really needs in a marriage, sexually and emotionally. Just as a woman can never give a gay man what he needs. These marriages are doomed from the start. When will these idiotic evangelicals types get it!?!

  9. jason says

    I don’t think Paulk is self-loathing at all. He’s simply not allowing himself to be forced into the false choice between gay and straight. A lot of you like to push this false choice onto men because it suits your purpose of a political gay identity. You want there to be a divide.

    As I said in my earlier post, I knew a gay-identifying man who asked a straight guy to coach him in the joys of heterosexuality. He wanted to know how to do it.

  10. Mike says

    These antigay Christian psychotherapist are just that, Psychos. They electric shock gay children to make them “straight” while a priest prays the gay away. This is something out of a horror movie only worse. It is really torture in the name of the Christian religion and psychotherapy. These antigay Christian psychotherapist and the antigay Christians who help them torture gay children with their “treatments” need to be arrested and put in prison to keep them from harming another child.

  11. Mitch says

    Is this what the self-righteous right, the tea partyers, and the the religious dogmatics are talking about when they say gays are destroying the institution of marriage?

  12. Gay Dad says

    I think GLAAD can pull their strings and get some national press and the spotlight on this story, which I too think could my mighty effective in making our point. Certainly hope the right journalists do shed light on this and it’s not just a small story on a gay blog. This is major

  13. Caliban says

    @Jason Listen, trollerina, it was PAULK who went on the cover of Newsweek to claim that the love of Jeebus took his (and his ‘formerly’ lesbian wife’s) sinful gay urges away. It was Paulk who wrote a book about how the baby Jeebus took his sinful gay urges away. It was Paulk who WORKED for an ex-gay group which claimed that Jeebus could and would take EVERYONE’s gay urges away if they prayed hard enough AND said that since they could “cure” homosexuality it was therefore a choice and gay people didn’t deserve equal rights. (Of course Paulk got canned when photos were taken of him in a gay bar but that’s another story.)

    So don’t give me this bullcrap about John Paulk and a “false choice” that WE are forcing on HIM. John Paulk knows all about false choices- he spent YEARS promoting them for religious/political reasons and it’s reasonable for us to celebrate the fact that his lies have been exposed IN HIS OWN LIFE.

  14. k says

    I’m not surprised at all… didn’t think it would have taken this long though. I thought that when they were interviewed many years ago, the woman described herself as a “former lesbian.” Wonder what’s going on with that now?

  15. Tom says

    The new inquisition has been going on with this insane ex gay torture madness. These antigay Christians have working with the psychotherapist to electric shock gay children and pray their Christian prayers over them and the result is these poor children have then ended up kill themselves because of the antigay Christians and the antigay Christian psychotherapist. Make no mistake people this is the new inquisition masked by the Christians and psychotherapist to make it appear as if they are not torturing the gay children. These madmen antigay Christians and psychotherapist are using shock treatment and prayer instead of burning these human beings at the wooden stake. The result is the same they still murder in the name of their Christian religion and psychotherapy. The mad men need to be stopped now before they kill another child.

  16. truthreller says

    You keep saying: “I knew a gay-identifying man who asked a straight guy to coach him in the joys of heterosexuality. He wanted to know how to do it.”

    Bhwa ha ha. Your ‘gay-identifying’ friend got hard having a heterosexual guy telling him how he introduces his cock inside a vagina.

    He likes heterosexuals and he was visualizing this guy was doing to him what he said he was doing to a girl!

    Bhwa hahahaaa.

  17. endo says

    Come on you guys, stop responding to trolls like Jason and Rick. Did you notice how he kept posting and posting until finally someone responded to him? He’s like a child craving attention.

    Anyways, what self-respecting gay man would go out with this ex-gay fool? He should be shunned.

  18. james says

    There will soon be a statement from John asking for privacy as he and Anne “work through this difficult time.”

    It will include something like: “There is no reason to think I was seeking publicity by posting any messagess on my Facebook page. I have never, and will never, seek to make a profit or become famous by publicizing what a total and complete mess I am. Certainly, I do not want to be contacted by a book agent or publisher about writing a book about it.”

  19. cbhermey says

    makes you wonder about how an Omnipotent all-loving God could possibly exist and yet allow these “Christian” monsters to continue on their path, doesn’t it?

    Re: book cover. Maybe the ex-wife is a lesbian? Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  20. vanndean says

    Rexguy, I know that it would be cruel, but I am hoping that you at least considered returning the book to your mother, along with a copy of the article announcing the failure of “the cure”.

  21. andrew says

    Does this mean that the female Joe McCarthy ( Michele Bachmann) may be married to a HOMOSEXUAL???? Oh say it isn’t so joe. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ad infinitum!

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