UK Parliament To Consider Titles For Gay Couples

JohnFurnishThe wives of knights and lords have long become ladies, but as as more gays and lesbians receive such honors — Sirs Elton John and Ian McKellen have both been knighted — British parliamentarians see a need to reform the system to include their significant others.

To that end, Conservative MP Oliver Colville is introducing the "His Honours (Equality of Titles for Partners) Bill," which will "make provision for husbands and civil partners of those receiving honors to be allowed to use the equivalent honorary titles available to women."

Speaking about his inclusive initiative, Colville described the current title system as "uneven and rather outdated."

"If you are made a peer or a knight, your wife automatically gets the title lady, but if you are gay or are a woman and become a dame your partner gets nothing," he said.


  1. ratbastard says

    Who reading this actually thinks these two really raise this kid? Who reading this really think Elton will go to PTA meeting at school or the kids soccer practice? Well, maybe the soccer practice because Elton played himself, but come on. This kid has the best nanny / mommy surrogate money can buy.

  2. topdawgbombadil says

    I’ve always thought “Sir” Elton John should be styled “Dame” Elton John… afterall… “There is nothin’ like a Dame!!! Nothin’ in the world… There is nothin’ you can name, that is anything – like – a – dame!!!”

  3. Henry Holland says

    “The British monarchy is a tourist attraction and so is “sir” Elton and his wife”

    Bitchy gay men are sooooo 1970’s.

    “Who reading this actually thinks these two really raise this kid?”

    I do. How about Googling “Elton John son”, you’ll see that he and Furnish spend a lot of time with Zachary. Not that you really care, you just wanted to be bitchy about EJ and his partner.

  4. Icebloo says

    Gays & lesbians should not be accepting knighthoods. This is purely supporting a right wing establishment – the very same people who have denied gays and lesbians their equal rights for all these years. If the royals had their way there still would be no gay rights. We have Tony Blair to thank for pushing gay rights forward so much !

  5. Jere says

    There is already prescedent in the UK for making all titles sexless…the Queen herself holds several titles usually reserved for men (Earl of Somewhere, Duke of Something). Why not just apply this to all? For Example, the spouse of a Duke is a Duchess, regardless of the spouse’s sex. The spouse of a Lord is a Lady, even if that person isn’t a lady. My partner, a Mr. Hadley, is English and, if he were to be knighted, I would proudly be Jere [Surname], Lady Hadley.

  6. Gordon says

    Royalty cost £320 million to the taxpayer this year, banks cheated, frauded for their own (personal benefit) yet I’d rather a queen & bankers got beheaded!

    As peerages go – absolutely hereditary peerage should go, why should someone inherit a title from centuries ago but still have policy influence?? Let new blood in but given even the nouveau nouveau rich ride tax ponies, who will change that??

    Cynical me (like the pet shop’s) will deliver irony in this Olympic year (that nobody gives a Lopez about, as it’s centric, promises plenty but will leave a salty taste & disabled folk stranded on public transport)

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