Washington Marriage Opponents Are Struggling

WashingtonSignWe knew that the anti-gay marriage movement in Washington State was struggling to raise money, but the numbers are even more dismal than expected.

According to NWCN, the right wing group Preserve Marriage raised only $17,000 in the month of June. Washington United for Marriage, the group hoping to maintain the state's marriage equality, raised a little over $900,000 during the same period, thanks in large part to Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. WUM has raised a total over $2 million.

In contrast, Preserve Marriage has scraped together a total of $140,000, but chairman Joseph Backholm says they expect to raise $4 million before November.

While that goal sounds far-fetched, the National Organization for Marriage and other conservative groups have vowed to get in on the fight, a tag-team that may upset the balance a little.


  1. Bob says

    Oh, yes, Gay folks and sympathizers– don’t worry, victory is in the bag.
    IF YOU ASSUME that the pope & catholicker bishops, as well as the morholes, who have a large presence in the State, are going to roll over, that is.
    They have NOT lost once so far: my guess is that they will hang back a little, let the good guys get complacent, and hit very hard in the Fall, with the dirty tactics they used in CA and elsewhere.
    Do you think the archbishop wants to be the first to let the pope down? Or the morhole stake presidents let down the “prophet”
    THE WAY TO FIGHT THIS is to talk, talk, talk, to everyone you know and get them to vote yes on marriage.

  2. says

    Every LGBT in Washington owes it to themselves, their integrity, the gay youth across the country, and LGBt who have died…to roll up your sleeves, write on your facebook, GET ACTIVE, open the line of communication with everyone you know. Throw parties where you speak about marriage equality and even hand out brochures. Big or small..every single LGBT in Washington can make a difference and SHOULD make a differnce.

    Imagine if every LGBT in Washington state made one person around them change their minds and vote for marriage equality….just one person can make a huge difference. Please step outside your comfort zones and have that dialogue with those around you (coworkers, family, friends and neighbors)

  3. says

    @ ANON: WA is very much in play. We will win this, but the hardest aspect is the segregation between urban and rural (like much of America). Fortunately, the rural folks lean libertarian.

    It’s also true that there’s a large Mormon population and the Archbishop of Seattle is a lap dog of Herr Ratzinger.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    The message matters, not the size of the bank account. Regardless of the outcome of this vote and all others, there will come a time when the US Supremes will decide that marriage is a civil right all citizens must have equal access to. As they have in the past.

  5. Icebloo says

    Just remember – we have made GREAT progress in many states over the past three years but Romney has promised to reverse all of these laws at the Federal level if he wins.

    At the moment the big businesses and oil are funding Romney through the new Super PAC’s which are out of control thanks to the terrible ruling by the right wing Supreme Court.

    If you want the progress to continue please make a donation to the Obama re-election campaign. If Obama does not win we will have to do all of this again state by state.

  6. darkmoonman says

    Gays in WA (where live) aren’t naive about this. We all know that the RCC, CLDS, and other Xtian nutters will be fighting against us. For me, this is a fight that has been on-going for over 40 years.

  7. Bob says

    DO NOT ASSUME THE GOOD SIDE WILL WIN –please work on every person you know to show them the value of equality and the need for their support. (even if you are mormon, but especially if you are catholick)