1. endo says

    “God, how I love courageous men who fearlessly blaze new trails for humanity–the essence of masculinity.”

    LOL!!! You can’t even tell the real Rick posts from the fake ones because he’s such a parody of himself.

  2. MattS says

    Felix is pretty hot. Wondering what the thing is dragging behind him when he jumps. Is that his parachute or some sort of drag to keep him from falling too fast?

  3. Miguel R says

    “Felix could slip right through it, but if half the suit’s supersonic and the other half isn’t, there could be turbulence that knocks him out of control.”

    This guy must be so much fun at parties.

    “Hmm, that’s an interesting question..what will happen to Felix…well, either he will either die a excruciatingly painful death, or a hilarious, but gruesome death. Tough to say.”

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