1. says

    This is awesome and we need more young people like this (especially Republicans) making it known to their party that hate or discrimination should not be a part of their platform.

  2. Jens says

    That’s nice but 99% of conservative positions are still horrible. All this talk about personal responsibility and individual liberty is the opposite of what the conservative movement has been for the last 50 years.

  3. Eric says

    So they support same sex marriage? They still dont want us to have health care or government programs. If you are a gay immigrant they probably still hate you too.

  4. Stefan says

    You might want to consider that these are Young Conservatives, not Young Republicans. At least in the last half century that’s become a pretty important distinction. And it doesn’t matter, frankly, if you disagree with the rest of their platform. Unless SCOTUS rules favorably, it’s the State referendums that will matter much more than partisan elections. I welcome their support.

  5. says

    LGBT blogs love to ridicule the gay Republicans but let’s remember a few things:

    1)There are still some anti-LGBT equality Democrats

    2)Some Republicans are 100% pro-equality

    3)You can never have 100% equality with Obama’s NDAA, his attack on protestor’s rights, warrantless wiretapping, and congress’ attack on internet freedom

    4)Democrats voted to appoint some of the Conservative supreme court judges.

    5)Obama refused to investigate Bush’s war crimes, he gave Bush senior a medal, and Pelosi was all about “impeachment off the table”

    6)The 2party system = war, poverty, debt, take away more rights, rotate political party in charge, repeat.

    7)Will Obama’s support for equality make you feel good when you get drafted in a war or when you eat some GMO food from his Monsanto pals in his FDA or when you get sick form the Japanese nuc radiation thanks to his EPA raising acceptable radiation standards or when your LGBT brothers and sisters with cancer or HIV need medical marijuana only to find Obama’s justice department shutting them down.

    If you expect homophobes to become open minded and to change their ways of thinking you should do the same mind opening and learn to think beyond the 2partys system.

    A vote for the same 2party system expecting different results is a wasted vote.

  6. Gregoire says

    I’m excited to see this. I dont hold any particular conservative views (perhaps occasionally financial), but I think its important that issues of equality and fairness are removed from the game of partisanship. NOBODY should be against this.

    I appreciate their work and recognize they’re fighting against some pretty strong tides.

  7. says

    I probably share few views with these young conservatives, but if they’re working to change minds within the conservative movement, more power to them–given the virulent anti-gay politics of the mainstream “conservative–small government cept in your bedroom” Republican party in 2012, they have their work cut out for them.

    The problem is with groups like GOProud and the LCR’s who, in addition to being ineffective and weak, always put electing Republicans ahead of equality, and who consistently lie about the anti-gay politics of their party, taking ridiculous swipes at pro-gay Dem’s to elect anti-gay candidates. They’re useless fools.

  8. BobN says

    I’m sorry but Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry is an astroturf group entirely funded by a liberal group to get gay conservatives to speak up in favor of gay issues. They can’t even fund their own group. It’s awfully socialist, if you ask me.

  9. 2Fathers says

    Good for them! we need more conservatives to speak up for gay rights. I’m fiscally conservative, and I DON’T believe in illegal immigration, and yet I only vote democrat because of the fact that they support gay rights. MANY more people would be conservative if the conservatives would be open to gay issues.

  10. andrew says

    More importantly how do they stand on the bread and butter issues that effect the working and middle classes? I suspect that many of them are the children of the upper class who want dad to keep his fortune while they or their friends sexually experiment.