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Adam Smith, Harasser of Chick-Fil-A Employee, Apologizes: VIDEO


Yesterday, Andy reported on the firing of Adam Smith -- the avowedly, loudly heterosexual Tucson man whose video of himself berating a Chick-fil-A employee went viral this week. It seems Mr. Smith reported to work the day after posting his video and learned that his employer, the medical supply company Vante, had been pelted with hate mail and angry phone messages in the night. Smith was first instructed not to post any further videos, and then he was canned. Having been canned, he was able to post more videos, and did.

AFTER THE JUMP, check out Smith's apparently very heartfelt, post-canning apology to the young minimum-wage employee whom he nearly brought to tears ...


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  1. Glad he apologized. What he did was really uncalled for. Now... as for his being fired... how's that for stifling free speech?

    Posted by: JC | Aug 4, 2012 12:24:21 PM

  2. Smith explains that the original intent was to simply participate in someone's suggestion for everyone to go through the Chick-fil-A drive through and order a cup of water (without making a video, of course). If he wanted to engage in a heated argument, I would love to see him do that with his CFO counterpart at Chick-fil-A, not a minimum-wage employee. In fact, I'd love to see anyone in the media engage one of the Christianist idiots in the top management of Chick-fil-A, but I'm sure they would be to cowardly to accept the offer to debate. If you want to know how cowardly these Christianists are, just look at the anonymous threats they've been sending Smith, his family, and even his former fellow employees.

    To any commenter who is tempted to defend the ownership of Chick-fil-A, either out of a misguided sense of charity or out of self-loathing, I would say this. These Christianists are beneath your contempt. They are inimical to the spirit of the American Revolution and every ideal this country stands for. Even now, they are being shunned in the public square. Do not feel sorry for these fundamentalist Christians. They are an alien people in our midst.

    Posted by: Artie_in_Lauderdale | Aug 4, 2012 12:52:24 PM

  3. I support both Smith and the young lady he apologized to.

    Posted by: Mel Smith | Aug 4, 2012 1:07:00 PM

  4. i'm sorry, am I the only one that did not view this as harassment?

    In fact his video was respectful and I applaud his support of the gay community. His apology was not necessary.

    I have seen first hand the right wing (ie: Republican) "screaming" crazy homophobic hate in these situations and absolutely do not buy in to the "bullying" headline at all. The responses of the worker was simply what her employer told her to say. In fact, her statement was not only ... not true, or factual and we already know do not treat everyone "equally".

    Although I applaud her for staying on track, what she was saying was also not sincere and a could only be described as the canned PR planned response to what they anticipated to be a day of protest and "support". They brought this on themselves.

    Chick-fil-A is a hate filled, homophobic company. Period.

    They love this video. Just look at the responses and the pressure they put on this guys company to fire him...and they caved and did. It's sad for him. Do you think the same folks that got him fired are applauding his apology? No, they are laughing, because this shows how "crazy all those homo supporters are". Do you really think all of the hate filled emails his company recieved were written with respect and actual concern for the employee in question? Hell to the no. It was just plain and simple intimidation.

    They were not even honest about why the Muppet toys were pulled from the store offer. They put up a sign saying the Muppets were pulled because of a "danger" (fingers might get stuck in the holes) to kids???? which was 100% BS, because we know the Jim Hensen company withdrew support because of the hate.

    Everything this company does is to manipulate the message and try to position themselves as the poor victim.

    Bottom line is that Chick doesn't get a pass, because they may have some employees that may or may not agree with them, and are good people. Of course, in any big company, some of the hundreds of the employees do not support the owners position, but many do.

    They (corporate) took a vocal PUBLIC position on how much they hate the idea of Gay Marriage and anything Gay. I do not feel one bit of compassion for them.

    If I were an employee that did not believe in the same views as my employer, I would at the very least be looking for different work. If the franchise owner doesn't believe in the same views as this corporate nutcase they should be looking for another business.

    Chick-Fil-A is now branded forever as a hate filled company and anyone that continues to work for them, will also carry that view.

    Posted by: Will | Aug 4, 2012 1:09:33 PM

  5. Didn't he know - only conservatives are allowed to criticize others people?

    Posted by: We are Here | Aug 4, 2012 1:14:06 PM

  6. Ordering water and ranting at an employee does no good. The best thing to do to fight Chick-fil-a is to make major donations to a group that fights NOM and Exodus International. My friends and I are gonna have a BBQ where we grill chicken and charge people $5 per plate. We r gonna use CFA recipe which is widely available on the Internet. Every cent is gonna be donated to the Vote No group here in MN that is fighting our amendment. Raise money and fight! That's what will hurt this place, not pointless YouTube antics.

    Posted by: AJ | Aug 4, 2012 1:22:59 PM

  7. @ Will
    Thank you.

    Posted by: Modern Meet | Aug 4, 2012 1:44:42 PM

  8. Ah, yet ANOTHER Chick-Fil-A post. Because we haven't had enough of them, huh? *rolls eyes*

    Posted by: Enough | Aug 4, 2012 1:49:33 PM

  9. This guy needs to grow a pair. His intentions re. the original video were good but his delivery was a failure. He needs to lawyer up and sue his former employer. As far as his apology, he should've just made it a private moment with the cashier instead of once again, grandstanding.

    Posted by: Sean Maloney | Aug 4, 2012 1:51:58 PM

  10. I think he should sue the company that fired him. Anyone know anything about their human rights record?

    Posted by: Jay | Aug 4, 2012 1:52:18 PM

  11. So Christians get to have all the free hate speech they want, but the rest of us have to shut up or be fired.

    What I get from this is that the Christians are paying attention. Henceforth, anyone who expresses a view they don't like in a public space will be targeted.

    Posted by: homer | Aug 4, 2012 2:06:00 PM

  12. And......where is his right to free speech???
    He needs to sue his former employer for all he can get and FAST!
    Enough of this only being a one way street.....get a good lawyer and good luck!

    Posted by: Casper | Aug 4, 2012 2:42:19 PM

  13. Never back down.

    Never apologize.

    Never surrender.

    Never give up.

    Fight back until we can grab this evangelical scum by their collective throats and drown them in the bathtub.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Aug 4, 2012 2:56:27 PM

  14. @ Jamal49,

    You just noticed an uncanny similarity between the evangelicals and the crazy girlfriend in "Fatal Attraction." They are not going stop attacking Americans who don't share their twisted religion until they are in complete disgrace, or figuratively speaking, drowned in the bathtub with a chef's knife still in their hand.

    Posted by: Artie_in_Lauderdale | Aug 4, 2012 3:05:53 PM

  15. I bet that poor employee was loving it when people were praising her for doing "god's work" the previous day.

    Posted by: PDX Guy | Aug 4, 2012 3:14:40 PM

  16. I think the PR failures of the CFA episode point out that we need strong national organizations that can speak out on the current issues of the day. The hate groups are quite vicious in their attempts to stifle any opposition to their actions and will latch on to anything that serves this purpose. Well-meaning allies and blogs can sometimes blunder into areas that are used by these groups and a surprisingly complicit and lazy press corp to intimidate an unpopular minority into silence. Don't let them - but learn and adapt.

    Posted by: Hector | Aug 4, 2012 3:15:08 PM

  17. Funny he gets to apologize for upsetting someone but Dan Cathy gets to upset a whole segment of society and make millions in one day.

    Posted by: Jose S | Aug 4, 2012 3:24:50 PM

  18. He seems like a kind, caring and considerate man who said something in the heat of the moment and then regretted it later. Personally, I don't think he bullied the young girl. We're it not for her impossible chirpiness and those water-filled doe eyes this would have been a non-story. It is a non-story. My question is this: when will Dan Cathy apologize?

    Posted by: Gigi | Aug 4, 2012 3:43:57 PM

  19. With all this PR he should have no problem getting another job.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 4, 2012 4:23:53 PM

  20. If our rights come down to a vote between gay people and religious fundamentalists, we lost in a landslide. Close to a third of the country identifies as religious wingnuts, concentrated heavily in chick-fil-a's target market. Why would we ever think a noisy boycott would work? Fundies outnumber gays in chick-fil-a's market by huge margins, and we got rightfully, and very publicly, slammed. Our follow-up kiss in protest was a damp squib as well as being irrelevant to the issue at hand. This whole thing has been a total debacle. And the moral of the story is we need to know what the outcome will be before we start a boycott. From the outset it was clear that this boycott was going to stimulate a huge sympathetic response that would swamp any lost revenue from the few gays that actually eat this stuff ceasing to do so.

    While the boycott was an ill considered idea, and our kiss in follow up even worse, I think our treatment of this guy is our biggest misstep. We absolutely need straight allies, without whom we will never get any rights. When he did what he did, the fundamentalists closed ranks, and got him identified and fired within a day. What did we do to support our ally? By and large made catty comments on towleroad. The guy makes an earnest apology for going overboard on this issue, and he gets more negativity. Why would anyone stick their necks out for our cause going forward? the fundies will mercilessly persecute him, and the gays will call him a closet case or criticize his wardrobe or demeanor. I guess we're putting all our eggs in the judicial basket, but if that doesn't pan out, we really need to rethink our strategy here. In this stupid battle, the gays sat back and continued to not eat chick fil a, the fundies raked in millions of dollars for future anti gay initiatives, and our straight allies were left hanging out to dry, unemployed and subject to death threats.

    Posted by: Brian | Aug 4, 2012 5:06:41 PM

  21. @BRIAN What in the world are you talking about? There was never an official boycott called on Chick Fil-A.

    Posted by: Hector | Aug 4, 2012 5:15:15 PM

  22. The anti gay cons needed to pull a couple examples of gays behaving badly after that day. The best they got was this guy, who is str8, and the guy that spray painted grafiti lol. They do that when they are on the defense when they know they've crossed a line, and victimized us. It makes it seem like they're the victims. But this guy didn't victimize anybody, he was in a pissy bad mood and then he drove away.

    Posted by: NeverEclipsed81 | Aug 4, 2012 5:19:38 PM

  23. "[N]early brought to tears"? Really?

    Posted by: James | Aug 4, 2012 5:22:35 PM

  24. @Hector, did you just awake from a coma or something?

    Posted by: Brian | Aug 4, 2012 5:58:23 PM

  25. I am so attracted to Adam Smith. It's not even funny.

    Whooo -- what a mind on that very good man.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Aug 4, 2012 6:24:19 PM

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