1. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Smith explains that the original intent was to simply participate in someone’s suggestion for everyone to go through the Chick-fil-A drive through and order a cup of water (without making a video, of course). If he wanted to engage in a heated argument, I would love to see him do that with his CFO counterpart at Chick-fil-A, not a minimum-wage employee. In fact, I’d love to see anyone in the media engage one of the Christianist idiots in the top management of Chick-fil-A, but I’m sure they would be to cowardly to accept the offer to debate. If you want to know how cowardly these Christianists are, just look at the anonymous threats they’ve been sending Smith, his family, and even his former fellow employees.

    To any commenter who is tempted to defend the ownership of Chick-fil-A, either out of a misguided sense of charity or out of self-loathing, I would say this. These Christianists are beneath your contempt. They are inimical to the spirit of the American Revolution and every ideal this country stands for. Even now, they are being shunned in the public square. Do not feel sorry for these fundamentalist Christians. They are an alien people in our midst.

  2. Will says

    i’m sorry, am I the only one that did not view this as harassment?

    In fact his video was respectful and I applaud his support of the gay community. His apology was not necessary.

    I have seen first hand the right wing (ie: Republican) “screaming” crazy homophobic hate in these situations and absolutely do not buy in to the “bullying” headline at all. The responses of the worker was simply what her employer told her to say. In fact, her statement was not only … not true, or factual and we already know do not treat everyone “equally”.

    Although I applaud her for staying on track, what she was saying was also not sincere and a could only be described as the canned PR planned response to what they anticipated to be a day of protest and “support”. They brought this on themselves.

    Chick-fil-A is a hate filled, homophobic company. Period.

    They love this video. Just look at the responses and the pressure they put on this guys company to fire him…and they caved and did. It’s sad for him. Do you think the same folks that got him fired are applauding his apology? No, they are laughing, because this shows how “crazy all those homo supporters are”. Do you really think all of the hate filled emails his company recieved were written with respect and actual concern for the employee in question? Hell to the no. It was just plain and simple intimidation.

    They were not even honest about why the Muppet toys were pulled from the store offer. They put up a sign saying the Muppets were pulled because of a “danger” (fingers might get stuck in the holes) to kids???? which was 100% BS, because we know the Jim Hensen company withdrew support because of the hate.

    Everything this company does is to manipulate the message and try to position themselves as the poor victim.

    Bottom line is that Chick doesn’t get a pass, because they may have some employees that may or may not agree with them, and are good people. Of course, in any big company, some of the hundreds of the employees do not support the owners position, but many do.

    They (corporate) took a vocal PUBLIC position on how much they hate the idea of Gay Marriage and anything Gay. I do not feel one bit of compassion for them.

    If I were an employee that did not believe in the same views as my employer, I would at the very least be looking for different work. If the franchise owner doesn’t believe in the same views as this corporate nutcase they should be looking for another business.

    Chick-Fil-A is now branded forever as a hate filled company and anyone that continues to work for them, will also carry that view.

  3. AJ says

    Ordering water and ranting at an employee does no good. The best thing to do to fight Chick-fil-a is to make major donations to a group that fights NOM and Exodus International. My friends and I are gonna have a BBQ where we grill chicken and charge people $5 per plate. We r gonna use CFA recipe which is widely available on the Internet. Every cent is gonna be donated to the Vote No group here in MN that is fighting our amendment. Raise money and fight! That’s what will hurt this place, not pointless YouTube antics.

  4. says

    This guy needs to grow a pair. His intentions re. the original video were good but his delivery was a failure. He needs to lawyer up and sue his former employer. As far as his apology, he should’ve just made it a private moment with the cashier instead of once again, grandstanding.

  5. says

    So Christians get to have all the free hate speech they want, but the rest of us have to shut up or be fired.

    What I get from this is that the Christians are paying attention. Henceforth, anyone who expresses a view they don’t like in a public space will be targeted.

  6. Casper says

    And……where is his right to free speech???
    He needs to sue his former employer for all he can get and FAST!
    Enough of this only being a one way street…..get a good lawyer and good luck!

  7. jamal49 says

    Never back down.

    Never apologize.

    Never surrender.

    Never give up.

    Fight back until we can grab this evangelical scum by their collective throats and drown them in the bathtub.

  8. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Jamal49,

    You just noticed an uncanny similarity between the evangelicals and the crazy girlfriend in “Fatal Attraction.” They are not going stop attacking Americans who don’t share their twisted religion until they are in complete disgrace, or figuratively speaking, drowned in the bathtub with a chef’s knife still in their hand.

  9. Hector says

    I think the PR failures of the CFA episode point out that we need strong national organizations that can speak out on the current issues of the day. The hate groups are quite vicious in their attempts to stifle any opposition to their actions and will latch on to anything that serves this purpose. Well-meaning allies and blogs can sometimes blunder into areas that are used by these groups and a surprisingly complicit and lazy press corp to intimidate an unpopular minority into silence. Don’t let them – but learn and adapt.

  10. Gigi says

    He seems like a kind, caring and considerate man who said something in the heat of the moment and then regretted it later. Personally, I don’t think he bullied the young girl. We’re it not for her impossible chirpiness and those water-filled doe eyes this would have been a non-story. It is a non-story. My question is this: when will Dan Cathy apologize?

  11. Brian says

    If our rights come down to a vote between gay people and religious fundamentalists, we lost in a landslide. Close to a third of the country identifies as religious wingnuts, concentrated heavily in chick-fil-a’s target market. Why would we ever think a noisy boycott would work? Fundies outnumber gays in chick-fil-a’s market by huge margins, and we got rightfully, and very publicly, slammed. Our follow-up kiss in protest was a damp squib as well as being irrelevant to the issue at hand. This whole thing has been a total debacle. And the moral of the story is we need to know what the outcome will be before we start a boycott. From the outset it was clear that this boycott was going to stimulate a huge sympathetic response that would swamp any lost revenue from the few gays that actually eat this stuff ceasing to do so.

    While the boycott was an ill considered idea, and our kiss in follow up even worse, I think our treatment of this guy is our biggest misstep. We absolutely need straight allies, without whom we will never get any rights. When he did what he did, the fundamentalists closed ranks, and got him identified and fired within a day. What did we do to support our ally? By and large made catty comments on towleroad. The guy makes an earnest apology for going overboard on this issue, and he gets more negativity. Why would anyone stick their necks out for our cause going forward? the fundies will mercilessly persecute him, and the gays will call him a closet case or criticize his wardrobe or demeanor. I guess we’re putting all our eggs in the judicial basket, but if that doesn’t pan out, we really need to rethink our strategy here. In this stupid battle, the gays sat back and continued to not eat chick fil a, the fundies raked in millions of dollars for future anti gay initiatives, and our straight allies were left hanging out to dry, unemployed and subject to death threats.

  12. NeverEclipsed81 says

    The anti gay cons needed to pull a couple examples of gays behaving badly after that day. The best they got was this guy, who is str8, and the guy that spray painted grafiti lol. They do that when they are on the defense when they know they’ve crossed a line, and victimized us. It makes it seem like they’re the victims. But this guy didn’t victimize anybody, he was in a pissy bad mood and then he drove away.

  13. Alex says

    He had every right to do what he did, and did not break a single law, for him to be fired was so incredibly excessive. It just proves that there is a double standard and homophobia reigns supreme in this nation.

  14. says

    Can you imagine if a conservative was fired from their job for speaking against a gay supportive company to one of their employees? The conservative media would have a wild storm calling libers and gays the new Nazis who are responsible for making families not be able to provide food for their children.

  15. John says

    I’m glad he apologized. It demonstrates that our side is capable of recognizing when we’ve done something wrong and that we are willing to reach out to fix it. The lack of self-reflection on the part of anti-gay extremists becomes increasingly glaring.

  16. Dynex says

    I’m surprised there’s not MORE protest, passion and swift anger over the incredible persecution and judgment gays in this country face. There needs to be MORE vocal expressions, not less.

  17. says

    Ohh please…the man was fired because he supported gays and you know it. We live in a society that is controlled by the CHRISTIAN TALIBAN, who are absolutely no different than the taliban of the middle east. These people want every gay person and gay ally to be eliminated. He’s employer is in all likelihood a conservative themselves, and the idea that a conservative would be fired for doing what he did -except instead of speaking up for gays they were to speak against us- is ridiculous. A conservative is entitled in this country to do anything they wish, including protesting the funeral of our dead gay brothers and sisters, and it’s championed at them exercising their freedoms.

  18. Cowboy1 says

    I didn’t see anything in his original video that would inspire the hate this man has recieved from the homophobes on various blogs. He expressed his points, clearly wasn’t hiding anything shady seeing how he recorded the entire incident, didn’t harm anyone, threaten anyone, or curse anyone out. I’ve seen militant behavior at protests against us time & time again. When we react…it’s inappropriate.

  19. says

    I have to note something very interesting I’ve observed by conservative leaning posters on here.

    What this man did in his video at a Chik Fil A is seen as the most rancid display of conduct, by you all.

    The gay kiss in was chalked up as vile, perverse, offensive, insulting and crude, by you all.

    Any rebuttal or response toward homophobia is seen as “over the top” if you observe the comments section on here. Be it a boycott, petition, protest, kiss in, anything other than be complacent and ignoring homophobia is catagorized as militance.

    At a certain point, it becomes rather transparent that the very people who scream loudly for a cake shop owner to be *entitled* to deny service to a gay couple, and make us feel guilty for not going to another cake shop, are the same people who make us feel guilty for having any response to homophobia period.

    You see, for the anti gay individual and gay apologist, there’s a sense of entitlement that comes with their homophobia. They sincerely believe they are entitled to be and act homophobic and resent that gays, who were once in their place without tenacity, dare to react.

    Observe the comments on here long enough and everything becomes visible: including agendas.

  20. Scott Johansen says

    @ USC TRojans Fan
    I’ve long suspected the very people on here who champion everything anti gay ilk do as “they have the right. just ignore them” are the ones that never ignore us for reacting to homophobia. Ignore homophobia I’ve decoded as meaning “deal with it”

  21. Kielan says

    I’ve observed far worse behavior by the anti-gay crew far more times, without any consequences. Heck, I’ve seen posters on here defend the antics of bigots and ask us to not cirticize or silence them.

    I’m wondering if the level of homophobia in our country is so extreme that we’re at a point where being homophobic is seen as an innate privilige.

  22. 2Dads says

    Being for gay and anti gay are not the same thing and this whole idea that being in favor of taking rights away from loving gay couples is simply a “different opinion” is just perpetuating the existence of gay slaves. And yes, gays are the modern day slaves and the system which seeks to penalize and persecute gay families and gay individuals is nothing short of a modern day slave scheme. That we have to pay more taxes for being in gay relationships than heteros is enough to get ME to be up in arms. You push a community of people, in this case, LGBT enough to a corner and they will coming swinging back and I believe that’s what will happen.

  23. StilesJohnson says

    Firstly, I don’t believe he had anything to apologize for, unless we all have to apologize for taking a stand for what we feel is right.

    Sceondly, imagine a homophobe making a video to apologize to the gay community? …still imagining it? yeah, because it’s just that. Imaginary and will never happen with those bigoted cowards.

  24. says


    Where’s the apology from the straight community who wore “Free Brandon” bracelets after the straight boy shot a young gay classmate in the head?

    Where’s the apology of school districts that continue to enable the bullying of our gay kids because they don’t allow them to even say the words “I’m gay” in schools?

    Where’s the apology of giving millions of Californians a freedom for the constitutional pursuit of their happiness only to say a few months later “Oh, just kidding. We’ve decided to take that away from you”


  25. TreasureDex says

    Meh. No need to apologize for passionately standing on the right side of history.

    There’s apologies that need to be made, and it’s by the homophobic crew who have eneabled the disenfranchisment of an entire demographic based on hate. That’s who really needs to apologize.

  26. Stan says

    Where’s the apology from Chik Fil A for contributing millions upon millions to organizations that seek to destroy gay people? Now that’s an apology I’d want to anticipate.

  27. says

    Huh? conservatives on republican blogs put this man home address and phone number. They called his employers to get him fired. They called him and his family evil names. Tolerance? they are playing martyr and accusing gay allies of not being tolerant? Conservatives would have mass genocide for gays in a HEART BEAT if given the chance. Don’t you dare speak of tolerance when you funnel billions in campaigns to deny gay people equality while watching them die every day based on your societal homophobia.

  28. Steve-ATL says

    I’m very encouraged by the overwhelming number of comments supportive of this man. He didn’t do anything UN American. In fact, he very much so stood up for American principles that are painfully being overlooked and twisted by a militant group in our society. The religious right has turned itself into a calculating political machine. We should not only be mindful of that, but unapologetically challenge it.

  29. Collins says

    He’s a beautiful man with an amazing heart.
    If we had more people like him, we wouldn’t have our LGBT youth frightened to wake up and face a hostile world. He’s a great soul.

  30. Jackson says

    This is so incredibly amusing.

    We have conservatives who show up with horns, and “GAY = AIDS” signs in every single LGBT oriented event. We have conservatives protesting gay weddings, gay funerals, and creating hate camoaigns to get LGBT fired from from their jobs in the entertainment industry. We have conservatives who elect politicians who compare gays to pedophiles. And yet they see this man and his behavior as out of line? Who are they to ever call foul on anything? They are a walking offense in and of itself.

  31. Real Talk says

    Wait, hold up, where’s the conservatives when their crowd acts a damn fool EVERY DAY? Where’s the conservatives calling out their own when their people say some of the most homophobic evil ishh?
    They are always dead silent. Then all of a sudden they act in hysteria over this?
    CORRECT YOUR OWN FIRST. Y’all conservatives have soooo much evil in your camp that you don’t even know where to begin.

  32. S says

    You’ll never hear an apology from me, as a very active and vocal and maybe overly passionate fighter for LGBT causes. I’ll apologize the day I don’t need to fight no more. Until that day comes, you will hear me voice my quest for equality loudly and boldly.

  33. says

    There’s a movement in this nation to make gays and our supporters nonchalant toward the extreme homophobia, both societal and legislative, that occurs in our country. They will push off their homophobia as differing opinions, but call you a bully for reacting to it. The ulterior motive is a calculating one to make us silent or fearful to respond to homophobia, all while eventually make us accept it.

    Trust & believe, that is the agenda of the conservatives here. They want to desensitize the gay community toward homophobia. They figure, if enough gay people are told “I can’t stand gays, but that’s just my opinion” said gays will befriend them and just become desensitized to fighting for their own rights.
    Sadly, it’s slightly working.

  34. LOL says

    LOL gotta love the hypocrisy of America.

    This man was threatened with his life all over the internet. Fired from his job. Forced to change his number. And make a national and public apology for practicing his first amendment

    Cathy, President of Chik Fil A, said gays will bring the judgment of God and he’s guilty of being against them, all while funding millions to help groups that kill gay people abroad, and cause the suicide of gay children through conversion therapy programs. Yet he is celebrated as a national hero who had people standing in line for hours all to pay him more money to do more of the same.

    America: where all men are treated equally. Well, sorta…

  35. John says


    I certainly understand your point and there are such people who exist, but you’re being overbroad in your reach and mischaracterizing some of the disagreement over Mr. Smith’s actions.

    I disagreed with Mr. Smith’s actions, not because of I believe there should be no response to homophobia, as you suggest, but because a low wage worker who has no control over the corporate policy is not the appropriate target.

    As a liberal, I recognize the hardships that the low wage workers face and understand that many people need the income. They can’t simply walk away from a paying job. More than a quarter of minimum wage workers are parents. It’s inappropriate to ask a parent to walk away from a job that provides money to feed, shelter, and clothe their children because the corporation did something bad. Minimum wage workers typically don’t have reserves of savings to rely on. And you seem to overstate the supply of low wage work (especially in this economy) and ignore the difficulty it is to find employment (especially when the applicant has few skills).

    We can’t forget our concerns and responsibilities to other groups. Everything has to be balanced. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak out against homophobia. It means choose your audience appropriately.

    If you want to fight for LGBT rights at the expense of all other groups, that’s fine. But that’s not liberal politics. That’s interest group politics (and no, that’s not a value judgment). So your accusations that those who disagreed with Mr. Smith for selecting the wrong target are conservative or conservative appeasers is wrong. It’s the response of liberals who want to maintain advocacy for the LGBT community and low wage workers.

  36. GradstudentNYC says

    He shouldn’t have to apologize for stating his opinion in a non threatening fashion. He did NOT threaten anyone nor harass anyone. Come to a Pride parade and see true harrasment from the Bible thumping wack a doos. Now THOSE are threats. This man didn’t threaten and doesn’t owe anyone an apology

  37. fanofdance says

    We give way too much free pass to Christians when they spew their hate all because they hide behind their Bible. Why is it Christians can quote a book, and quote us burning in hell, forever being damned, and dying in flames and that’s not hate speech? that’s not a harasser? why? because somehow we’ve been told the Bible and it’s followers are sacred?
    No they are not. It’s time we hold religious people who quote the bible and promote vicious statements, like us burning in hell, to be forced to apologize for their horrible commentary as well. I don’t give a darn you are quoting a fake, man made book, it’s not sacred to me and you are still promoting violence saying gays will burn in hell.

  38. Tom Cardellino says

    Adam Smith said it all. He knows where the line was crossed while also knowing that these social upheavals throughout American history do cause “collateral damage” no matter how well intentioned the heartfelt protest may be. The centuries-long pursuit of Equal Rights is not a living room board game. Many people suffer real deeply felt hurt when the passage of time calls for revolutionary civil rights empowerment. I feel deeply, especially in this low-wage middle class economy where the multitude of Dan Cathy types can pontificate from their Ivory Towers that are so very much closer to God than you and me. Compassion for one another was the overriding theme of this great ally to LGBT folks, Adam Smith, as he tried his best to be a model American citizen who wishes no harm to any other American at his own hand, but is trying his best to prevent massive harm to the millions of his fellow Americans who are LGBT and suffering because of their status in this American life.

  39. KK Bloom says

    Not a single “conservative”, from Dan Cathy to the assholes who got this guy fired, will ever apologize for the damage they’ve done. They never do.

    His delivery was wrong and he might have chosen a better target, but his sentiment was on point. Dan Cathy judged an entire segment of the population with a “benevolent” grin and was lauded and made tons of cash, while Smith was FIRED. “Free speech” my ass – these chick-fil-hAte fans don’t care about free speech at all. If they did, Smith’s would have been respected as well.

    But this is the world they are creating. The right-wing is punishing those who speak out for gays and gay equality, from Smith’s firing to NOM’s campaign against Iowa judges who made marriage equality possible in that state. But they might want to re-think their tactics, as the reigns of power won’t forever be firmly in their hands. One day, they themselves will be Adam Smith, and having set this precedent, there will be nothing they can do about it.

  40. ArEcsey says

    I’d like that apology for the millions of heterosexuals who failed our gay kids, and continue to be aloof as gay children deal with daily homophobia in theri communities, churches and by their peers at school, to a silent and enabling heterosexual crowd who is more busy standing 5 hours in line to protest gay rights than they are to acknowledge and correct anti gay homophobia.
    Now there’s a you tube apology worth posting about.

  41. ratbastard says

    Yes, he should have apologized TO THE WOMAN, not Chickfila. It was uncalled for, and he should have known better. He acted little better than a bully. Now if he confronted a Chickfila executive, I’d cheer him on.

  42. ratbastard says

    For some other posters on here:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. That drive-thru woman undoubtedly needs her job and at least does an honest days work. She has no power in this game, the company executives, and owner, calls the shots. You want to harass the owner and company executives, go right ahead, that’s fair game.

  43. Pam says

    Once again, a lot of posts from people who don’t even bother to research before opining. Arizona is an at-will employment state. They can fire you because they don’t like the color of your shirt so they can certainly terminate you for posting on Youtube a video of yourself proving what a jerk you are. As the CFO of a company, the idiot had a duty to his employer that he failed to execute. Smith thought he would get kudos for his performance. Instead, he is a laughingstock. The most hilarious moment of the video is when he makes sure everyone knows HE’S not gay. What a coward, picking on a young female, a captive audience. In the video he says he feels purposeful. Bet now he just feels unemployed.

  44. Paul O'Dwyer says

    I’m with Will (metaphorically speaking).. I simply don’t see this as harassment. To my mind, if you work at Chick-fil-A and don’t speak out against their homophobia, you’re part of the problem.

  45. elliot stamler says

    Mr. Smith should be rehired. Anybody can make a mistake. All of us have. Every one of us can think back to comments we wish we had not made. Remember Alexander Pope’s words: To err is human, to forgive divine.

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