Anonymous Donor Puts National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in Midst of Maryland Gambling Battle


Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner tries to get to the bottom of a mailer the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force sent out to Maryland Democrats, funded by an anonymous donor:

Depending on how many mailers actually were sent — there are more than 1.8 million registered Democrats in Maryland — the mailing could have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Task Force has refused to name the source of the significant amount of money required to produce the mailing, and would not respond to questions raised about whether the money came from an anonymous source outside of the organization, instead only providing a response from its acting executive director, Darlene Nipper, that the effort was "funded by the Task Force Action Fund."

Noting in a statement that the Task Force has "been involved in the efforts to secure marriage equality in Maryland," Task Force deputy executive director Darlene Nipper echoed an earlier response provided by the organization's communications director, saying, "This mailer, which was funded by the Task Force Action Fund, is part of the effort to get marriage equality over the finish line in Maryland by advocating that an uncluttered ballot provides for the best chance for securing marriage equality this November."


  1. jamal49 says

    Fools. The NGLTF will lose this ballot issue. It makes me wonder if they really understand HOW to get voters who might favour marriage equality to the polls.

    People who enjoy gaming would surely be more likely to vote for marriage equality. Polling shows that to be true.

    Gaming is a contentious issue anywhere it is deemed illegal, but Maryland voters seem ready to approve legal gaming.

    Gaming and marriage equality would be an economic boon to Maryland. For the NGLFT to oppose legalisation of gaming is a sure way for voters who might sympathize with LGBT efforts for civil equality might just pull the lever against us for opposing gaming.

    It is time to kick the LGLTF to the curb. They are an elitist group, interested more in getting accepted into elite power societies than they are in helping the rank-and-file, everyday gay men and women who live their lives, feet on the ground.

  2. KT says

    Sounds like another GLAAD-AT&T scandal brewing. We always complain that NOM keeps their donors secret – its kind of hypocritial for a LGBT group to do the same.

  3. andrew says

    LGBT liberation and the right of people to gamble: What the f**k do these things have in common?